Is Paul Giamatti Sick? Mags Star from Billions Gives His Take in 2021!

Sep 11, 2021 @ 3:47 GMT-0500

As the pandemic swept across the world and shut down everything, Billions was airing on TV. After the release of 7 episodes, the cast and crew could not film any more and the show had to be shelved. Now, a year later the Showtime hit is back on the air and people are noticing a change in Paul Giamatti, with some fans fearing the actor is sick. Now, Mags star David Costabile is giving his take on what is going on with the beloved actor.

Paul Giamatti plays Chuck Rhodes in the critically acclaimed show. He is an attorney who will go on to become the Attorney General, a politically motivated character with his eyes firmly set on Bobby Axelrod, a hedge fund billionaire with questionable practices. Axe and Rhodes go head-to-head and sometime even work towards a common goal.

A total of five seasons have been released to date, well, the fifth season is currently releasing every week owing to the pandemic shutdown mid-season, last year. Billions also has been already greenlit for a sixth season which means more Axe and Rhodes fun is yet to come. So, as fans were looking to take in all of that fun in early September 2021, they were taken aback by Paul Giamatti’s new appearance, fans even started speculations if he was sick.

Fans Think Paul Giamatti is Sick – His New Trim Look is Causing a Lot of Discussion

paul-giamatti-sick-billions-weight-loss-2021Paul Giamatti looks different in Billions season 5 leading to fan speculation that he is sick.
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Paul Giamatti has been acting for a long time now. Since winning hearts in the early 2000s, to starring in as a founding father in a HBO show that lavished the actor with awards and praise. Paul has been at the forefront of great TV and movies for over a decade now and people are familiar with the actor as well as his work. His star grew even further following the appearance in Billions.

Since his time on the show, almost every move of the actor has been followed religiously by fans. So, it came as a surprise for everyone when Billions season 5 episode 8 showed of a Paul Giamatti with over 15 pounds of weight loss. The actor is not on social media, so this was the first time viewers got to see the Chuck Rhodes actor back in action.

While he did appear in the Disney movie Jungle Cruise, it appears he filmed the movie before losing considerable amount of weight. After the Billions premiere, people flocked to the internet looking at before and after pictures. It is nice for a star to take care of their health and shed some extra pounds, but there was a fear among everyone if Paul Giamatti was sick.

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Well, it is not certain if the actor is sick, but the fear is real. About 2 years ago as Chadwick Boseman appeared in public looking thin, people were quick to make fun. We never knew he was suffering from cancer. That moment has made fans cautious about their predictions and concerned for the health of the actor. That is why there are pinterest links and Reddit questions popping up asking if Paul is alright.

It is not clear to us but Paul Giamatti's co-star on Billions, David Costabile thinks everything is alright. According to the actor it is probably just diet, something Paul started during the quarantine to take care of his health. In a conversation with Extra TV, David said about Paul Giamatti's new look, "Maybe he fasted… I added all of Paul’s weight [during the pandemic]."

So, it appears Paul Giamatti is not sick. He is 54-years-old and it is a good thing to lose some pounds. So, fans can stop worrying, Paul will be around a long time if he keeps up with his current regiment. Still, we cannot be sure for certain unless the Chuck Rhodes actor comes out and puts everyone's mind at ease with a clarification regarding his weight loss.

You can catch Paul Giamatti on Disney Plus' Jungle Cruise or on Showtimes Billions, currently in the second part of its fifth season in 2021.

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