Jannik Sinner Girlfriend - Is the Italian Tennis Star Currently Dating a GF?

Nov 15, 2020 @ 23:36 GMT-0500

In November of 2020, Jannik Sinner became the youngest first-time winner to win an ATP title since 2008. The young Italian starlet is making a name for himself but this culmination with the first time has been coming for a while now. And on the verge of stardom for a while, people have been wanting to know Jannik Sinner's girlfriend.

The Italian has a massive following on social media, his good looks and obvious talent on the court has translated well on the social media platforms. Now with a title under his belt sky is the limit for the youngster. But people are also excited to know the life of the player outside of the court, especially his dating status and whether he has a girlfriend.

So, here we will clear some stuff about Jannik and his relationship status at the moment. Like the opponent he beat, Vasek Pospisil, for his first title, people want to know if there is a special someone in his life. So, does Jannik Sinner have a girlfriend, a gf, or a special someone in his life?

Jannik Sinner Girlfriend -  Relationship Status of the Italian Starlet

jannik-sinner-girlfriendThere is a lot of interest in knowing Jannik Sinner's girlfriend.
Image Source: Jannik Sinner Instagram

Jannik Sinner has been on a path to stardom for almost a decade now. He started playing young, excelled in various age groups, and then finally went pro. Years of struggle as an amateur culminating in a win at the end of 2020. Jannik has finally announced his arrival.

But with stardom also comes the prying eyes of the world and they want to know everything about you. That is what's happening to Jannik Sinner. There is more focus on the people sitting in his family and friends' area. And there is even more attention on the relationship status of the player.

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For over a year now, the need to know the name of Jannik Sinner's girlfriend has been persistent. But the thing is, the athlete is not currently dating. According to reports, the Italian is focused on a budding career and there does not appear to be a sign of a gf or partner in his life.

Jannik was even asked by a reporter about his girlfriend. He asked if the question was necessary and then later went on to say that he was not dating a girlfriend at the moment. So, from the man himself, it is clear that Jannik Sinner is single at the moment and focused on adding to his trophy cabinet.

Jannik Sinner Profile - Raised by His Parents in Italy

Jannik Sinner was born on 16 August 2001 to his parents in South Tyrol, Italy. He was born near the border town and in a German-speaking area. He was born to a father who was a chef and a mother who worked as a waitress in a ski lodge.

Growing up around a ski lodge allowed him to train in skiing and later won championships as a kid. But making it professionally in skiing was never his final goal. Jannik made the decision to move to Bordighera, to train with Tennis coach Riccardo Piatti, who is still his coach to this date.

He started his career in 2016 while competing in ITF Juniors and started competing professionally in 2017. While only competing in smaller tournaments at the beginning Jannik moved on to face tougher opponents later in his career.

While it was tough going at first, Jannik finished 2018 with a world ranking of 551 but in two years the athlete has come a long way. From not even cracking the top 500 to now being ranked 37th in the world, it appears the best days are definitely ahead of the Italian.

Jannik Sinner Wins His First ATP Tour Title.

Jannik Sinner arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria with the intention of making it deep in the competition. He was not having a particularly stellar performance in the ATP circuit but he was looking to end the year on a high. So, Bulgaria was set for a strong performance from Jannik.

He took care of his first two opponents in quick fashion. Then Quarter-Finals brought a good challenge but Jannik was able to win the final two sets to carry the game. He dispatched his semis opponent without mercy and it was a showdown with Vasek Pospisil in the finals.

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Vasek had a tougher route to the finals and he did not look good in the first set. He came back in the second but Jannik was determined to win his first ATP title and it ended in a 7-3 tiebreaker. Jannik did not have a girlfriend cheering him on at courtside, but even if he did, the result would have been the same in our opinion. Jannik Sinner was ready and he deserved to win the final.

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