Is Sarah Keith-Lucas Pregnant?

Sarah Keith-Lucas doesn’t appear to be pregnant as she has not announced any information about her pregnancy. Meanwhile, she is already the mother of two children.

Sarah Keith-Lucas is a talented English meteorologist who began her career working in the French Alps for two winter seasons. She eventually joined the Met Office and began working as a weather forecaster at the Exeter headquarters in 2007.

Later, she joined the BBC as a broadcast assistant in 2008, and her first TV appearance came in the summer of 2009. Currently, she co-hosts the BBC World News channels Climate Check and Weather World with Nick Miller and occasionally broadcasts weather-related documentaries on BBC News.

Like any other prominent figure, Sarah has recently been the center of attention due to rumors that she is pregnant. So, is Sarah Keith-Lucas really pregnant? Well, let’s have a look.

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Sarah Keith-Lucas Doesn’t Appear to Be Pregnant!

As far as we know, Sarah Keith-Lucas (@SarahKLweather) is currently not pregnant because she has made no pregnancy announcements, and her weather forecast showed no evident symptoms of a baby belly. Moreover, she is also in fantastic health and has been keeping herself active both professionally and personally, presenting weather documentaries and spending time with her family and dog.

This isn’t the first time that the meteorologist has been encountered with pregnancy allegations, especially after she took a break from work in 2014 to give birth to her second son. Several times, viewers suspected that she was pregnant again, but none of these rumors were accurate.

Sarah Keith-Lucas is not pregnant. celebsindepth.comSarah Keith-Lucas is not pregnant.
Image Source: TV Newsroom

Similarly, Sarah Keith-Lucas occasionally posts information about her husband and children on social media. As a result, unless she confirms her pregnancy in 2023, we may reasonably conclude she is not.

Although the speculation regarding Sarah Keith’s pregnancy has become widespread on social media, the source of the rumor is unknown. Furthermore, the meteorologist recently turned 41 in February, and pregnancies and deliveries after the age of 40 are uncommon.

Talking more about Sarah Keith-Lucas’ life, she is the proud mother of two sons whom she shares with her husband, Richard Sutton. Although the married couple’s relationship timeline is a little fuzzy, they’ve been together for quite some time. Furthermore, the meteorologist uploads images of him on her social media pages on occasion.

The couple’s first child, Leo, was born in October 2010. Later, Oscar joined the family as the youngest member in 2014. They are growing up away from the spotlight. However, the meteorologist’s social media followers occasionally get a glimpse of Leo and Oscar’s drawings, hobbies, and travels.

Despite their hectic schedules, Sarah Keith-Lucas and her husband make time for their family. The ideal family enjoys traveling and has visited countries such as France, Italy, Spain, and Nepal. Thanks to her husband’s unfailing support and encouragement, the television personality successfully balances her professional and personal lives.

However, the excellent and well-respected weathercaster, who is enthusiastic about meteorology and geography, is not pregnant. Furthermore, we wish the BBC meteorologist all the best in the future and hope she achieves even more and lives a happy life.

When Speaking to Weather Presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas, Charlie Stayt Previously Made a Small Slip of the Tongue!

The BBC Breakfast host Charlie Stayt had to retake his broadcast on July 1, 2023, after improperly announcing the weather. At the time, Weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas was seen on-screen waiting after he had presented viewers the most recent headlines on Saturday morning broadcast. He said: “Sarah has got all the details with the news- no.”

Later, Recognising his error, he began to retrace his steps in order to retake the test. He added:

I’ll walk backwards a bit, let me do it again Sarah. So, it’s time now to look at the weather because Sarah’s got all the details about the weather. Not the news, that’s what we do. You do the weather, it’s much better that way.

Charlie Stayt previously made a little slip of the tongue when conversing with weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas. celebsindepth.comCharlie Stayt previously made a little slip of the tongue when conversing with weather presenter Sarah Keith-Lucas. 
Image Source: Daily Express

Sarah Keith-Lucas joked about Charlie’s gaffe while laughing at her unique introduction. She replied: ”Good Morning Charlie, it’s that time of the morning isn’t it? I’ll stick to the weather for this morning.”

This wasn’t the only gaffe that occurred throughout the broadcast, as Naga appeared to be taken off guard while conversing with Chris Bockman. He was providing a live feed from Toulouse on the ongoing clashes taking place in France. The camera cut back to the studio, exposing Naga clutching a mouse on the desk.

As soon as she recognized she was on-screen, she sat up straight and smiled at the camera, as Chris continued with his reports. Later, Naga awkwardly moved her leg up and down, appearing to communicate something to her co-star that was not picked up by her microphone.