Rhea Ripley’s Boyfriend in 2023: Meet Her Future Husband Buddy Matthews, AKA Buddy Murphy!

Rhea Ripley is dating her boyfriend Buddy Matthews, also known as Buddy Murphy, as of 2023. Although fans think of Buddy as her husband, they have yet to get married. The couple frequently shares their pictures on social media and shows their love for one another.

Rhea Ripley may be new to Monday Night Raw, but she joins the red brand with a rich resume of noteworthy accomplishments. She is the first WWE Women’s Champion of the United Kingdom. Because of her outstanding performance inside the squared circle, Rhea has taken over the WWE headlines. The love life of Rhea, both on and off the screen, is what the fans are most curious to learn about, though. So, who is Rhea Ripley’s boyfriend in 2023? Let’s get into detail.

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Rhea Ripley Is Dating Her Boyfriend Buddy Matthews as of 2023, but They Have Yet to Get Married!

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley (@rhearipley_wwe) is currently dating Buddy Matthews (@snm_buddy), sometimes known as Buddy Murphy. The winner of the 2023 Royal Rumble, who will face Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Title at WrestleMania 39 in April, posed for a picture with the AEW Buddy as they both appeared to be completely ripped. The couple smiled for the camera as they worked out at the gym, flexing their muscles and wrapping their arms around one another. With a red heart emoji, she captioned the image,

You make my heart glad

Rhea Ripley is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Buddy Matthews, aka Buddy Murphy.

Rhea Ripley is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Buddy Matthews, aka Buddy Murphy.
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Buddy Matthews (also known as Buddy Murphy), Rhea Ripley’s boyfriend, revealed on Twitter that Ripley has her own “Papi” as well. Earlier, Charlotte Flair made fun of Dominic Mysterio by joking that she had a Latino partner at home, alluding to AEW wrestler Andrade El Idolo. Dominik continued by complimenting Charlotte but added that Rhea couldn’t compete with her. Flair then referred to her partner, Andrade, before the subject of their fathers was raised as a result. When Dominik and Charlotte got into a fight, Ripley came out to support.

Speaking about her boyfriend Buddy Matthews in 2021, the former WWE Superstar’s WWE contract expired. Since then, he has made appearances on MLW, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and AEW, where he is a member of the House of Black stable. Even though the two stars are in various wrestling promotions, they continue to show their support. Earlier this month, Matthews won the Melbourne City Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, and Rhea Ripley swiftly expressed her love for him by reacting with a straightforward heart emoji.

The RAW star supported her boyfriend as he suffered setbacks. Last month’s AEW Dynamite episode included Buddy’s failure to defeat Darby Allin and retain the TNT title. After the setback, Rhea nevertheless tweeted a simple message of support for the AEW star. The on-screen romance between Rhea and Dominic Mysterio has grown to be one of the most popular acts in WWE right now. Despite this, it’s encouraging to observe how both actors’ real-life relationships consistently lend them support.

Rhea Ripley and her boyfriend, Buddy Murphy, never fail to show their love.
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Although fans think of Buddy as her husband, they have yet to get married. The couple is very active on social media, and it is easy to see that they frequently post together. In the gym, the fitness freaks hang out for a sizable amount of time. The duo also doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing their affections for one another and speaking from the heart. The bulk of WWE fans are huge fans of the fitness freak duo.

The duo recently grinned for the camera while working out at the gym, displaying their muscles and encircling one another, and fans were soon astonished and started commenting, showing their love towards their power couple. One commenter said,

You two are both so wonderfully gifted! I hope you two continue to be successful and content.

Another admirer continued,

You two look great together.

Being intimately linked to a physically demanding vocation, the two frequently upload pictures of themselves exercising together. Both inside and outside the ring, Rhea Ripley presents a very sinister persona. Yet Buddy Murphy is the one who reveals Rhea’s true personality to the WWE Universe. She can frequently be spotted being herself with him.

Professional wrestler Buddy Matthews, sometimes known as Buddy Murphy, is now associated with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He spent a significant amount of time with the WWE before joining the business and received considerable notoriety from it. He has worked for a number of businesses, including MLW and NJPW. Rhea and Buddy Matthews remain loyal to one another despite working for competing businesses.