Shannon Gooden Had Never Tied the Knot but Had Kids With Ex – As per reports, Shannon Gooden had never exchanged vows but he did have 3 kids with one of his exes.

Shannon Cortez Gooden, 38, was the shooter who opened fire in Burnsville early on Sunday morning, murdering three first responders, according to confirmation from officials on Monday. According to court documents, he was convicted of felony assault in 2007 and, as a result, lost his ability to bear arms. In 2020, he made an unsuccessful bid to regain his handgun privileges. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension revealed during a press conference on Sunday afternoon that numerous firearms had been found at the Burnsville crime scene. He shot two police officers and a paramedic before taking his own life.

The Shannon Cortez Gooden crime case is going on, and there are people who have several queries regarding the case, but also there are people who have wondered about his personal life details, wondering if he had anyone by his side and if he had ever exchanged vows.

There’s No Record of Shannon Gooden Exchanging Vows

Shannon Gooden didn’t have a wife; maybe he was never married. However, he did have kids. He had lovers whose identities we will discuss, but there is no news about his possible marriage.

He was a 38-year-old man who shot and killed people, and if he was married, we would have surely known it on the Internet. However, none of the recent news on the internet shows any information about him getting married and leaving her behind after his death. So we could say he was not married at the time of his death.

Shannon Gooden's wife's details are unknown. celebsindepth.comShannon Gooden had never gotten married.
Image Source: The Mirror

To those wondering about his beau’s name and age, your curiosity may be justified to wonder if he had anyone who knew more details about his case, but for now, we can say that he had never tied knots. As this is a crime case, even if she was hiding, the police would have already caught her.

After his ex came out on the internet and talked about the case, we could say that he didn’t end up in marriage in his relationship. If anyone comes out on the news and claims to be his wife, then only we would know what the truth is, but for the moment, we conclude that he had never exchanged vows.

Meet Shannon Gooden’s Ex, Noemi Torres & Current Lover, Ashley!

At the moment, we know that Shannon Gooden had a girlfriend, Ashley, during the time of his death. Additionally, a woman named Noemi Torres was also one of his exes.

Shannon Gooden's ex-girlfriend, Noemi Torres, is the mother of his three children. celebsindepth.comShannon Gooden’s ex, Noemi Torres, is the mother of his three children.
Source: The Mirror US

After learning all the details about the case, we learned that both his present and ex-lovers were in the house during the time of the shooting. Authorities were called to the Burnsville residence shortly before 2:00 a.m. on Sunday due to a report of a sexual assault. Officers spoke with Gooden when they arrived. He claimed to be unarmed and to have children inside the house, but he refused to leave. When he opened fire on the cops inside the house at approximately 5:36 a.m., the officers had been negotiating with him for more than three hours.

Three first responders were killed during an hours-long confrontation between the 38-year-old and law enforcement that involved seven children, ages two to fifteen, inside the house. Noemi Torres, the mother of his three children, later claimed that he committed suicide in front of two of the children.

After enduring unspeakable anguish, everyone left the house safely. According to Torres, before the fatal altercation, his current lover’s mother contacted 911. In reality, his lover’s mother was reporting to the police about the safety of her daughter and her grandchildren.

Other than that, no other details about Ashley have been made public. According to court records, Torres requested an order of protection against Gooden in 2020, claiming that he had assaulted her several times. Three years prior, a different woman made similar claims in a petition. On Monday, Torres informed WCCO that she now has custody of her three children from her marriage to Gooden.

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