Sarah Sherman Boyfriend: SNL’s Newest Star and Her Current Dating Life!

Sarah Sherman and her boyfriend are a trending topic after the comedian made a star making appearance on Saturday Night Live. Here is everything you need to know about the Jewish comedian.

Popularly known as Sarah Squirm, Sarah Sherman is an American comedian, actress, and screenwriter, renowned for her surreal and body horror-comedy. One of the three new hires at the NBC sketch show which recently bid farewell to  Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt, Sarah’s unique approach to comedy mixed with her weird aesthetics has gained her the attention of many. Fans are curious to know about Sarah and most importantly who her boyfriend might be!

Born in 1992, Sherman has created an ecstatic image of herself through her theatrical talents. Graduating from Great Neck South High School, and from Northwestern University in 2015 with a degree in theater, the uniquely weird comedian established herself with her exotic art and exceptional humor. Creating a mark in the audience’s heart with her exceptional performance, the audience is now interested more in Sarah, her early life, and especially her boyfriend.

Who is Sarah Sherman Dating – Boyfriend and Partner Details

sarah-sherman-boyfriend-sarah-squirmSarah Sherman and her boyfriend are trending right now after the comedian’s stellar few weeks on SNL.
Image Source: Sarah Sherman Instagram

A preacher of exotic and erotic art, Sarah Sherman lives a colorful life under her own rules. Different yet artistic, Sarah grabbed quite the attention with her eerie way of presenting her art. Since being on SNL, people have been more curious to know about Sarah and her love life. So, digging deep here’s all we’ve found on Sarah Sherman’s boyfriend.

With her socials filled with her art and the people she appreciates, Sarah Sherman is an open-hearted and open-minded person. Her posts are mostly focused on her work and art and also a few of her friends and family. Sarah Sherman seems to keep some part of her life away from the limelight and things about her boyfriend fall under it.

Sarah Sherman has posted a picture with a guy on her Instagram for the first time on March 6, 2016. The picture features Sarah and the man having a goofy moment together. Neither name nor any social media handle of the person is posted. We are thus speculating that the person might potentially be Sarah Sherman’s boyfriend. The caption under the post said,”??? and fans too could be seen heart eyeing the picture.

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Another picture featuring the sane person was posted on March 10, 2016. The picture featured Sarah looking at the man with the look of love. The post said, “aww thx u @talsounds for turning us into ghosts ??”. Since then no picture of the two has ever been posted. The comments under the picture indicate the two are a couple and that fans love seeing them together. This anonymous man could be the extraordinarily talented artist’s boyfriend.

Sarah Sherman and Eric Andres Rumors

Joined together by the thread of comedy, Sarah Sherman and Eric Andres are seen together quite often. Sarah often posts pictures with Andres and fans have been speculating if there’s something fishy going on. The two visited Imperial Valley, California on October 12, 2020. Sarah shared a moment of the two with the caption, “god mountain”.

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From all that can be seen, the two are just good friends and have been supporting each other for a long time now. The exotic comedian was seen supporting Andres’s show on Netflix. She took it to her Instagram and wrote, “no better way to celebrate Defunding the Police than watching @ericfuckingandre ‘s Anti-Cop Propaganda special, out today on Netflix ?”.  Their friendship dates back to 2019.

Sarah Sherman Wows with Her Performance on Saturday Night Live

Bringing her signature style and interesting humor, Sarah Sherman recently joined the cast of Saturday Night Live along with Aristotle Athari. First appearing on the Weekend Update, Sarah’s unique way of delivery, bright colors, and bubbly look stole the audience’s heart.

On Saturday’s Jonathan MajorsTaylor Swift episode, Sherman swung by Weekend Update, and she wasted no time in criticizing one of the co-hosts, as well as the show itself. “First of all, why is it live?” Sherman remarked. “Don’t you think that’s a little scary, Colin? I could say something right now that could ruin my life and yours!” she answered when Jost implored her not to do it. “I kind of want to! I’m crazy! Anything could happen, I could have a nip-slip right now!”

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Sherman reappeared with a phony headline after Jost made a joke about nipple slippage. She responded, “This just in: local pervert Colin Jost claims he’s seen most people’s nipples.” Sherman continued kicking him back down as he tried to dig him out of the hole, accusing him of mansplaining and being unduly concerned about her being one of the few Jewish cast members on the program. The show was overall a hit and fans want to see more of Sarah Sherman.

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