Sergei Simonov From Netflix’s Pressure Cooker; Reddit and Instagram Users Wonder if He Is Gay or Dating Caroline Gutierrez!

Sergei Simonov is one of the semi-finalists of the show Pressure Cooker. As Reddit users wonder if Sergei and Caroline are couples, despite immediately establishing themselves as the show’s dominant couple, Sergei Nicholas Simonov and Caroline Gutierrez are not a couple in real life. Fans even think if he is gay, however, as per his Instagram Sergei Simonov is openly dating his girlfriend Joey.

Netflix‘s Pressure Cooker may be the finest thing out there for food and drama aficionados. Seeing seasoned chefs compete against one another while also having the opportunity to critique what their opponents have prepared. As expected, cooking talents are not the only factor that can lead to victory, and the winner must do all possible to earn the title. As the season comes to a close, it becomes clear that culinary abilities are not the only thing required to endure the ups and downs of this particular type of series.

Pressure Cooker, Netflix’s new kitchen competition show, is a delicious hybrid of Big Brother and Top Chef, encouraging contestants to not only cook their best but also strategize and form alliances (or play the occasional mind game). Unlike other cooking shows, however, the chefs will be judged by each other rather than by outside judges. They’ll also be living together, so the drama will erupt both inside and outside the kitchen.

With Netflix’s Pressure Cooker, the public may not only satiate their appetite for food and drama but also meet some of the world’s most accomplished chefs. It’s no wonder that the format draws chefs with distinct personalities, such as Sergei Simonov. So let’s get into detail about him.

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Sergei Simonov Is One of the Semi-finalists of the Show Pressure Cooker; Meet Him on Instagram and Find Out if He Is Gay or Dating Caroline Gutierrez!

Chef Sergei Simonov (@chefsimonov), is one of the semi-finalists that astonished the audience with his cooking abilities as well as his strategy, in the show Pressure Cooker.  The reality TV celebrity works as the Executive Chef of LoquitaSB (@loquitasb), which is located at 202 State Street in Santa Barbara, California. His debut on the Netflix series was not his first television appearance, as it was for many of his co-stars. He was, in fact, one of the chefs featured on Food Network’s Chopped Next Gen.

Sergei Simonov is the senior chef of Loquita in Santa Barbara, California, a must-reserve Spanish restaurant where diners feast on tapas, seasonal paella, and grilled seafood just feet from the ocean. It’s a good fit for him because he was born in Russia but has lived in California for a long time. Loquita assisted him professionally in preparing a pressure cooker. He says;

I’m always moving and hustling from the time I step in the door till the time I leave. I’m always looking for the next item to work on, and I never stop until the job is done.

Sergei Simonov works at Loquita in Santa Barbara, a Spanish restaurant that specializes in hot and cold tapas, wood-fired grilled fish and meats, and seasonal paella, according to its website. He, in addition to being featured on Loquita’s page, uses his personal Instagram account to share kitchen photographs as well as the obligatory glamour shots of the meal itself. If you follow Sergei on social media, don’t be shocked if his personality resembles the one you see on the show. He explains;

I just wanted to be myself and focus exclusively on the cuisine. I sought to avoid the drama by ensuring that my dish was a clear winner in every competition.

As Reddit users wonder if Sergei and Caroline are couples, despite immediately establishing themselves as the show’s dominant couple, approximating a work husband/work wife connection, Sergei Nicholas Simonov and Caroline Gutierrez (@carolinevgutierrez) are not a couple in real life. Yes, the two cooks formed a temporary alliance solely to win the Pressure Cooker and survive the competition.

The Netflix episode was not only about cooking for Sergei and Caroline, but also about devising the finest social methods for each other. He advanced to the show’s semi-finals. Without a certain, we all had the impression that they were a real-life relationship at some point. Regrettably, we now know they aren’t. Fans even think that he is gay, however, Simonov is openly dating his girlfriend Joey (@_j0_e).

Despite having been a chef for over a decade, his position at Loquita is relatively new. In reality, he revealed the career change in an Instagram post in August. According to the Santa Barbara Independent, he attended a culinary school in the area and recently returned for a new job with his girlfriend, Joey. Joey, like Sergei, works in the culinary arts as a pastry chef. They’ve been together since at least 2014, according to his page.

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