Raq From Raising Kanan Pregnant? Her Husband in Real Life

celebsindepth.com – Raq from Raising Kanan is neither pregnant in the show nor in real life. People are guessing she is pregnant in real life because of her weight gain, but the news has not been confirmed yet. In real life, her name is Patina Miller, she got pregnant in 2017, and her husband’s name is David.

Raquel Raq Thomas is a major character in the Power universe, serving as one of the overarching antagonists of Power and one of the main protagonists alongside Kanan Stark in the Starz original crime drama Power Book III: Raising Kanan. Recently, the character has been in the role after Patina Miller delves into the complexities of Raquel Thomas in the third season of Power Book III: Raising Kanan, on Prime Video.

Miller has been praised for reflecting the complex nature of the fan-favorite character, whether she is taking over corporate operations or showing the highs and lows of being a parent. As the hit series enters its third season, the South Carolina native guarantees her character will have to come to deal with her decisions while also being the best mother she can be.

People seem to be curious to know more about Raq’s upcoming life event. In this article, we will be talking about her love life, dating history, and who her husband is. To know more about her life in real and fictional life, read the article.

Raq From Raising Kanan Is Not Pregnant

People are guessing that Raq (@patinamiller) from Raising Kanan is pregnant for the second time in her relationship with her husband David. The news has not been confirmed yet, but the rumors have been flooding all over the internet after she gained some weight. Some people think that she will soon be pregnant in the next season of the show, while others think that she might get married to her new love interest.

After the release of Raising Kanan season three, people seem curious to know about Raq’s love life. While some think that in the next season, she will get pregnant, others think that she is pregnant in real life. Talking about her love life in the series, she has linked with many people, including Symphony Bosket, who is portrayed by Toby Sandeman.

Raq from Raising of Kanan's pregnancy rumors is untrue. celebsindepth.comRaq from Raising of Kanan’s pregnancy rumors is untrue.
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She also had a fling named Malcolm Howard, who is a major character in the series. He appeared in seasons one, two, and three and served with different personalities in three seasons; he was the secondary antagonist/anti-hero in season 1, one of the deuteragonists in season 2, and one of the deuteragonists-turned-final antagonists in season 3.

The role of Malcolm is played by Omar Epps, and the relationship between Raq and Malcolm seems to be confusing as he appeared in only one episode. However, their chemistry was loved by many people but their relationship was not strong.

Who Was Raq’s Late Boyfriend?

Raq was also linked with High Post in the first season who was the minor character. The relationship with the character is very short and sweet. Till now she is not shown as a pregnant lady in the movie but she has a son named Kanan Stark and a grandson whose name is Shawn Stark. Khanan is the son of Malcolm Howard and Raq who is portrayed by Jackson Mekai Curtis.

Raq from raising Kanan is married to Robin Burch in her real life. celebsindepth.com Raq from raising Kanan is married to Robin Burch in her real life.
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As for the people guessing she be pregnant in the upcoming season might have something to do with her new love interest, Unique. The role that’s being portrayed by Joey Badass seems to be that of an internet character, and he will have something to do in season four, and there might be a chance that she will be pregnant.

Is Raq Pregnant in Her Real Life? Who Is Her Husband? When Did She Get Married?

Talking about Raq, aka Patina Miller‘s personal life, she has been married to venture capitalist David Mars since 2014. They got married in New York City, and Miller’s mother, Robin Burch, officiated at the ceremony. Patina and her husband, Miller, dated each other for three years before getting married. Although it took them three years to get married, Patina knew from the get-go that she had found her match, as she stated.

It was on our first date, I felt like I could really be myself with him.

After being married for three years, Patina and David announced their pregnancy news. They have a daughter together, whose name is Emerson Harper Mars, and who was born on August 9, 2017. Emerson was weighed in at 7 lbs., 6 oz., and measured 19 inches long at the time of birth.

As of 2024, people are guessing that Patina and David are expecting a second child because of Patina’s weight gain. People are claiming that she will soon announce the news of her being pregnant for the first time, but the news has not been confirmed yet.