Brandon Hatmaker Girlfriend 2021 – Dating Medical Professional Tina from Austin, Texas!

Brandon Hatmaker is a writer, philanthropist, believer and like all of us, an imperfect human with flaws. Flaws make us all human in our search for perfection and in one of his recent posts Brandon conveyed that exact sentiment. An idea of dealing with loss and then finding something to live for and move on with, in teaching that Brandon also revealed he is dating a new girlfriend who has made him feel special after a difficult year and a half. So, we are here discussing their budding relationship and everything else in 2021.

The philanthropist is a Texas native who has been involved with charities for a long time and co-founded his own giving organization called Legacy Collective. Run on the idea of providing grants to charities all over the world, Brandon and his ex-wife Jennifer Hatmaker founded the organization as well as Austin New Church. The couple recently got divorced but they still run their charities and share 5 kids.

Brandon Hatmaker is also a published author with multiple printed books about religion and self-help. But his baby really is the charity organization. In recent years however, the philanthropist started losing his sobriety and went on a downward spiral. Something that strained his work as well as home life culminating in a divorce, but every bad thing tends to come with a good one. Well, that is at least what happened with Brandon as her met his new girlfriend and started his climb back up from rock bottom.

Brandon Hatmaker is Currently Dating His Girlfriend Tina in 2021

brandon-hatmaker-girlfriend-2021Brandon Hatmaker is dating his girlfriend Tina in 2021. They have been together for a few months.
Image Source: Brandon Hatmaker Instagram

In the darkest of the days, the brightest stars shine, or so the saying goes anyway, that is what life is. Hardship followed by pain and happiness, and though it may not seem like that always, seeking happiness is how we can all achieve it. And is what Brandon Hatmaker did, he decided to get his life back in order, get out of his hole and decide to be happy.

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In his path to happiness, lighting a big ray of sunshine was his new girlfriend Tina. Finding her was the fuel Brandon needed to get his life back in track. A loving and supporting person behind you, who knows all your flaws and issues, can have that effect. While Brandon was not seeking love or romance, he found all of that in his girlfriend Tina.

Relationship Timeline of Brandon Hatmaker and His Girlfriend Tina in 2021

While Tina is just a first name and Brandon did not reveal much about when they started dating exatcly in 2021, but we did manage to find her Instagram. The private account that goes by the handle tinag0412 is the Instagram account of Brandon’s girlfriend, Tina. We can confirm it because that is one of the 305 accounts he follows on the photo sharing platform.

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Tina, as far as we know, is a medical professional with nearly 20 years of experience. She has a 25-year-old son and she also recently got divorced from her husband. These were some of the facts the philanthropist was willing to share with the masses at the moment. During a long post on Instagram about all the ups and downs of the last 2 years, Brandon revealed what it has meant to him finding love.

The author of Barefoot Church wrote, “I am seeing someone. Her name is Tina. I wasn’t looking for someone. I wasn’t “dating”. And although I was having to start over, I was skeptical and wasn’t hoping for a new relationship. We met randomly. She was kind and gracious and didn’t know who I was or care about whether or not I wrote a book or was on TV once upon a time. To be honest, we both wondered if it was too soon. We started talking… a lot, and spending quite a bit of time together… and never stopped.”

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Brandon explained further that his girlfriend makes him feel like the only guy in the room, which has only gone on to highten the love he feels for Tina. The author ended the post by writing, “She deserves her privacy but she’s not a “secret” by any means and a real part of my life. Be kind to her.” Fans and friends were all supportive of the new development in his life and we hope he does not mind us sharing her Insta details here. But much love and hope for continued strengthening of relationship for the two lovebirds in 2021 and beyond.

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