Laurence McKenna Girlfriend – Dating Fluttura and Welcoming Their 1st Child Recently!

Laurence McKenna started his career as a football blogger but soon transitioned to creating podcasts and forming a media empire around his earlier success. Throughout the years, the English producers and presenter has found a niche and a market for his thoughts. Now a devoted following is behind the media personality and fans want to know more about his girlfriend, child and other personal details in 2021.

The social media personality was born on 6 December 1989 to his parents in England. From a young age Laurence was passionate about football, something he picked up from his family, and something he made his own. As with almost any young European boy, Laurence McKenna wanted to one day be a professional player. While he was not able to fulfill that dream, his love for sports led young Laurence to vlogging about sports during the rise of social media.

As the world sought for more fresh eyes to view the beautiful game from, Laurence offered a new perspective. Soon, he was gaining a large number of following and from video making, he transitioned to podcasting, again in its infancy. Now, he runs multiple popular podcasts which is listened by millions around the world. But if you are a fan of Laurence McKenna, most of these things are not new information for you. So, for those interested, here is everything we could find about Laurence’s girlfriend Fluttura, in 2021.

Laurence McKenna Girlfriend – Dating His GF Fluttura and Becoming a Dad in 2021

laurence-mckenna-girlfriend-2021Laurence McKenna is currently dating his girlfriend Fluttura. They have been dating for over 4 years and have a 1 year old son in 2021.
Image Source: Laurence McKenna Instagram

When it comes to a career, Laurence McKenna has it made. He is working for himself and making a career on the internet. That level of freedom also allows a person some levity when it comes to their personal life. From dating, to being in a relationship, the more time you have, the better it is for a prospective relationship with your partner. So, it was no wonder that Laurence find a loving girlfriend for himself, someone who has been with him for a few years now.

Many famous people are linked with other famous people, either by the fans or the media, but Laurence got ahead of the rumors as he has been dating his long time girlfriend Fluttura. From meeting for the first time during a video shoot, to now making a family of their own, Laurence and his gf have come a long way and we have a detailed timeline of their relationship.

Laurence McKenna is Dating His Girlfriend Fluttura for Few Years Now

According to the Instagram of Laurence McKenna, he met his girlfriend during a party of some kind. The podcaster shared a video of his girlfriend in someone else’s arm, smiling for the camera. It appears a social gathering was where they first met and hit it off. The exact time of when they started dating is not clear, but we know for certain they have been together for more than 4 years.

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It appears the couple made their relationship official on 22 November 2017. We have pictures from their (possible) first anniversary in 2018 as Laurence shared a collage of photos and captioned it, “happy anniversary baby.” Since then, every year Laurence has been sharing loving messages about his girlfriend on social media. The same is not the case however for Fluttura, whose Instagram is private and only has 5 posts.

Their more than 4 years relationship resulted in the couple welcoming their first child on 22 June 2020. The podcaster revealed the process they went through on the morning of 22 June as they were suddenly pushed into action. Laurence revealed on YouTube that the couple went to hospital after her contractions became rapid and nurse asked them to come in.

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He explained what it was like waiting there to see his son and later walking into the birthing room. Laurence and his girlfriend Fluttura made it through the day and they had a beautiful baby boy to show for it all at the end. In summer 2021, their baby turned one and one more title has been added in front of the name of Laurence McKenna, the title of father.

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