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Shakur Stevenson is a professional boxer who was born on 28th June 1997 in Newark, New Jersey. One of the significant achievements of his career was the silver medal he won in the bantamweight division representing his home nation of United States at the 2016 Summer Olympics.

The American athlete was born to his parents Shahid Guyton (father) and Malikah Stevenson (mother). The oldest among the nine siblings, Shakur began learning boxing under the guidance of his grandfather Wali Moses when he was merely five years old. He considers Andre Ward as one of his biggest boxing inspirations.

Shakur Stevenson is in a relationship with his girlfriend Jajaira Gonzalez

Shakur Stevenson with his girlfriend / GF Jajaira Gonzalez.

Shakur Stevenson with his GF Jajaira Gonzalez.
Source: ESPN

Shakur Stevenson is dating his girlfriend Jajaira Gonzalez, who interestingly is a boxer herself and the sister of his arch-rival Joet Gonzalez.

The couple who came from low-income family backgrounds met at the Junior World Team Open held in Reno back in 2013. Recalling the moment, Shakur said:

Me and her won every tournament from juniors to youth, everything.

The duo, however, began talking only after Jajaira suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Mikaela Mayer during the Women's Olympic Trials. Stevenson revealed,

That's when me and her started clicking. She started venting to me and somehow she ended up crying. I was hugging on her and stuff and then me and her just started texting a lot, started talking every day and we just went from there.

When Shakur was asked what she was venting about, he replied he doesn't want to say anything, before claiming it hurts more than one can imagine when you train all your life for one specific purpose and fail.

Jajaira enlisted in the Army on February 2016, helping ease the financial burden on her family. Her passion for boxing, however, did not diminish as she continued to play the sport for the Army team.

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Jajaira and Shakur both were based in Colorado Springs in 2016 while the latter was training for the Rio Games. The couple soon began dating by the beginning of May. Shakur, who "never had a girlfriend" and "never been in love," felt the pain of Jajaira's past failure when she was by his side at the boot camp while he fell short of winning the gold medal.

Although Jajaira's father grew on liking Shakur, the same can't be said about her brother Joet. As a matter of fact, he despises Shakur and does not hesitate to let it out on the public. Meanwhile, Shakur leaves no shortage of effort to let Joet know he does not like him either.

On 26th October 2019, Shakur Stevenson defeated Joet Gonzalez to claim the vacant WBO featherweight title.

Stevenson was arrested in 2018

Shakur Stevenson was sent to jail in 2018.

Shakur Stevenson was sent to jail in 2018.
Source: Shakur Stevenson Instagram

As per a police report, Shakur Stevenson and fellow boxer David Grayton made inappropriate comments to a group of people in a South Beach parking garage. They sparked an altercation when the duo directed sexual innuendo towards a couple of women.

Stevenson was subsequently charged with misdemeanor battery after getting arrested on the 1st of July, 2018. Almost a year later, on 18th June 2019, the boxer was sentenced to a year of probation during which he needed to perform community service of 50 hours. In addition, he was ordered to cover the victim's medical expenses.

The report stated Stevenson was celebrating his 21st birthday with his friends during the incident.

What is Shakur Stevenson's Net Worth?

Shakur Stevenson is the winner of a couple of gold medals in the Flyweight division of Youth Olympic Games and AIBA World Boxing Championships. Additionally, he's won a silver medal representing the United States in the Bantamweight division in the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio de Janeiro.

Stevenson's boxing record stands at 13 victories out of 13 fights, an undefeated streak that includes seven wins by KO and six by decision. It's fair to say he's made a fair amount of money from his impressive success.

Shakur Stevenson's net worth is estimated to be $50,000.

Shakur Stevenson's net worth is estimated to be $50,000.
Source: Stevenson Instagram

In 2018, an average boxer made $35,584 annually, ranging from as low as $22,000 to the upper limit of $37,000. It's a widely known fact pro boxers pay their own expenses of travel, training, and management fees. Therefore, the net amount they bag home is far less than those suggested.

Taking into account his success in the boxing ring and the ever-growing career since turning professional on 9th February 2017, Stevenson's net worth is estimated to be $50,000. This figure is likely to rise astronomically in the near future.

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