Does Sam Eyles Have a Girlfriend? Why Was He Charged for Rolling Clown Car?

Sam Eyles has no girlfriend in 2023. Based on his social media activities, there is no clue that he has a partner. Some fans, nevertheless, speculate it could be Cody. However, Sam Eyles appears to be focused on his career and will almost definitely find a new partner and begin a romantic relationship in the coming days.

Sammy Eyles of the motoring social media channel Built Not Bought has millions of views on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, with many people finding entertainment in his videos of four-wheel driving adventures and mechanical alteration. His fans are interested in his current relationship status. Does he have a girlfriend? Follow this article to find out if Sam Eyles has a girlfriend.

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Sam Eyles Doesn’t Have a Girlfriend in 2023: He Seems To Be a Very Private Person Who Prefers Not to Share Details About His Partner on the Internet

In 2023, Sam Eyles (@sam_eyles) has no girlfriend. He may be single and has never been in a committed relationship. Despite fans’ speculation that it could be Cody, there is hardly any clue that he has a girlfriend based on his social media activities. Moreover, there is no single piece of information about his personal life. Despite his thirties, Sam does not occur to be interested in relationships. He seems to be a very private person who prefers not to share his personal life on the internet.

The social media star has yet to marry. As a result, he is still a bachelor. Aside from that, there is no information available about his previous relationships. He could be waiting for the right girl to fall in love with him. Or even if he is dating someone, he might have kept his relationship hidden from the public eye. However, we can conclude that he is preoccupied with his career and does not wish to be in a relationship because his love life has taken a back seat. He will surely find a new partner and begin a romantic life in the coming days.

Meanwhile, the 29-year-old Built Not Bought alum enjoys developing new cars and content. He has worked too hard to get to this point. On the other hand, his love life has been uninteresting. He has never shared anything about his love life or given any clue on his Instagram account until now. We can only guess that Sam Eyles is single and entirely focused on his career. Regrettably, little is known about his past relationship. He repeatedly posts on social media platforms about his professional life, life events, and photos with dogs while keeping his personal life private.

After Driving a Novelty Clown Car, Sammy Eyles Received a Slew of Fines and Charges

Sammy Eyles was hit with a slew of fines and charges after driving a novelty clown car. His stunt got him in hot water with Queensland Police. He was filmed driving the clown car, which had no license plates, through a McDonald’s drive-through in a video posted to his social media in May 2022. After leaving the fast food restaurant, he was pulled over by police who seemed to be interested in the vehicle, alerting him that he could not drive it on the road but eventually letting him go.

Meanwhile, the social media star was charged with 11 counts, including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, careless driving, and driving a defective vehicle, among others, eight months after the video was shot. Eyles took to social media to explain what had happened, detailing a September 30, 2022 raid on his Sunshine Coast home. Authorities discovered five of his vehicles to be defective, and two were seized. In Silly Sid, he discussed his feelings about being fired after going to McDonald’s. Eyles was charged with multiple offenses, including performing several dangerous maneuvers in a heavily altered vehicle.

According to police, a search warrant was issued for Mr. Eyles’ home following an inquiry into his online activity. They confirmed that the clown car and other vehicles had been impounded. Nine other people in Eyles’ network were also issued 70 Traffic Infringement Notices with a total of 99 demerit points. According to Eyles, some of those who were penalized lost their licenses as a result. The investigation has so far cost Eyles and his friends a total of $27,800, and they are likely to be issued additional offenses if Queensland Police conducts a further investigation.

Mr. Elyes was arrested at his home and charged with two counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle (type 1 offense), dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, two counts of careless driving, permit drive defective vehicle (major defect unsafe, drive defective vehicle, drive unrestrained, and passenger fail to wear a seat belt. Determined hoons in Queensland face fines of up to $5338 and/or six months in prison, as well as having their vehicles impounded or immobilized, under the state’s strict driving laws.

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