All American: Rhoyle Ivy King’s Age, Bio, Nationality & IG!

Rhoyle Ivy King, one of the cast members of Netflix’s All American: Homecoming, is said to be in his 20s. His age is not precise because has not revealed his exact date of birth. However, we do know that he is American by nationality. Follow to know more about him with his complete biography and Instagram/IG handle (@rhoyleivyking).

The CW Sports drama TV series All American: Homecoming created by Nkechi Okoro Carroll follows Beverly Hills tennis player Simone Hicks and Chicago-based rising baseball star Damon Sims as they navigate the bittersweet experience of young adulthood. They face professional rivalries, peer pressure, and romance as they arrive at HBCU‘s prestigious Bringston university, all while attempting to become the top sports icons.

With its stellar ensemble cast and engaging narrative, the show is a brilliant depiction of the challenges and joys of college life. One of the cast members of the television show is Rhoyle Ivy King, an American actor who has been working in the industry since 2016. He has received widespread acclaim for his roles in television shows such as Pose and All American.

Rhoyle Ivy King is gaining a lot of attention for his character of Nathaniel Hardin in the series, All American: Homecoming which premiered on Netflix. People want to know more about him, including his age. Well, let’s get started.

Rhoyle Ivy King’s Age: American by Nationality, the All-American Actor Is Reportedly in His Twenties as He Has Never Revealed His Exact Date of Birth!

Rhoyle Ivy King (@rhoyleivyking), an American actor, singer, and entertainer who played the role of non-binary  Nathaniel Hardin in Netflix’s All American: Homecoming appears to be in his twenties. However, the actor has yet to reveal anything about his exact birth date.

King is extremely private about his personal life and details about his parents, preferring to keep the majority of it hidden from the media. In terms of ethnicity, the actor is African-American. According to The Wrap, Rhoyle Ivy’s pronouns are he/him/they.

Ivy King does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. However, we can learn a lot about him by visiting various websites and social media platforms. Recently, the actor gained a lot of attention for his role in All American: Homecoming which follows a young tennis prospect from Beverly Hills and an elite baseball player from Chicago as they compete in college sports.

The success of the show after impressing creator Nkechi Okoro Carroll during their initial audition, Rhoyle Ivy King began his career as a one-off guest star on The CW show’s backdoor pilot and quickly advanced to recurring guest star and eventually series regular in Season 2. Since then, the actor has embodied the show’s portrayed as Nathaniel (aka Nate), a nonbinary Bringston University student who channels a certain “Legally Blonde” energy in her dedication to both the law track and maintaining an impeccable fashion sense.

Nkechi Okoro Carroll, the series creator, had only a few lines for the nonbinary character ‘Nathaniel.’ But that was before Rhoyle Ivy auditioned for the part. Carroll was so taken with King’s performance that he quickly expanded the role, and Nathaniel now appears in ten of the thirteen episodes.

King, a native of Houston, TX, began his career as a Broadway World Award Winning actor/singer and has appeared on stage as Angel Dumott Schunard in RENT, as the Tinman in The WIZ tour, and as Chad Danforth in High School Musical. However, apart from his work as an actor, King is an avid fitness instructor. His goals in the gym go far beyond the physical, as he is known for getting up at 1 a.m. for a gym session before early call times, maintaining a healthy diet, and balancing a six-day-a-week workout schedule with his busy lifestyle.

While looking and feeling good in your own skin is a nice perk, King is more interested in the gym’s positive effects on his mental and spiritual self. He has also observed how taking care of oneself can have a positive impact on one’s relationships, which is why he advocates for everyone to first work on themselves and prioritize their own needs before considering helping others.

On the social media platform, he has over 80k followers. He has 107 Instagram posts, indicating that he is very active. King frequently shares photos and videos from his work and photoshoots. On August 21, 2016, he made his first Instagram post, which was a childhood photo.

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