Robert Brotherton’s Boyfriend: Meet His Partner Ra’ed Saade From Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life; Are They Still Together?

Dec 5, 2022 @ 14:27 GMT-0500
Robert Brotherton’s Boyfriend: Meet His Partner Ra’ed Saade From Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life; Are They Still Together?

Robert Brotherton is dating his boyfriend Ra'ed Saade as of 2022. As per the Netflix show My Unorthodox Life, the couple is still together and blissfully engaged as of the time of this writing, and they appear to be enjoying themselves. At the beginning of COVID-19, the two were living together, and it quickly developed into a romantic connection.

Julia Haart is the subject of the Netflix documentary series My Unorthodox Life. Her remarkable path from leaving her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community to becoming a fashion magnate is chronicled in the episode. Additionally, it follows her four children as they make decisions about how to live their lives. The family resides in one of the most opulent areas of luxury.

Julia Haart and her loved ones are the subjects of the reality series My Unorthodox Life on Netflix. Along with her, the public learns more about her children and how they adjusted to the change. Romantic connections are an expected component of the Netflix series, given the nature of life and the show.

The audience learns about several of Julia's friends and family members throughout the play, including her best friend and right-hand man, Robert Brotherton. Naturally, when Robert began dating the handsome Ra'ed Saade, everyone was smitten with them. Fans are interested in Robert Brotherton's boyfriend following the recent release of the second season of the show.

Meet Robert Brotherton’s Boyfriend, Ra’Ed Saade, From Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life, Who Is Still Together With Him in 2022!

Robert Brotherton (@rpbii) is dating his boyfriend Ra'ed Saade (raed.saade), and they live together with their dog Richard at a vacation home in Danbury, Connecticut. It comes out that the two have been great friends since their time in college and have been in a relationship for a while.

The couple is still together and blissfully engaged as of the time of this writing, and they appear to be enjoying themselves. They both adore their gorgeous Bernedoodle; the dog has an Instagram account of his own. Ra'ed had promised Mitzi that they would wait at least a year after the proposal before getting married, allowing the mother to see that her future son-in-law could work for a considerable amount of time. In the Netflix series My Unorthodox Life with Robert, his boyfriend makes an appearance. The public first met a changed Robert Brotherton in the second season of the Netflix series, who was very proud of his weight loss quest.

Looking back at their relationship, they had many ups and downs. Robert Brotherton had bought a house in Danbury, Connecticut, and shared the apartment with Ra'ed Saade, whom he had first met while attending Syracuse University, their common alma mater. After a brief courtship, the two decided to break up.

However, Ra'ed called Robert at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the two got back in touch. At the beginning of season 2, the two were living together after their friendship quickly developed into a romantic connection. When they needed assistance, the two were always pleased to be there for one another. Ra'ed encouraged Robert to go out and date more men after noticing that he was growing more confident in his physical appearance.

Ra'ed worked as Robert's rock and assisted him in navigating the situation when he was briefly suspended from his posts as Elite World Group's COO early in the season. Robert was urged by him to pursue his ambition of becoming a Broadway star. The pair kindly invited the Haarts to their Connecticut home to help Julia Haart (@juliahaart) relax. The pair and the younger Haarts soon got into a negotiation about the latter's relationship being so open.

While Robert insisted that he was not entirely against the concept, Ra'ed insisted that he did not believe himself capable of being in a closed relationship. When questioned, Batsheva Haart admitted that she would have broken up with her partner if they had decided to have an open relationship. Nobody should need to change anything, she continued, and it might even be the best course of action.

Following the Haarts' departure, Robert Brotherton and Ra'ed later welcomed a second openly dating couple into their home. Robert felt a little better after hearing that the other partner had also struggled with the issue for some time and that their experiences were not unique.

Ra'ed decided to reconsider his strategy for the relationship because he did not like the circumstances and knew Robert's emotions better. Ra'ed was able to choose the ring for Robert Brotherton with the aid of Julia Haart and fixed Mitzi's approval. Ra'ed brought Robert to Crouse College at Syracuse University, where they first met, for a day trip. When the ex-instructors of the pair appeared on stage, Ra'ed proposed to Robert, and he accepted. And since then, they are still together.

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