Aristotle Athari Wife: SNL’s Laughingtosh 3000 Actor is Married to Photographer Maura Grace Athari

Funnyman Aristotle Athari got married to his wife Maura Grace Athari on 18 September 2021. Learn the relationship detail of the Laughingtosh 3000 actor who is also the first Iranian male featured player on SNL.

Before coming on the Weekend Update segment of SNL, Aristotle Athari had only a few short movie and TV appearance credit to his name. From playing the hated Gabe in Silicon Valley to starring in the Comedy Central special Goatface, Aristotle had a moderately successful career. Well, that was until he came on SNL as Laughingtosh 3000 and did his impression of an AI comedian.

The character appears to be a hit, like Sarah Sherman he was able to capitalize on a small segment to get his name out But before making people laugh on SNL, the actor was dreaming of becoming a comedian in his Iranian home. Raised by his parents, Aristotle was born on 29 July. He is from Iran, and from a young age he realized that being funny came naturally for him.

Still, being funny means nothing if you are scared to be on stage or perform in front of crowds. Starting his career in Hollywood, Aristotle hit the club scene and then started making his short videos. Finally he was able to find fellow comedians to team up with and also get a guest starring role in Silicon Valley. In that time, the comedian also fell in love with his girlfriend-turned-wife, so, here is everything you need to know about his personal life.

Aristotle Athari is Married to His Wife Maura Grace Athari

aristotle-athari-wife-2021Aristotle Athari is married to his wife Maura Grace Athari after more than 4 years of dating.
Image Source: Aristotle Athari Instagram

Aristotle Athari was hired as a featured player for the 47th season of SNL. As an annual shuffle of cast members, some were promoted while few left the cast and three new faces were hired to fill the gaps. One of those hired as a show-me talent was Aristotle Athari who has been in the show since October. But his biggest moment came on 13 November 2021 when he appeared as Laughingtosh 3000. While he was sending people into laughing fits, his newly minted wife was at home cheering him on.

Few weeks before his first appearance on the show, Aristotle Athari got married to his longtime girlfriend Maura Grace. The wedding ceremony took place on 18 September 2021 in The Church of Our Savior as the couple’s family and friends witnessed the lovebirds sharing their vows. After the wedding Maura Grace shared snaps from the ceremony as they stood together with their dog at the altar.

After the wedding ceremony Aristotle’s wife explained the reason behind her changing her name to take up her husband’s last name. She wrote, “After a lot of thought, Aristotle and I have decided to celebrate our marriage by taking his mother’s surname, in honor of the woman who raised him so selflessly and who loved us so fiercely. Azizeh Athari was a powerhouse of a woman and it’s important to us that our children know and embody her legacy. It’s my honor to join this incredible family.”

Aristotle Athari Wife – Over 4 Years of Dating

Aristotle Athari’s wife Maura Grace Athari is a photographer who works in Los Angeles and New York. The couple lives in California where it appears they met for the first time. While we are not certain when the two started dating but the first time we can trace the couple talking to one another is from 29 July 2017. Aristotle’s wife commented on his birthday post and starting from mid 2018, the lovebirds were sharing pictures with one another on their Instagram grids.

Lovers of traveling, the couple has posted pictures from various picturesque locations in the US. Aristotle’s wife detailed one of those trips by writing, “A stranger took this picture of us at Crater Lake after i’d made @air_stotle drive 12 hours to see a total eclipse, then another 4 hours to catch this view before dark. ever my adventurer, my champion, my partner, my babuh ❤️ love you.”

After sharing some loved up pics on Instagram Maura also shared the couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2021. The couple was in Lake Tahoe where Aristotle proposed and Maura said “Yes!” After the engagement Maura wrote on Instagram, “you make me belly laugh every day @air_stotle i’m so lucky you’re gonna be my huzbund.”

After 4 years of relationship, the couple decided it was time to tie the knot. They are happy, in love and grateful to be in each other’s company, that is the right place to be for a strong relationship. Aristotle and his wife have found a great support system in one another and we agree with those who comment on their photos with hashtags “couple goals.”

Aristotle Athari is the Laughingtosh 3000 Actor on SNL

Weekend Update segment on SNL is simply a news portion of the show but for years the 10 minute long portion has featured some hilarious characters. More recently Bowen Yang hilariously turned up as the iceberg that sank the Titanic. Much like Bowen Aristotle showed off his skills as he debut his character Laughingtosh 3000, much to the surprise and joy of the live audience as well as those watching online.

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Laughingtosh 3000 is an AI robot standup comedian who shares some jokes with Colin Jost. Even more wonderful was the weird voice effect Aristotle was using to transform himself into a robot. In a Weekend Update segment that also featured Sarah Sherman and her roasting of Colin Jost, it appears we have two great performers on SNL, once again.

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