Shep Rose Girlfriend – Is Shep Still with Taylor Ann Green in 2021?

Shep Rose is well known to the viewers of Bravo and reality TV as a charming Southern man who comes from a pretty renowned family. Becoming a cast member of the TV show Southern Charm, the South Carolina native built his following through the show. Since then people have been looking to know more about the reality TV personality. And here we are discussing his girlfriend in 2021 as well as their relationship so far.

The University of Georgia alum was born in 1981 in Hilton Head Island, SC. Coming from a wealthy family, his family has a long history in Charleston. Shep has always spoken about his family and how successful they all are while he is the weird one of the family. Growing up among a large family, Shep was ingrained with their deep roots in the South and that is why he has always lived there.

After high school Rose joined UGA for his undergrad while he later enrolled in Vanderbilt for a degree in Management. After finishing his education Shep worked in the real estate market for a few years. Working in Florida, Dubai and Hong Kong, the 41-year-old gathered a lot of experience. But it was his appearance in Southern Charm that shone a spotlight on the actor. In recent days however, he is more known for his relationship with new girlfriend Taylor Ann Green and here is everything we know in 2021.

Shep Rose is Dating His Girlfriend Taylor Ann Green in 2021

shep-rose-girlfriend-2021Shep Rose is currently dating his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green in 2021. They have been together for over a year.
Image Source: Shep Rose Instagram

The thing about being on a reality TV show is, beyond the stuff shown on the show, people want to know more. That is true for relationship details of the stars as some of them try to keep the two things separate. There is also the added caveat that reality TV fans seem to be really be invested in the person shown on camera. Similar was the case for Shep Rose whose looks and past dalliances made it a must for fans to inquire about his girlfriend.

Well, if there are broken hearts, then we apologize, but Shep Rose is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green. They have been dating for nearly 2 years in 2021 and over the course of last year, showed off some of their vacation shots, new living arrangements and also some heart breaking information. But it appears the couple is working through all their differences and finding happiness in each other’s presence.

Is Shep Still With Taylor Ann Green in 2021?

One of the things about being in relationship is being able to trust your partner. Trust is important more than almost anything else and being truthful also means being faithful to one another. But as Shep recently revealed he was not faithful towards his girlfriend and that caused some hiccups for the couple. Fans were worried that the duo broke up after the incident, which was not the case.

Shep Rose and his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green met for the first time in 2020, before the pandemic as they were at the same BBQ on Sullivan’s Island. It was revealed that the couple hit it off after their first meeting and started meeting soon after the first introduction. While they were not labeling their relationship, the couple did go Instagram official on 17 May 2020.

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The post was soon followed by other snaps of the couple doing “couple things” together. Their announcement was met with a lot of positive and supportive messages online. Shep even revealed that the couple quarantined together just about a couple of months after starting to date. They were not and are not married, but the Charleston native said they were living like one.

But the relationship was not all roses as Sheb Rose admitted he cheated. The Southern Charm cast member said he kissed a girl in a stairwell while under the influence. “It was an old flame and we were texting … and nothing ever came of it. It was a moment of weakness. I was drinking, but that’s all it was and I’ll go to my grave knowing that that’s true,” Shep explained during the season 7 reunion of Southern Charm on Bravo TV.

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He further went on to say how the couple was dealing with it all. Shep cried, his girlfriend cried, and they made up. “She goes, ‘Look, I hate what happened and it hurt me a lot, however, I’d like to stay with you. I’m in love with you. You make me happy. And we cried and it was like a big deal,” he continued.

So, it appears, despite the cheating, Shep and his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green are still together in 2021. The couple was in New York recently where they took in a Mets game with foam fingers and all that the ball park had to offer. It appears things are moving smoothly now for the couple and it may not be long before Shep Rose decides to put a ring on the finger of his girlfriend Taylor Ann Green.

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