Martin Henderson Girlfriend Aisha Mendez – Breakup Reason and Relationship Detail in 2021

Martin Henderson has been around for a long time in Hollywood, he has played two famous doctors in Shonda Rhimes shows and is recently stealing hearts with his performance in the hit Netflix series Virgin River. Throughout his career however, the actor’s romantic live has generated a lot of attention including the one with his recent girlfriend Aisha Mendez in 2021. They broke up in the following months and here we have got some reasons why.

Born on 8 October 1974 in Auckland, New Zealand, Martin was only 13-years-old when he started acting. He understood acting could help him forge a career studies could not, so instead of heading off to university 17-year-old Martin packed his bags and started on his journey to become a professional actor. By the age of 18 he was starring in shows and movies and transitioned to Australian film industry and later in the 2000s, to the United States.

As he worked through projects in Hollywood the actor made his way into the hearts of millions of fans with his appearance in Off the Map and Grey’s Anatomy. More so now with his turn as the broody bar owner Jack Sheridan in the hit Netflix series Virgin River. And through it all the interest in his personal life has never subsided. So, here we take a look at Martin’s latest girlfriend Aisha Mendez, their relationship and the reason why the broke up in 2021.

Martin Henderson Girlfriend 2021 – Relationship with GF Aisha Mendez

martin-henderson-girlfriend-2021-breakup-aisha-mendezMartin Henderson dated his girlfriend Aisha Mendez in 2021. What was the reason for their breakup?
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Before 2020 Martin Henderson was dating his girlfriend Helen Randag and there were pictures of the couple all over their social media pages. But the short lived relationship ended as the Virgin River fame actor was getting into his role as Jack Sheridan. Soon the actor was single and every fan in the world, from Buenos Aires to Manila, everyone wanted to know who the actor was dating next.

Well, the actor brought in a beautiful new girlfriend to disappoint thousands of his female followers. His new gf’s name was Aisha Mendez, an Instagram model. The couple first started posting about one another in April 2020 as they vacationed in and around Mexico. In May they were in Baja, together and having a swell time in the company of one another.

Their romance was public and evident for all to see and there were thousands of fans who were supportive of the couple’s relationship. There were few who commented on the age difference between the two, Martin is getting up there in age and Aisha is a spry young lady. But the negative feedback was only one small group of people who were silenced out by thousands of adoring comments.

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Most of the quarantine Martin Henderson spent with his girlfriend Aisha Mendez and the Mexican model posted pictures of the couple celebrating Christmas together. Even after their break up the pictures are still on her Instagram page. After their time in Mexico and the US the couple moved to New Zealand where they had quarantine before being allowed back into the country.

Martin and his girlfriend posted Instagram stories in 2021, showing off their activities while quarantined in a hotel room. While she was busy on the Peloton, the Virgin River actor was getting busy with the food. But soon after their time in New Zealand almost all the pictures of the duo together were gone from their respective Instagram pages. It has left fans wondering the reason behind their break up.

Why Did Martin Henderson and His Girlfriend Aisha Mendez Breakup in 2021?

Martint Henderson and girlfriend Aisha Mendez dated for about a year. They were enjoying sun during the pandemic and even moved to New Zealand together, so it is weird that the couple broke up few months into 2021. One of the reasons being cited is the age difference between the two, people are not calling Martin old, they were just wondering if Aisha was too immature for the relationship.

She has a personality and a distinguished presence on social media. At one point her Instagram account was down for a few days and fans were speculating if all her photos have resulted in the actress getting banned for a couple of days. Maybe all the “negative attention” as the fans were speculating was the reason for the break up.

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But what we really think happened is that the two former lovebirds wanted different things from life. Martin is at the age of settling down, getting married and starting a family while Aisha is a whole different personality all together. Sometime it is not just about finding the right person, it is finding them at the right time for both person in the relationship. So, for those thousands of fans Martin Henderson does not have a girlfriend in 2021, anymore.

Martin Henderson is Returning as Jack Sheridan in the Netflix Series Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River is based on a series of books written by Robyn Carr and it follows nurse practitioner Mel as she tries to figure out the next step in her life while dealing with loss, heartbreak and finding a new purpose to carry on. The show was released in 2019 and quickly became one of the most successful romance shows for Netflix which has resulted in three seasons with the 4th one beginning filming this month.

Martin Henderson played Jack Sheridan in the show. He is a former veteran with a lot of guilt, he runs a Bar in the small town of Virgin River and when Mel walks into the bar the old soldier starts to feel again. Jack and Mel start a complicated relationship that led to Jack getting shot in the season 2 finale, but don’t worry, he is all right and there is more Jack and Mel romance to come in Virgin River season 3.

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Virgin River season 3 is coming to Netflix on 9 July 2021. The cast is led by Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda MonroeLauren Hammersley as Charmaine. Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea, Tim Matheson, as Doc Mullins.

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