Shaleia Ayan’s Weight Gain: Is She Expecting a Baby?

Shaleia Ayan looks bigger due to her weight gain. Several speculations are being made regarding her size, with some claiming that she might be expecting a baby, while others say that due to her poor diet, she was the same as before. However, the actual truth is yet to be revealed.

The cult at the heart of Netflix‘s new docuseries, Escaping Twin Flames, preys on the lonely and seeks out the desperate. It explores the ‘Twin Flames Universe,’ an online community designed for those yearning for love, and is produced by the same documentary team that produced Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult. The community claims to illuminate the path home to eternal love, and it provides paid courses and ascension coaching to unlock the full potential of The Teachings of Union. There’s a lot more cult classic terminology in there, but it’s essentially a pay-to-play relationship coaching business that entices users with the promise of a Twin Flame Union.

Jeff and Shaleia Ayan from Netflix’s docuseries Escaping Twin Flames are the founders of Twin Flames Universe. Looking at Shaleia’s recent appearance in the show, many viewers have talked about her weight gain as she looks bigger in size. So let us get into detail about her weight gain.

Speculations Suggest Shaleia Ayan Is Expecting a Baby, Resulting in Weight Gain!

Shaleia Ayan is without a doubt in her larger frame due to weight gain. And it looks like people are really interested in her appearance other than their Netflix’s story. So how did she gain weight? Was she overweight from the start or recently gained weight? Let us find out the truth behind her appearance.

Shaleia Ayan has gotten puffier after weight gain. celebsindepth.comShaleia Ayan has gotten puffier after weight gain.
Source: Instagram

Well, the exact reason behind Shaleia Ayan’s weight gain is unknown; maybe due to some health issues, she might have put on weight. Also, it’s difficult to find out exactly how much she put on, as she has never shared details about it. Also, we don’t have many pictures to compare before and after weight gain, as only a few pictures are available on the internet, but this much is sure: her face has gotten puffier and body fat has increased.

Furthermore, there is a claim that Shaleia Ayan might be expecting a baby, resulting in her weight gain. As it is really common and natural to gain weight during the time of pregnancies, But the truth is still unknown: whether she is really pregnant or not. After Netflix’s Escaping Twin Flames story, she is in the limelight, and this is just the recent discussion regarding her weight gain, so we will have to wait till she confirms any rumors and shares the details.

Where Are Jeff and Shaleia Ayan Now?

The Twin Flames Universe online community has been the subject of two new documentaries this year. The community was started by a couple named Jeff and Shaleia Ayan, who became well-known for claiming to be able to assist people in locating their twin flame, or ultimate soulmate. ICYDK, the community sparked a firestorm in 2020 after Vice released two investigative pieces going into claims that some of Jeff and Shaleia’s students were exploited and that the couple was conducting a cult. These charges were refuted by the pair.

The Twin Flames Universe is a website dedicated to illuminating the path home to eternal love. The group is based on the belief that everyone has a soulmate, often known as their twin flame. The society encourages people to seek out a twin flame union, which is a spiritual state in which both twin flames are joined and have consented to be committed to one another. Later that year, Vanity Fair interviewed former participants who revealed some of the community’s ideals and inner workings.

Jeff and Shaleia Ayan are still running Twin Flames Universe. celebsindepth.comJeff and Shaleia Ayan are still running Twin Flames Universe.
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Followers can also attend services at the couple’s Church of Union, purchase meal plans from Divine Dish, and resolve trauma in Mind Alignment Process sessions, according to the outlet. According to Time, Twin Flames Universe promotes the belief that each relationship has a divine masculine and divine feminine and that one partner must fill each role. Jeff and Shaleia Ayan allegedly began questioning some individuals’ sexual orientations and gender identities. Former participants stated that the pair pushed people to reevaluate their sexual orientation and pushed members of same-sex partnerships to transition.

However, these charges have been refuted by the pair. The recent series on Netflix also delves into the Twin Flames coaches’ tactics, which include tracking the person they admire. And as per several sources, Jeff and Shaleia Ayan are still running Twin Flames Universe from their home in Michigan. Indeed, the Twin Flames Universe Instagram account recently shared a video from a live session with a woman named Neeilam, who dives into the introspective process of discerning love.

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