Justin Herbert Girlfriend – Rumors Linking 29-Year-Old Taylor Bisciotti Explained!

Justin Herbert is showing now signs of a sophomore year slump as he betters the Chargers’ record to 2 and 1 with a massive win against Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs. It was a statement game for the former Oregon Quarterback and things are only looking up from here for the young hurler. With on-field prowess, fans are also wondering who Justin’s girlfriend is, with some rumors linking the actor to reporter Taylor Bisciotti in 2021.

The former Oregon Ducks Quarterback was born on 10 March 1998 to his parents in Eugene, Oregon. The young player made his name in high school but a broken leg made things harder for the star athlete, his junior year. Still, not to be deterred, senior year saw the player raking yards and being named in the All State Team. But that was not enough to get the player a scholarship initially, with Oregon coming in later and Justin committing to play for his home state university.

An all round the student and player, Justin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology while balling out for the Ducks. His college record meant Justin was selected sixth overall by the Chargers, chosen as an understudy for Tyrod Taylor. But his number was called up early in the 2020 season as Tyrod had to leave because the medical staff accidentally punctured his lung. His first game was a loss against the Chiefs, same as his opponent in week 3 of the 2021 season. But before getting into all that, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend and also all the rumors.

Justin Herbert Girlfriend – Is the LA Chargers QB Dating NFL Network Reporter Taylor Bisciotti

justin-herbert-girlfriend-2021Justin Herbert is rumored to be dating his girlfriend Taylor Bisciotti in 2021. They sparked romance rumors about six months ago and are speculated to having a secret relationship.
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Justin Herbert has guns for arms, there is no denying the star QB can chuck the ball 70-yards down the field. But that is not the only thing going for the young star, his looks, flowing blonde hair and supermodel looks has all the ladies fawning over the 23-year-old. His looks has also resulted in fans and new agencies speculating about his Justin’s girlfriend.

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From supermodels to former Oregon female basketball star, almost everyone who has been inside the circle of Justin Herbert has been linked with the player. And after NFL Network reporter Taylor Bisciotti interviewed the player before the 2021 season in April, fans started speculating major chemistry between the two. The speculation went so far as to sparking rumors that Taylor was Justin’s girlfriend.

Justin Herbert Girlfriend Rumor Link with Taylor Bisciotti Explained

Before the start of the 2021 season, all eyes were set on the QB market shuffle as big names moved teams. While Aaron Rodgers dominated headlines with his game of chicken with the Green Bay franchise, Justin Herbert was also piquing the interest of fans. They were anxious to see what a sophomore season had in store for the player. Asking the star QB about his expectations for the new season, Taylor Bisciotti interviewed him.

Justin explained his hopes for the new season, saying, “It’s been a blur. It’s gone by so fast. It’s been a lot of fun. Obviously, it was a tough year. Didn’t win as many games as we would’ve liked. I think we got the talent, I think we got the guys, the staff members. So I’m really looking forward to it.” That interview was the catalyst for the Justin Herbert girlfriend rumors.

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After the interview there were online chatter linking the two in a relationship. Even before the interview, there were rumors, the two of them were dating but they played it cool for those questioning. For the longest of time JustinHerbert has been seen as a good boy in NFL. He has not been in scandals and is not going out on dates with adult film stars, so it is understandable why he is playing relationship rumors so close to his chest.

This is not the first time the player has been linked with a beautiful lady. Before Taylor Bisciotti, it was Rylee Jean, Monster Energy model. The two followed each other on Instagram and though no pictures of the two out and about in LA was seen, there were reports they were seeing each other in secret. Then there was the girlfriend rumors linking Justin Herbert to Sabrina Ionescu.

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Justin Herbert is a handsome young man with an exciting career in NFL, so it is understandable people are looking for his girlfriend and personal life. But whether he is dating Taylor Bisciotti or not, the only way to tell is if they are seen out and about or if they come out and confirm their relationship. As of these moment, we cannot confirm if Justin Herbert has a girlfriend in 2021.

Justin Herbert Marches Down in Fourth Quarter to Win Against Kansas City Chiefs

Going into Week 3 of the 2021 NFL season, KC Chiefs were 1 and 1, same record Chargers were sporting coming into the game. Taking up the bottom two spots in their division, KC was supposed to push forth and improve to t2 and 1, they were the favorites to win the game, but Justin Herbert had other ideas.

From the get go Chiefs could not get into a rhythm as Chargers jumped to a 17-0 lead. But you can never count ou Mahomes and the Chiefs as they lead the game then later tied it. Then, the former MVP QB of KC threw a pick in the fourth quarter with less than a minute left in the game. With some officiating help Justin took the Chargers to the red zone where they took all 6 points, only to miss the one extra point.

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With few seconds left on the clock, Chargers went into prevent mode and ran out the clock as Mahomes needed a hail mary to have any shot at win. Well, the last shot fell few yards short of the end zone as the pass was incomplete, with Justin and Chargers improving to 2 and 1 for the season. It is Raiders up next for the Chargers in Monday Night Football next week.

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