Sean Rigby’s Weight Loss, Illness & Health: Endeavour’s Sergeant Strange Actor’s Major Transformation!

Sean Rigby underwent a weight loss of 87 pounds in a short period of time, making his fans worried about his health and illness. The 32-year-old English actor was recently seen as Sergeant Strange on season 8 of Endeavour. Fans of the show noted a significant difference in his appearance as they conjectured about the Endeavour actor’s health and suggested that the reason for his weight loss was because of his illness. Here is all the information we have about Sergeant Strange star Sean Rigby’s weight loss journey.

Sean Rigby (born on 15 August 1989) is an English actor from Birmingham, England who is most known for his roles as Police Constable Jim Strange, eventually promoted to Police Sergeant, and Detective Sergeant Jim Strange in a British television detective drama series, Endeavour. Rigby’s portrayal of Strange, according to a New York Times reviewer, brings a vulpine charm to the role.

Rigby portrayed William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, in the 2017 British historical drama television miniseries Gunpowder. Parker received a letter alerting him to the Gunpowder Plot, which he may or may not have written himself. At the National Theatre’s Temporary Theatre in 2015, Rigby played the security guard Moe in an adaptation of Alistair McDowall‘s Pamora, which had debuted at Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre in 2014.

In the thirteen-minute drama short Isabella from 2015, Rigby played Henry. In the four-minute short film Crossing Seas from 2017, he played the sole role.

The English actor, Sean Rigby recently lost 84 pounds and the fans are curious to know about his weight loss journey: his diet and workout routines. However, the actor has yet to reveal the secrets of his transformation. Well, here’s everything we have on Sean’s weight loss journey!

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Actor Sean Rigby’s Weight Loss Journey: Endeavour’s Sergeant Strange Star’s Drastic Transformation; Health & Illness Update!

Sean Rigby (@, an English actor best known for playing Police Constable, later Police Sergeant, and Detective Sergeant Jim Strange in Endeavour is the topic of discussion right now because of his weight loss. Sean’s extreme change in Strange’s look stunned Endeavour fans.

What motivated Sean Rigby to lose weight? The actor who played the star was overweight and had a number of health issues. Furthermore, he stated that he suffered from a variety of health issues, including depression and obesity. Fans were concerned when they saw Sean’s weight loss.

Furthermore, there were rumors that Sean Rigby was suffering from illness and cancer, and people began to worry about him. But he needed to lose weight after his doctor informed him that he had high cholesterol levels due to being overweight.

After seeing him on the Endeavour as Strange, his fan base noticed that he had lost a significant amount of weight. Some of his fans even commented online, claiming that they mistook Sean for someone else. After seeing him not as fat as before, they assumed that the productions had changed actors.

According to the Secure weight loss website, he shed some pounds and went from being overweight to losing nearly 87 pounds in a short period of time which is a very big accomplishment.

Fans have wondered how the fan-favorite actor was able to lose such a huge weight in a short period of time. The 32-year-old has become the source of motivation for people struggling with obesity but unfortunately, he has not talked about his weight loss journey.

Everything from Sean Rigby’s diet to workout plans is not known to the public. But seeing his dramatic transformation it is clear that he worked out very well and took care of his diet. His fans hope that someday the actor will share his epic weight loss transformation story with the world.

Endeavour star underwent a major glow-up after his weight loss as he feels better, more confident, and healthier now that he has lost some weight. Furthermore, he has seen excellent results from his weight loss and has decided to become an active participant in health and wellness coaching services for both physical and emotional growth: transforming lives financially too.

The fans have been quick to compliment the actor on his amazing transformation but there were some who said that they preferred the actor to be chubby.

Sean Rigby’s New Drama Series: Everything You Need To Know About Endeavour!

Sean Rigby‘s new drama series, Endeavour is a spin-off of the legendary Inspector Morse, a British detective drama television series based on a series of novels by Colin Dexter, another detective program that has earned a place in television history’s pantheon of greats.

Since the show is a precursor to the original series and Inspector Morse goes by the moniker Endeavour, it takes place long before we came to know and love the silver-haired detective.

The Inspector’s early career is highlighted in the program in Oxford, his former home. The most recent season is set in 1971, but the first season occurred in the 1960s. After Cliffhanger season 7 ended, fans of thrillers like the BBC drama Vigil, a British police procedural television serial, and Silent Witness, a British crime drama television series, were undoubtedly thrilled to hear that the show has returned.

The British mystery series Endeavour has just six episodes left after PBS revealed that the upcoming season will be its final one. However, the network has already debuted the newest episode’s teaser, which suggests a narrative in which Morse and Thursday are on the prowl for yet another murderer.

We don’t get many views into Morse’s mental state in the trailer, but we do see him working with Thursday to look into a series of fatalities that don’t seem to be connected.

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