Casper Ruud Girlfriend – Tennis Player’s Three Years Plus Relationship with His GF

Casper Ruud has been hope and pride of Norway since he blew away the competition in the Juniors and finished 2016 as the number 1 ranked player. Since then he has won a tournament as a pro and ranked as high as 24th among men tennis players. In 2021 he is continuing a successful career after, dating his beautiful girlfriend and trying to get another shot at a title.

The Norwegian tennis player was born on 22 December 1998, to his father Christian Ruud and mother Lulu Ruud. He is the eldest of three kids of his parents. Casper has two younger sisters and the whole family lives in Oslo, Norway. Casper is following in the footsteps of his father, who was also a tennis player and the highest ranked Norwegian ever, until Casper took it in February 2020.

Casper was trained by his father from a young age and when he started to show signs of someone destined to be great, the whole country of Norway got behind the player. Representing an entire nation, the Casper has managed to both bring joy and underwhelm his fans. But no matter what, he always has his family and girlfriend on his side. And here is everything you need to know about his GF.

Casper Ruud Girlfriend – Relationship Details

casper-ruud-girlfriend-2021-atpCasper Ruud is currently dating his girlfriend Maria Galligani in 2021. They have been together for more than 3 years.
Image Source: Casper Ruud Instagram

For the longest of time, tennis has been the life of Casper Ruud. Born to a Norwegian tennis star, he wanted to be like his father and his father obliged, training him in hopes of one day bringing a Grand Slam to the country. So, from school to tennis practice with dad, Casper lived a structured life and fruits of that labor is coming to bear now.

But all that training also meant the player was removed from most distractions in a young man’s life. Being on the road as a young player trying to make it pro also did not help the matter but once he took the step to the pros and the job became a little more manageable as an adult, Casper finally had time for relationships and started dating his girlfriend Maria Galligani.

Casper Ruud Girlfriend – When Did They Start Dating?

Casper Ruud is currently dating his girlfriend Maria Galligani. They have been together for more than 3 years and scouring his social media, the first mention of Maria in Casper’s Instagram came on 25 November 2018. The Norwegian posted pictures of the couple in London and Paris with a red heart in the caption which was reciprocated by Maria in the comment section.

A few months later the beautiful couple appeared again on his Instagram, this time in March which Casper was playing in the United States. Another picture showed the duo in Italy and the next one was at Maria’s sister’s wedding. In 2019 there were few more pictures of the lovebirds but then the pictures started to slow down.

While most girlfriends and wives of tennis stars themselves become Instagram celebrity. Their lives are also there for consumption, that is not the case for Maria who has a close to a thousand followers on the image sharing platform and her account is private. She does not write anything in the comment section of Casper’s pictures, posting emojis from time to time, but other than that she keeps a relatively low profile.

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After the pandemic began and all spot was postponed, the player said he was spending time with his family and girlfriend. “I hope everyone is doing well during these tough times! I just moved into a new apartment here in Oslo, so that’s been quite a project. It’s actually been pretty busy with a lot going on, and I’ve made sure to spend time with my family, friends and girlfriend,” Casper said.

In 2021, they Casper and his girlfriend Maria Galligani are still together. While she has not appeared in his grid for a long while now, she posts comments on his pictures from time to time. They do look like a nice couple and for the 22-year-old his love life seems to be secured, now he just needs to bring a Grand Slam to Norway.

Casper Ruud is Through to Monte Carlo Masters Semi Final

With an up and down performance in France, Casper managed to fight off Carreño Busta in three sets. But Fabio Fognini posed a not too difficult task in the quarter final. The player won the contest in straight sets and made a difficult task look relatively easy.

The same form is probably what the player is expecting from himself in the semis. Monte Carlo has been a good place for him this year and there is a chance he may go all the way to the finals. But it all hinges on Casper being mindful of his tendency to throw away matches when higher stakes are involved.

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Young Casper Ruud has shown a lot of potential in the past and now is the time to turn that potential into a success story. One title is never enough and in Mote Carlo his family and girlfriend will be hoping for a happier outcome for the talented Norwegian.

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