‘SEE’ Stars Nesta Cooper and Archie Madekwe are Mirror Images of Their Characters in Real Life

When Apple TV+ announced SEE back in September 2019, we didn’t know what to expect. Although the concept seemed pretty unique, a vast majority of people were skeptical just how good the show was going to be. With the conclusion of the first season, it’s fair to say those skepticisms’ been well and truly put to bed.

You could argue SEE not only managed to live up to the expectations that the trailer generated; as a matter of fact, it surpassed those hype and provided the fans one of the most thrilling, captivating, and engaging series in recent memory.

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If you’re caught up with the series, you’d love these possible plot points for Apple TV+ SEE season 2. Do check them out. In the meantime, we’re here to reveal what many fans may not know – the fact that the Haniwa actress Nesta Cooper and the Kofun actor Archie Madekwe couldn’t be more alike in real life.

During a sit-down interview with Collider, the on-screen siblings revealed their persona on the show mirrors their own away from the cameras. SPOILERS AHEAD!!! Keep scrolling to learn the intriguing details of these rising stars as they talk about the series, the production, the location, and their own experiences working on the show.

SEE is Anything But Family Friendly and PG

Archie Madekwe starts off by providing his nod of approval as the interviewer suggests the show was expected to be a family-friendly and PG affair, but it turned out to be R-rated stuff.

The actor said, “Yeah, I think you know Apple has rightly kept a lot of their cards to their chests because people didn’t know what to expect, and I think with a show as inventive as this with such a new imaginative world, they’re not gonna give anything away.”

Madekwe continued,

You’re completely right, the show is not family-friendly in terms of its violence and gore. It’s not just the battle stuff that comes up, there’s a bunch of stuff, but yeah.

Meanwhile, Nesta suggested it’s a pretty visceral show, and what she really loves about it is it’s based on reality, so it’s super grounded, and there’s going to be all of those things – conflict, love and a bit of nudity. “So it’s just, it’s pretty visceral when you feel it and when you watch it, it’s the same experience, I think.”

Archie and Nesta Carry Completely Different Personalities in ‘SEE’ Despite Being Sibling Twins on the Show


Cooper sheds some light on her character along with her on-screen sibling. She reckons the creator, Steven Knight, wrote super well-rounded character arcs.

I really appreciate the way that he wrote Haniwa and Kofun because we are so polar opposite but we kind of have the same core values. We just have different ways of showing them.

Haniwa is obviously super adventurous, she wants more from her life, she has the sense of purpose that she’s constantly chasing, but she also really, really cares about family. She loves and respects her father and her mother just like Kofun does. She just has a very teenage girl way of showing it.

Madekwe added, Kofun is really embedded in love, life, community & family, and those are the kinds of values he holds so dear to him.


The actor reckons in an ideal world Kofun could have stayed and just cared for the safety of the community for the rest of his life, shutting the secret away, never telling anybody. However, deep in the deepest core, he probably wants more and wants the same things as Haniwa.

The actor continues, ‘It’s like a tough exterior shell and a soft exterior one, so when push comes to shove, it’s a tough call for him as well.’

The Level of Production Design and Attention to Details was Quite Impressive


Everything about the show feels believable as if this world is real. The level of production design, the thoughtfulness with ropes, and everything. Speaking of the level of details put into the show and her experience stepping onto the set, Nesta stated:

It was amazing. I mean we were in like five weeks before we started shooting, so we were in the production office and we walked through the art department and saw the sets and things as they were getting set up and being aged hundreds and hundreds of years which I thought was the coolest part.

The actress continued, “It was such a collaborative effort, and everyone was so excited to be a part of this show and to create this world together, so we felt really well taken care of.”

Archie added,

It was like a dream. Steven created such a visceral world straight from the page that seeing it like literally before our eyes walking through the production office, it was insanely exactly what I’d imagined because he’s such a detailed writer and creates such a rich and deep interesting worlds.

The actor claimed the entire experience was overwhelming, breathtaking, and a dream come true.

Nesta and Archie’s Characters Mirrors Their Own in Real Life

SEE stars Nesta Cooper and Archie Madekwe personalities in real life match those of their characters, Haniwa and Kofun.

Nesta Cooper and Archie Madekwe’s personalities in real life match those of their characters, Haniwa and Kofun.
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When asked about the boot camp, Nesta reveals it was run by the same people, but everyone personalized it based on the nature of the characters. Speaking of how often they did it, the actress said:

For us, we had the choice of whether we wanted to do it or not. We both participated but I didn’t go as often as Archie went because it was an ongoing thing throughout the show. I kind of decided to take a step back, so I could feel that little bit of being on the outside, but it was a tough thing to go through.

Meanwhile, Archie says he went more often than Nesta, but since he carries a real close bond with her from the off in real life as well, he kind of mirrored Kofun’s experience of following his sister. So if Nesta didn’t want to go, he would be reluctant too. This often created an internal struggle for him because he wanted to go to the boot camp, but also wanted to be with his on-screen twin sister, who he jokes was a bad influence.


Nesta and Archie’s chemistry is quite funny because their real-life personas are exactly like their characters on the show. Archie states,

Our experiences really mirrored them (characters) throughout the show, especially because this (real-life) relationship was so like siblings. We would twitch ourselves sometimes the way we fell into our characters.

Cooper agrees they did indeed fall really deep into their characters and they were as much like siblings off camera as they were on it.

Nesta and Archie Reveal Their Most Amazing Day During Filming


Nesta, wary of giving spoilers away, claimed the most amazing scene came in the third episode during the festival “with the big bonfire in the middle and all of the different tribes like you had the blue tribe and the ones in all red.”

The actress added, “Just even the design of the priests and everything was just so well thought out and so built into the world that was a really, really, really fun day for me.”

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Archie, on the other hand, claimed the slavers scene in episode 3 was the most daring scene for him.

I was on the floor, there were rats literally crawling around us and I was just looking at this huge hundred of people around me and I was like, ‘Wow, we’re actually a part of this world, we’re here, we’re in it.’ This was actually incredible.

Nesta then showered praises for the show creator Steven Knight. “I love Steven’s writing so much. I love how crazy this world is, and yet it feels so real at the same time. So, it’s just fun, I mean, I’ve every single page. I just can’t wait to find out what’s next.”

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Archie concurred, displaying further appreciation for Knight. He reckons the beauty of the first season is the fact that the cast themselves didn’t know what to expect as this was a brand new world, and everything was being invented. The cast was as excited as the fans as the story moved along, and they couldn’t wait for the next episode.

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