Jannik Sinner’s Girlfriend in 2022: Who is the Italian Tennis Player Dating?

Away from the court, the professional tennis player, Jannik Sinner and his ex-girlfriend Maria Braccini were said to be a couple after a relationship that lasted over a year. After his breakup, fans are now curious about Jannik Sinner’s girlfriend in 2022.

Jannik Sinner is one of the most exciting tennis prospects to emerge from the new generation of Italian players who have swept the tennis world. He has already won three titles, including an ATP-500 title, his most recent. He was eliminated in the finals of the 2021 Miami Masters, denying him the opportunity to win his first Masters title.

Given his performance at Wimbledon this year (more on that in a moment), fans were curious about the Italian’s personal life. Maria Braccini, a stunning model and Instagram influencer with over 82.1k followers, is rumored to be Jannik Sinner’s girlfriend.

She was born in the year 2000 and is 22 years old. Maria has an Instagram account, but it is currently set to private. Grab all the details about his girlfriend here.

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Who Is Jannik Sinner’s Girlfriend in 2022? Explore Every Detail of His Ex-girlfriend, Maria Braccini!

Jannik Sinner is currently single in 2022. The desire to learn the identity of Jannik Sinner’s girlfriend has persisted for over a year. However, the athlete is not currently dating. According to reports, the Italian athlete is focused on his burgeoning career and does not appear to have a girlfriend or a partner in his life. Jannik Sinner is single and focused on adding to his trophy cabinet.

Maria Braccini (@mariabraccini) has been dating Jannik Sinner (@janniksin) since September 2020, when they announced their relationship. Maria is a well-known figure in the fashion and modeling industries, and she has shaped her image in the glamorous world.

Both are focused on their respective careers and supportive of one another, a quality Sinner admires in Maria, as he stated in one of his interviews. She has been dating Jannik Sinner for over a year, but the couple has been very private about their relationship.

However, they rarely addressed a larger crowd, claiming to be getting along and being together. Jannik, who keeps a low profile, did not like the social release of the girl who posted a message for the anniversary of the athlete’s first year of love. This was not just with Jannik, who wanted to be free of the weight of a too-heavy relationship and a story that he didn’t want to become unwieldy at the age of 20. However, Sinner’s girlfriend is two years older than Jannik.

Maria Braccini and Jannik get along well and have been spotted together at numerous party venues and dating cafes. But the couple prefers to stay out of the spotlight and has never publicly appeared in front of the cameras. Jannik Sinner and his girlfriend Maria Braccini were the subjects of breakup rumors after the couple appeared to be in a strained relationship. Jannik and Maria’s contracts are set to expire in November 2021.

The formal addressing never took place because they rarely shared information about their relationship. Jannik’s losses in a larger tournament may have also contributed to this cruel end to their new love arch setup. Jannik Sinner and his partner Maria Braccini were only in a private relationship when Jannik’s defeat at the US Open caused a schism in their relationship, and the pair were separate.

The tennis sensation who defeated Hubert Hurkacz in the first round of the 2021 ATP Finals left his girlfriend Maria Braccini. The athlete would have welcomed her after a post in which she celebrated a year of love: she would not have appreciated the photo from the back of a couple published by her young lady. Too much socialization, which he disliked because he was shy and only interested in tennis.

Maria Braccini, a charming blonde influencer with dream curves, published a post at the end of September in which she showed a photo of a couple, embraced, from behind and wrote: “A year together Jannik.” He responded with a heart, but that post appears to have made the couple jump. It was their first social “outing,” and he didn’t seem to enjoy it at all. Fans have noticed that Braccini hasn’t published any Sinner stories since, and a schism has developed between the two.

Early Life and Family Background of Janik Sinner

Jannik Sinner was born on August 16, 2001, in San Candido, in the predominantly German-speaking region of South Tyrol in northern Italy, to Johann and Siglinde Sinner. He grew up in Sesto, where his father works as a chef and his mother as a waitress at a ski lodge. Marc is his younger brother. Sinner began skiing and tennis at the age of three. From the ages of eight to twelve, he was one of Italy’s top junior skiers, winning a national championship in giant slalom at eight and finishing second at twelve.

The professional tennis player gave up tennis for a year while training in skiing when he was seven years old, but his father persuaded him to return. When he returned to the field, he hired Heribert Mayr as his first regular coach. Nonetheless, tennis was only his third priority, trailing only skiing and football.

Sinner chose tennis over skiing and football when he was thirteen years old. He preferred it to ski because he wanted to compete directly against an opponent and have a higher margin of error over the course of a match. He also desired to participate in an individual sport where he could make all of the decisions, which he would not be able to do in a team sport.

However, he also decided to leave his family and relocate to Bordighera on the Italian Riviera to train at the Piatti Tennis Centre with Riccardo Piatti and Massimo Sartori, a decision that was supported by his parents. Sinner lived in the center with the family of one of his coaches, Luka Cvjetkovic. Jannik Sinner had only been playing tennis twice a week before beginning full-time training with Piatti.

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