Norman Towns Girlfriend – Shanice Jordyn’s 6 Months of Stalking Drama Explained!

Norman Towns is known for his performance in The Affair and Insecure, currently streaming on HBO Max and gearing for the fifth and final season. Norman has been an actor for a while now and he is a dashing man with a good social media following. Also, in 2021, the actor was in a relationship with his girlfriend Shanice Jordyn. A relationship that has now gone sour and for 6 months, his ex has been stalking Norman. So, here we are diving deep into the love life of the Insecure actor and also all the drama surrounding him now.

The Insecure actor was born on 26 December 1985, to his parents in Los Angeles, California. He grew up in a big family with multiple siblings and from a young age, he was the funny member of the family. While he was funny, the actor was also a talented basketball player. Both him and his father devout Lakers fans, Norman was a talent in high school as well as college as he player ball for the University of Providence.

He graduated magna cum laude from the university and gave into his skill as a comedian to make a career in the city of angels. He worked on his comedy for a few years, then went on to pursue the acting avenue. Finding some success with movies and TV shows, Norman started his career in 2014 and years later he is appearing in some prestige TV. But before getting into his acting prowess, here is everything you need to know about his girlfriend and all the drama in his life right now.

Norman Towns Girlfriend – Shanice Jordyn and His Relationship Explained

norman-towns-girlfriend-2021Norman Towns was dating his girlfriend Shanice Jordyn in 2021. Since breaking up, she has been stalking the Insecure actor.
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Norman Towns is a good looking man who has been winning hearts of ladies all over the world. Beyond his good acting talent, and comedy skills, the looks of Towns is nothing to scoff at. There are numbers of ladies thirsting over the actor in the comment section to verify our point. But all that attention and fame also means sometime mentally ill people fixate on you, and that is what happened to Norman Towns.

The actor was dating his girlfriend Shanice Jordyn in 2021. Maybe girlfriend is a little strong a word to describe the relationship between the two. Still, the couple hooked up and were together for a little time, and one day Norman saw some messages on her open computer which read something along the line that Shanice was having sex with multiple other men. It was not the type of relationship Norman wanted, so he broke it off. Well, that is when the problem began for the Insecure actor.

Norman Towns Stalking Drama with Former Girlfriend Shanice Jordyn

norman-towns-shanice-jordyn-stalking-drama-ig-story-2021Shanice Jordyn stalking phone calls and emails revealed by Norman Towns in his Instagram stories.
Image Source: Instagram

Relationships are tricky things to get into and get out of. It is not always the case that the person you meet and fall in love with will be the same person you will spend your life with. People go through multiple relationships, in most cases, and everyone deals with it in their own way. But one thing you never do is stalk your former partner, share their explicit pictures, send bad texts to their work and life friends. Well, those were exactly the things that happened with Norman Towns.

Norman Towns’ Instagram does not feature picture of any girls he has been involved with. The actor likes to keep his life private so imagine our surprise when a slew of updates came on the actor’s Instagram stories. All the posts were about his ex-girlfriend as the Insecure actor explained what was going on in his life. He explained dating a woman by the name Shanice Jordyn and all the complexities that has gone into their breakup.

The actor said he found some texts on her computer that showed she was having sexual relationships with multiple men. Something he was not down with, and ask her to leave, breaking off the relationship. That did not go down well with Shanice who then went full stalker and even after he blocked all her numbers, mail, and socials, she managed to come back with other IDs to harass him.

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Norman said he changed his number multiple times, left his own home to stay in a hotel because she was sleeping outside his house. The actor also said he filed more than 7 complaints with the police, but nothing stopped her from harassing him. He showed off more than 50 phones and email IDs Shanice was using to flood his phone with messages and phone calls.

Then there were the nudes she was sending to Norman’s workplace and friends. She started making fake accounts with his name and photos and contact his friends to make him look bad. Norman expressed he was losing his money, and the whole ordeal was having an effect on his health. An ex-girlfriend going full on creepy stalker mode is just not someone expects after breaking up with them.

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The stories Norman shared are almost all gone, but you can see the fans wishing him well in his recent Instagram posts. There are multiple ladies who are offering to beat up the woman who has been harassing him. It appears Norman Towns letting all his fans and friends know through his story what has been going on. His girlfriend, Shanice Jordyn, is in his past and the actor is looking for any way to move forward with his life.

As of this writing, all of Shanice’s social media have been made private. She does not appear to be saying anything anymore as fans of the actor are now going to work on her social media pages. So, it all appears to be rounding out nicely for Shanice who resorted to cyber-bullying and now is getting what she deserves. Still, the law should be protecting Norman from a crazy ex girlfriend like Shanice.

Who is Shanice Jordyn?

The former girlfriend and now stalker of Norman Towns is a former ASU student who has appeared in the Girls of Pac-12 issue. She is a model and a dental hygienist, hailing from South Dakota. She was studying at ASU in 2014 to satisfy her General Studies requirement. After finishing her studies she finished dental training and now works in the same profession.

She was also April’s Playmate of the Month in a Playboy issue from 2014. The model was approached while she was working in Hooters and it was not something she was looking to do. The Playboy magazine work just fell into her lap, as she mentioned to The State Press, “I used to do little photo shoots with photographers who wanted a portfolio, but I never did anything like this.”

Shanice is in her mid-20s now and also has a decent social media following, something that has seen a boost after her stalking drama with Norman. There are also reports of her having an Only Fans account, but we could not find one. It appears the former girlfriend of Norman Towns was quit the character.

Norman Towns Plays Bennett in the HBO Max Show Insecure Season 5

Insecure was released on HBO more than 4 years ago as Issa Rae brought her comedy and hitting commentary to the channel. Detailing the awkward encounters of a black woman in the world we live in, the show was a massive success with the viewers and was awarded multiple times by various award shows.

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After the success of the first season Insecure was renewed multiple times by HBO and in 2020 it was renewed for a fifth and final time. Norman Towns made his debut on the show last year and announced his arrival to a massive audience with his role as Bennett. Now he is coming back for the fifth season that is releasing on 24 October 2021.

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