Sarah Fuller Boyfriend – Vanderbilt Kicker/Keeper’s Relationship Status 2020

Sarah Fuller is about to make history, trying to be the first woman to placekick for an SEC team. Football has had brushes with female players before but Sarah is coming the closest to making history and show what women can do on the gridiron. And with history-making decisions come immense attention, so, let’s see who is Sarah Fuller’s boyfriend if she has one.

It takes a lot to break barriers, while there have been female football players to dress up for lower tiers this is the first time a woman is so close to making it in the Power 5. And breaking those barriers requires dedication, strength, and a lot of determination. A goalkeeper in her University team the athlete is making the jump to football and the world is watching.

While all of this seems to be an immense level of pressure, Sarah seems quite ready for it all. She has posted about the game on social media and her follower count has risen from close to 4,000 to now over 20,000. With all those eyes comes attention and a need to know more. So, we are here to discuss Sarah Fuller’s boyfriend or her relationship status.

Sarah Fuller’s Relationship Status – Does She Have a Boyfriend?

sarah-fuller-soccer-player-vanderbilt-sec-kickerDoes Sarah Fuller Have a Boyfriend? She is the talk of the day.
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The Wylie, Texas resident will be dressing up in shoulder pads and helmets to take the field on Saturday. This will be a historic day for the SEC if she takes the field and takes a snap. And just the announcement of her being in the team alone has caused a lot of excitement.

There are some who are looking to see if the talented athlete from Texas is currently dating someone. Well, we scoured the internet, ever since the announcement, for the past four hours and also went through her Instagram page, it is safe to say Sarah is currently single.

We looked far and wide and there was no sign of a boyfriend, girlfriend, or a special someone in her life. Her Instagram account is filled with family pictures, pictures with her family, and snaps with her friends. Other than soccer-playing pics and some candid photos there is nothing to tip-off anything about her relationship status.

So, in the absence of information, we should revert to the baseline knowledge about the soccer star and soon-to-be football kicker. Sarah Fuller does not have a boyfriend, she is currently single and focused on her soccer career as she is switching schools to North Texas next fall.

Creating history and winning three SEC championships does not lend itself perfectly to maintaining a relationship. For now, Sarah Fuller is focused on her charitable work with the Play Like a Girl organization and her successful career as a soccer goalkeeper.

Making History – Will Sarah Fuller Get to Leave a Mark on SEC?

Women have been playing football, tackle football for a long time now. While there were not enough players for the sport back in the day but recently more and more girls are kicking the football in high school. There was even a Quarterback who got a phone call from Drew Brees.

But making it to the next level requires a lot of fight. In the TV show Pitch, a female pitcher gets her shot in the big leagues and we see what it is like for a woman to make it in a sport dominated by men. But that show was fiction and Sarah Fuller’s shot at making history is real life.

While she is getting a chance to dress for the game, we have to wait for the Saturday match between Vanderbilt and Missouri to see if she really gets on the field. We will be watching, hoping that she gets to shine on the field and can be an inspiration for thousands of girls who never thought football is a viable option for them.

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Fuller said, “I think it’s amazing and incredible. But I’m also trying to separate that because I know this is a job I need to do and I want to help the team out and I want to do the best that I can. Placing that historical aspect aside just helps me focus in on what I need to do. I don’t want to let them down in any way.”

She seems pretty unnerved about the whole situation, and that is how it should be. There will be time to enjoy the history-making event later on but now she needs to focus on repping her school, Play Like a Girl organization and be a path blazer for the ones coming up next.

While we opened this article with the boyfriend topic we are ending with good wishes for the player. All the luck to Sarah Fuller and we hope she gets to kick the ball during the game.

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