Desmond Ridder Girlfriend – Dating Claire Cornett for 5 Years and Now He is a Father, All the Details!

Desmond Ridder had a solid COVID shortened season last year and he was fine in the game that were played. Still, that was not the true showcase of his talent which is why the Cincinnati Bearcats’ QB1 decided not to declare for the draft. That decision seems to be working magic for the player as he is shining this year in AAC. Now, in a long relationship with his girlfriend and welcoming a newborn baby, things appear stable for Desmond as he plans to make his next stop the NFL.

The star QB for the Bearcats was born on 31 August 1999 to his mother in Louisville, Kentucky. His biological father was never in the picture so his mother and grand-mother were the ones who raised young Desmond. While his birth father was never around, the male role model fell on his step-father who was instrumental along with his mother in helping Desmond become the man he is today.

Growing up he wanted to study in St. Xavier High School and got his wish as Desmond started playing football for the school. Rated a two-star recruit, the player was offered a scholarship by University of Cincinnati and Desmond decided to leave behind his home state and move. This is the fourth and final year Desmond will be at the University. But before we get into his college exploits, here is everything you need to know about Desmond Ridder’s girlfriend in 2021.

Desmond Ridder is Dating His Girlfriend Claire Cornett for Over 5 years in 2021

desmond-ridder-girlfriend-2021Desmond Ridder is dating his girlfriend Claire Cornett. They have been together for over 5 years in 2021 and recently welcomed their baby daughter.
Image Source: Claire Cornett Instagram

Desmond Ridder has a bright career ahead of him. The decision to delay declaring for the NFL was the right one as the star QB1 is showing his true self this year. He is destined to be a top pick in the 2022 Draft and a great future awaits the Kentucky native. So, it is understandable the player has almost locked down his personal life with a beautiful girlfriend.

The Bearcats QB is dating his girlfriend Claire Cornett. They studied near to one another in Louisville and fell in love in 2016. Since their first meeting the couple knew they were made for one another and five years later, they are in a committed relationship, engaged-to-be-married, and parents to their new baby girl. It has been an eventful 2021 for the payer and we have got more details about his relationship with his gf.

Desmond Ridder Girlfriend – A Relationship Timeline for the Couple

Desmond Ridder started dating his girlfriend Claire Cornett in 2016. They were both studying in different high schools that was located few miles from one another. He was studying at St. Xavier High School while she was a student at Assumption High School. They were both in Louisville and started dating soon after their first meeting.

Despite going to different schools, the duo was able to continue their relationship. But in 2017 Desmond graduated and moved to Cincinnati to play for the Bearcats and study at the University of Cincinnati. Soon after enrolling, Claire also joined the player at the University. They continued their relationship and during college football Desmond always had his number one fan in the stands.

During the summer, in his freshman year, Desmond proposed to his girlfriend and the couple got engaged on 30 July 2018. Claire shared the happy day on her Facebook page as the photos showed both of them wearing blue and Desmond getting on one knee to pop the question. Among the pictures was also a solo shot of the massive diamond ring Desmond used to profess his love.

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The couple started dating on 19 May 2016 and in 2020 they celebrated their fourth anniversary. Stating his happiness and love Desmond Ridder wrote on Instagram, “4 years, 1460 days, 2,102,400 minutes with you has been one hell of a journey, we have had our ups and downs but it has made us stronger in the end. Can’t wait to spend forever with you❤️ I love you ?.”

Then on 2 November 2020, Desmond and his girlfriend announced that they were pregnant. Announcing the soon arrival of their daughter, the Cincinnati QB shared pictures of the ultrasound with the caption, “Beyond grateful and blessed to announce that we will be having a Baby Girl in our future? I’m so excited to start our family and spend forever together? #girldad❤️.”

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Desmond Ridder became a father on 22 April 2021. He posed with his girlfriend and new baby girl, Leighton Elizabeth Ridder, in a post shared on the image sharing platform. “Everyone please welcome Daddy’s little Princess and my pride and joy Leighton Elizabeth Ridder to this wonderful world… You are loved to the moon and back?,” Desmond wrote about the arrival of his new baby.

Now that they have a baby and have been engaged for over three years, people are wondering when they will get married. It appears the Desmond and his girlfriend of over 5 years are in no hurry to tie the knot. Maybe they are waiting till the star QB gets into the NFL as that has been the trend with college players of past. Personal life set, and career security will be the right point to get married.

Desmond Ridder is Hoping to Take Cincinnati Bearcats to the Playoffs

No team from outside the Power 5 has ever reached the playoffs and going into the AAC schedule Cincinnati had a tough task in their first top 10 matchup with Notre Dame. Coming into the game Desmond was confident that noise inside Notre Stadium would not be distracting as his team would shut them all up pretty early. While it wasn’t that dominant for the team but still Cincinnati managed to beat Notre Dame 24-13.

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Desmond threw almost 60% completion as he dropped back 32 times and passed for 297 yards and three touchdowns. The player was on fire and this type of form is what he will have to keep on carrying as Cincinnati looks to go unbeaten and make their case for playoffs. The performance and his form this year has surely turned some NFL team’s heads, but it all depends on how the player finishes the season in his senior year.

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