Justin Herbert Girlfriend – A Rumor and Some Truths, GF Details 2020

Justin Herbert‘s start in the NFL is the stuff of a backup QB nightmare. He was thrust into the starting QB job about five minutes before the game, but the player showed he had the right to be there. And with success on the field also comes a microscopic look into personal lives which is why people are searching for Justin Herbert’s girlfriend.

The Oregon Ducks player was drafted in the 2020 NFL Draft by the LA Chargers. Most analysts felt the player did not warrant such a high pick but here we are, Week 7, and Justin is almost neck and neck in the rookie of the year discussion. The auburn-haired player is also winning over fans in LA, as well as getting some exposure in the national media.

So, when a handsome player comes to the NFL there are always questions of who he is dating. There are also questions of girlfriend, gf, baby mama, when a player in the NFL is involved in a domestic incident. But thank god, Justin appears to be a great guy, which is making people want to know even more who he is in a relationship with right now. In 2021 speculations has him dating NFL Network reporter Taylor Bisciotti, so we are diving into all past rumors.

Justin Herbert Girlfriend – Let’s Talk About a Rumor

justin-herbert-girlfriend-rumor-sabrina-ionescuSabrina Ionescu was rumored to Justin Herbert’s girlfriend, well, it is not true.
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Justin Herbert started his career as a player for Oregon Duck in 2016. He started in the game against their rivals Washington. There years later he was named MVP at the Rose Bowl. While he was shredding defenses on the field, Sabrina Ionescu was doing the same thing on the court, setting records for Women’s College Basketball.

And according to a Reddit page dedicated to the Oregon Ducks, there were rumors circulating that two of Oregon’s shining stars were dating. One user commented that there were rumors about Sabrina Ionescu and Justin Herbert dating, also mentioning that it was “almost certainly not true.”

Another user also confirmed in the comment section that they also heard the same rumor. But Sabrina being Justin Herbert’s girlfriend can be chalked up to wishful thinking among some Ducks fans. They are great athletes who probably met during their time in college but we cannot confirm that they were dating.

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Sabrina suffered an injury that limited her playing time in the WNBA. She will definitely be back next season shooting on all cylinders and trying to make it to the final. While Justin is currently doing his thing, making sure the Chargers are competitive.

When it comes to Justin and Sabrina dating, there is no evidence to suggest they ever went out together. We can confirm that Sabrina is not Justin’s girlfriend. As the person on Reddit said, it was a rumor, well, that is all it is in the end.

Another One – Justin Herbert and model Rylee Jean Linked

When a player makes it to the NFL there are going to be numerous ladies trying to get into the WAGs club. There is nothing wrong with shooting your shot, and the fame of an NFL player can be alluring. But that does not mean everyone gets to have their own starting QB boyfriend.

It seems Rylee Jean, Monster Energy model, is the latest person to be linked with the player. Justin Herbert making Rylee his girlfriend was a trendy rumor for a while. People pointed to them following each other on Instagram and both being in LA as a tell-tale sign.

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But if that were the case, the 100-plus girls Justin is following could be also his prospective girlfriend. Rylee is a beautiful lady and Justin would look great with her but there only some smoke and it all seems manufactured at this point. So, let’s settle this, Rylee Jean is not Justin Herbert’s girlfriend in 2020, maybe if they want to try in 2021.

Justin Herbert Girlfriend – Is the Player Currently in a Relationship?

Justin Herbert is showing his talent on the field but he was also known in College for being smart in class. There are reports of the player maintaining a 4.0 GPA studying Biology. A student-athlete is required to maintain good grades but 4.0 is the next level.

So, whenever someone asks if Justin was dating during his time in college, his GPA score gets thrown around. The argument is, since he is busy playing football or hitting the books there would not be any time to date anyone. We can agree with that assessment because there are not even rumors when it comes to his girlfriend.

There was a tongue-in-cheek remark about Justin maybe being gay. But when it comes to his girlfriend, there is nothing coming from anywhere. It seems Justin is focused on impressing his coaches in LA and getting in a relationship right now would be a distraction.

Justin Herbert is a good looking young man; he is a starting NFL QB; both of those together means he would not have any trouble finding a romantic partner. But the severe lack of social media presence and noise around the player leads us to believe he is focused on one single thing, playing football for the LA Chargers.

So, there you have it, people who are searching for Justin Herbert girlfriend; he is currently single. There is no gf or baby mama in his life, and he appears to be focused on getting the Chargers to the playoffs while also challenging Joe Burrow for that Rookie of the Year title.

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