Robert Brotherton From Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life: Viewers Wonder About the Cast’s Bio, Age, Mother, Partner, and Instagram!

Robert Brotherton is one of the cast members of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life who has yet to be featured on Wikipedia. As per his bio, he was born on August 10, 1987, and is 35 years old as of 2022. He celebrates his birthday every year. Robert’s first encounter with his birth mother occurs during Season 1. His Instagram handle is (@rpbii), and he frequently posts photos with his partner Ra’ed Saade.

The intriguing Netflix series My Unorthodox Life centers on Julia Haart, a modern fashion mogul who was formerly a member of a traditionally Jewish neighborhood in Monsey, New York. The show explores her and her four children’s lives as they reconcile their religious upbringing with a modern lifestyle in this reality show. It shows how life is easier when people of different faiths are treated with respect.

Although Julia Haart, a former fundamentalist Jew who is now a fashion mogul, is the main focus of My Unorthodox Life, her right-hand man, Robert Brotherton has caught our attention the most. Since Robert is the sympathetic voice of reason in this Netflix original, he gives us a fresh viewpoint on the odd experiences of both his boss and his best friend’s children.

This time, the majority of the season 1 cast will be seen again, including Robert Brotherton. In season one, Robert held the position of Elite World’s Chief Operating Officer; however, he was fired after Julia and her ex-husband Silvio Scaglia had a publicly contentious separation. He’s doing everything in his power to establish himself in the entertainment business right now, and he even started working with Julia at her new business. Undoubtedly, Robert and his story are well-known to the majority of the show’s viewers.

Robert Brotherton’s involvement in the show has grabbed viewers’ attention, and they wonder about him. So let’s learn more about him, including his age, birthday, mother, partner, and other details.

Robert Brotherton Is One of the Cast Members of Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life Who Has Yet to Be Featured on Wikipedia! Learn More About His Bio, Age, Mother, and Partner, and Meet Him on Instagram!

Robert Brotherton (@rpbii) from Netflix’s My Unorthodox Life is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Robert Brotherton was born on August 10, 1987, and is 35 years old as of 2022. As per his bio, the cast member of the show celebrates his birthday every year. He was born and raised in Texas by a devoted adoptive family, and it seems that no matter the circumstances, he has always felt free to be himself without fear of rejection from those who are close to him.

The travel enthusiast recently opened up in a touching original piece titled My Unorthodox Christmas Cabaret, which he debuted at 54 Below on November 30, 2022, even though he hasn’t yet landed any Broadway roles. Fans also witnessed Robert’s first encounter with his birth mother during season 1. Robert Brotherton claims that airing that incident on television had a significant effect. He told that,

I mean, I think the response from people both online and in person has been tremendous. I’ve probably received 10,000 direct messages from people sharing their stories, whether things went well or poorly, or how they handled it with their families. It has been incredible and strong.

As per his education, he received a full scholarship to Syracuse University, where he received his degree in operatic performance, to pursue a career as a singer. Since it was well known he was a gifted singer and performer by nature, that is how he was happily able to travel to New York after graduation to pursue a degree in the arts. Robert was doubtful if he could support himself simply through opera singing, which motivated him to intentionally transition from 2008 onward into a public relations, marketing, and operations professional.

Robert Brotherton’s first significant position was as Global Public Relations and Corporate Communications Manager at Zac Posen House (2008–2013). He then worked as the Public Relations and Communications Director at ESCADA. The diligent worker then attained the post of Global Director of Marketing and Public Relations at La Perla (2015–2018), when he likely met Julia Haart (@julia_haart) for the first time. He later rose to the position of Chief Operations Officer at Elite Model World.

Robert Brotherton was initially placed on paid administrative leave from Elite after Chief Executive Officer Julia was let go, allegedly as a result of her breakup with billionaire businessman Silvio Scaglia (@silvio_scaglia) of Italy. Only a few days after being formally fired, he was already debating whether it would be wise to finally pursue his creativity as a career, as depicted in the Netflix production.

The now 35-year-old finally decided to say yes, which forced him to schedule agency meetings, plan the schedule of events, and start making a reputation for himself in the performance entertainment sector. As if that weren’t enough, he is the COO of Julia’s next tech company, Haart Sphere. Other features of Robert’s life include his continued residence in New York, where he lives with his beloved partner Ra’ed Saade.

On Instagram, Robert Brotherton is followed by thousands of users (@rpbii). With 137k followers, he has regularly shared photos of his life on Instagram since he first joined the platform in 2018.

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