Colin Lawrence Wife – Meeting in the Late 90s and Married for Over 20 Years in 2021!

Colin Lawrence has been in the world of acting for nearly three decades now. He did not start out wanting to be an actor as a child but that is what fate had in store for him. While Virgin River fans may cheer the fact that Colin chose acting over a normal job, he is probably even more thankful because this meant he got to meet his wife Lucia Walters. Now, the Preacher actor shares two daughters with his wife and they have been married for over 20 years.

The Virgin River actor was born on 7 September 1970, to his Jamaican parents in London. While Colin was born in the UK the actor lived most of his life in Vancouver, Canada and after finishing his education started doing normal jobs. One day he was tempted to go to an acting class and soon he was guest starring in movies and TV shows.

Colin Lawrence’s career trajectory in show business has been a slow climb but through hard work he actor has managed close to 150 credits to his name. One of the biggest however is his most recent one as Preacher in the hit Netflix series Virgin River. Appearance in that show also meant thousands of fans want to know the personal life details of Colin. So, here is everything you need to know about his wife and family life to date in 2021.

Colin Lawrence Wife – How Did the Couple Meet?

colin-lawrence-wife-2021Colin Lawrence is married to his wife Lucia Walters for over 20 years in 2021. They have two daughters.
Image Source: Lucia Walters Instagram

Colin Lawrence‘s acting career began in 1995 with a TV movie and then he appeared in few TV shows while also doing films meant for television. By 1997 he had a few supporting or side roles in various production and that led Colin to Unwed Father, released the same year. The reason we are bringing up his acting career is because Colin and his wife Lucia Walters met for the first time while filming the movie.

Lucia Walters is also an actress and both of them had bit part roles in the TV movie Unwed Father. That is most likely when their romance began and the couple started dating soon after. After about two year in a relationship Colin and his wife Lucia got married and it all happened because they both chose a career in acting and the universe conspired to arrange their meeting.

Colin Lawrence is Married to His Wife Lucia Walters for Over 20 Years

After their first meeting all the way back in 1997, the couple started dating and within two years they were engaged and married. According to Pure Wow the couple got married in 1999 and according to our own research the couple celebrate their anniversary every year on 22 September. Their followers wished them Happy Anniversary on the same day through most years.

The couple celebrated their 20th anniversary on 22 September 2019 with a trip to Napa Valley, California. Colin and his wife of 20 years visited the wine country and shared some snaps from their time in San Francisco. Regarding the trip Colin wrote on his Instagram page, “Anniversary weekend getaway in wine country ?❤️ #napa #napavalley #sanfrancisco#anniversary .”

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Lucia Walters is also and actress and through their time together the couple has managed their work and family life perfectly. Colin and his wife Lucia share two daughters who are both nearing their teenage years. There are numerous pictures of the family together on their respective Instagram pages. The kids sometime even accompany their parents to work and it is all available to see on their social media feeds.

To keep a marriage together for almost 22 years is no easy feat. But not only that, the husband-wife duo has managed to raise a family while working as full time actors. And to think it all started with meeting that would not have happened if either one of them chose a slightly different path. In 2021 they are still married, happy and probably dreading being parents of teenagers.

Colin Lawrence Plays Preacher in the Netflix Series Virgin River

Robyn Carr is the author of the Virgin River book series that recently added its 20th book to the saga. The Netflix show is based on the book written by the romance novelist and after slow burning success on the streaming platform Virgin River season 3 is coming this July while filming for the fourth season begins by the end of the month.

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The show follows Melinda Monroe as she relocates to a small town called Virgin River after suffering a heartbreak. She wants to live away from memories of her past life but when she meets Jack Sheridan a romance blossoms while Mel is dealing with immense loss of her past.

Colin Lawrence plays Preacher in Virgin River. He is a military veteran and a friend of Jack, who works in in Jack‘s Bar as a chef. Preacher is an understanding and kind hearted man who gets roped into a murder investigation in season 2 of Virgin River. As he tries to figure out the next move in his career, past comes fast to hunt the cook.

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Virgin River season 3 will be released on 9 July 2021, only on Netflix. The cast is led by Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe, Colin Lawrence as PreacherLauren Hammersley as Charmaine. Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Tim Matheson, as Doc Mullins.

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