Sergio Cast of Love Is Blind Sweden: Instagram, Baby, Relationship With Amanda – Sergio, the cast member of Love Is Blind Sweden’s Instagram bio, indicates that he is a musician and band member. As Reddit users have wondered if he has a baby, he clarified that the child rumors are untrue. Amanda and Sergio have yet to reveal their relationship after the show.

Netflix‘s ‘Love Is Blind: Sweden‘ is a Swedish dating reality TV series based on the namesake American version. It brings together single and attractive people from various walks of life who have one common goal: to find true love and settle down with their mate. Leading up to the wedding day, the couples spend some time together getting to know each other before deciding whether or not to marry the person they fell in love with blindly.

Among the many couples that met during season 1 of the reality show, few experienced as many ups and downs as Amanda and Sergio Rincon, particularly in light of their expectations and behaviors surrounding their engagement. Fans of the show have shown great interest in their relationship as well as Rincon’s personal life, so let us get into detail.

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Details on Love Is Blind Sweden Cast Sergio Rincon

Sergio Rincon, who has made an appearance on Love Is Blind Sweden, seems to be busy in his career. Although he frequently works as a DJ, he has also developed some of his own original mixes in the house genre. After more research on him, we found more details about him.

Rincon has interest and has shared music on his Soundcloud page, which has 150 followers. His active schedule includes DJing, music production, and appearances on Love is Blind: Sweden. However, fans should be aware that he also works as a soccer coach. The last time he released new music was four years ago.

Love is blind Sweden cast Sergio Rincon is a musician. Love is blind Sweden cast Sergio Rincon is a musician.
Source: Instagram

He was once a member of the PR Records Label Group, which is situated in Sweden. Rincon, who had previously lived in Stockholm, Sweden, decided to relocate to Barcelona, Spain, two years ago, where he now coaches a junior soccer team. Furthermore he worked as a bartender at Glade Viking while still a teenager, according to his own website.

Meet Sergio From Love Is Blind Sweden on Instagram

Sergio is active on Instagram (@mrsergiorincon) and frequently posts photographs and videos of himself tutoring on his Instagram Story Highlights. He has over 5k followers; without a doubt, his followers were less before the show Love Is Blind. He has shared several pictures from the show. In addition, his bio indicates that he is a musician or band member. His followers will surely increase in the coming days.

Is Sergio Going to Be a Father? Reddit Update on Baby Child

There are rumors that Sergio may soon become a father. He even received the blessing of his betrothed’s father, and they were able to reach an agreement on religion and future offspring. Things got complicated when Krisse-Ly approached the pair and asked him to speak alone. She revealed that a group chat of female cast members of the program, which did not involve Amanda, had learned about the allegations that he was ready to become a father because a woman in Barcelona, Spain, was pregnant with his child.

He preferred to discuss the speculation with Amanda directly, claiming that he had no idea why such a thing was being said. Also, there are several Reddit users who are waiting to learn about his baby. However, he said that the rumor was fiction and that he loved Amanda more than ever.

Relationship Status of Sergio and Amanda From Love Is Blind Sweden

Amanda entered the pod with Sergio after hearing the stories and was pleasantly surprised when he was open about his name. The two hit it off right away since they shared a sense of humor and hobbies. Rincon, more convinced than ever that he was meant to be with Amanda, decided to propose to her, which Amanda enthusiastically accepted.

Not long after, the two would meet for the first time; however, their relationship did not start out well. he couldn’t help but notice how Amanda wasn’t wearing the jewelry he had given her. He also sounded disappointed that she had not given him an engagement ring. For a relationship with so many ups and downs, Amanda and Rincon love and security surely gave many supporters hope that the two would walk down the aisle.

Amanda and Sergio had a good chemistry on the show. Amanda and Sergio had a good chemistry on the show.
Source: Instagram

Talking about their recent relationship they have not publicly discussed it. They did not end their relationship while in Cyprus, but they were also not on good terms. We are convinced that, if nothing else, they will maintain good relations. Also Rincon has just shared posts of them together.