Denis Shapovalov Girlfriend 2021 – Tennis Star’s 1-Year-Plus Relationship with GF!

Denis Shapovalov is the youngest player since 2005 to crack the ATP Top 30 ranking. The Canadian, born in Israel, is carrying on his young promise as the 14th ranked player in Tennis right now. With support from his girlfriend, family, and coaches, Denis is looking to finally get his hands on some Grand Slams in 2021. Also, for those curious ones, we have got more details to come, so stick around.

Born on 15 April 1999, in Tel Aviv, Israel, to his Russian and Greek parents, Denis was the second of two sons of his parents. His mother was a former Soviet National Tennis player and after moving to Tel Aviv she became a coach. The family moved to Canada before Denis was even one and there from the age of five the youngest Shapovalov took to Tennis as fish to water.

Trained by his mother and after honing his talent in the youth circuit, Denis went pro (his mother is still his coach). He rose to international fame when at 18 years of age the Canadian dispatched del Potro and Nadal to reach the semi finals at the 2017 Canadian Open. In 2021, four years later, the player is still hunting for major titles while being pushed by Canada, his mother, and girlfriend. And for those here only for the gf details, here we go.

Denis Shapovalov is Dating His Girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund in 2021 For Over 1 Year

denis-shapovalov-girlfriend-2021Denis Shapovalov and his girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund in 2021 have been dating for over 1 year. They are both tennis players.
Image Source: Mirjam Bjorklund Instagram

Young tennis players can be a little too focused on their careers, and rightly show, there is a better chance of a young player being a-flash-in-the-pan than a generational talent. Denis Shapovalov obviously has a lot of talent but talent alone has never made a player successful in the pros. So, it is understandable at age 18 Denis not having a dedicated relationship with a girlfriend.

But only focusing on just one thing can also be detrimental to the mental health of a player over a long period of time. Now aged 22, Denis is in the right space of mind to better his game and also continue a relationship to drive his focus away from the game even for a short period of time. To that end the young Canadian tennis star has been dating fellow tennis player Mirjam Bjorklund for over a year now in 2021.

Denis Shapovalov Girlfriend 2021 – When Did the Couple Meet for the First Time?

Denis Shapovalov is currently dating his girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund in 2021 and the relationship is nearing their 2-year anniversary. The player me Mirjam when he was 20-years-old and it was almost love at first sight between the Canadian and the Swede. Well, the relationship lasting as long as it has is testament to the fact the initial reaction was one of love and not just a temporary thing.

Denis’ girlfriend Mirjam Bjorklund is also a tennis player. She was born on 29 July 1998, in Stockholm, Sweden. Mirjam has 6 singles title in the ITF Women’s circuit. She also cracked 300 in the WTA ranking but has since slid a little bit. Both Mirjam and Denis travel all over the world to play tennis and from time to time they also train together.

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While the couple met for the first time in 2019, they started dating on 26 June 2019 with Mirjam making her first appearing on Denis’ Instagram on 12 November 2019. Since then the Canadian’s girlfriend has appeared numerous times in the grid with the couple looking all loved up in sweet pictures. They also share vacation snaps along with their life living in Bahamas.

Denis Shapovalov and his girlfriend started dating in June of 2019 but the relationship was made public on 20 October 2019 when Danis won his first and only title at the Stockholm Open. Mirjam was in the attendance and both of them embraced after the final was over and Denis reigned supreme. She was also playing at the time which is why pictures of the day so her in her tennis gear.

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The Canadian has also credited his girlfriend as being a major fuel in his success. During his 2020 US Open run the player raised his gf as inspiration saying, “I just think as soon as we started dating, it’s kind of a reason for someone to want to man up. I don’t mean to take anything away from my parents or my team, as well. But, of course, she (Bjorklund) inspires me as well.”

In 2021 the couple is still living together and they are moving towards their second anniversary. Denis’ relationship appears to be blossoming, along with all the ups and downs of his career. If things proceed in the manner they are doing right now, a ring and a walk down the aisle is totally in the cards for the lovebirds.

Denis Shapovalov Gives Up Two Match Points as Nadal Moves Through to Italian Open Quarter Final

Rafael Nadal is probably the greatest tennis player of all time, but in his still budding career, Denis Shapovalov has faced the Spanish maestro four times, winning one and losing three. In 2021 Denis was set to put one in the win column for himself when in the third set the Canadian reached match point to ice the game.

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But in the final moments of the third quarter, the Spaniard came roaring back overcoming two match points to comfortable put away Denis 7-3 on tie breaker. After a great first set, unforced errors came to haunt the Canadian as he was unable to book a trip to the quarter finals. So, Denis is headed home to his girlfriend and is ready to fight another day.

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