Shay Johnson Still Pregnant? Photos Examined – Many people were curious to know if Shay Johnson was pregnant again or not. Although she admitted being pregnant for the time being, it looks like there might be some incident where she lost her baby because of her late photos. There is no fixed news regarding how she lost her baby, but the baby was her ex-fiance, Fabio.

Shay Johnson is an urban model, reality television personality, and fitness guru, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, who gained fame after being the main cast member on Love & Hip Hop: Miami and one of the show’s original eight cast members. She started gaining fame after she appeared as a supporting cast member in the first two seasons of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Where is she now? Is she married?

It’s been more than a year since Shay posted anything on Instagram. However, she has been posting her selfie video, and that’s causing a lot of confusion. Recently, she posted a story where she seemed to be enjoying herself in a shopping mall. Although she seems to be enjoying her surroundings alone, people think that she is hiding something.

People seem to look curious to know about Shay’s personal life. In this article, we will be talking about her personal life, her love life, and whether she has been hiding something or not. To know more about her first pregnancy and if she is pregnant or not, read this article.

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Shay Johnson Is No more Pregnant

Shay Johnson (@iamshayjohnson) admitted being pregnant during the reality show, but it looks like there might be some incidents where she lost her baby. She has not posted any photos indicating her second pregnancy, and her latest picture seems to be hinting at something. She shared her first child with her ex-fiance, Fabo, and she also seems to be still together with Fabio.

Since early 2024, people have been guessing that Shay is pregnant again, as she has not uploaded a full-body picture for a long time. There have been rumors that she was looking for the right time to talk about it. Well, the prediction is right according to the YouTube news channel Top Celebrities, which has revealed that she has confirmed being pregnant for the second time during the reality show.

Shay Johnson has patched up with her ex-fiance, Fabo. celebsindepth.comShay Johnson has patched up with her ex-fiance, Fabo.
Source: Instagram

The channel has said that Shay has admitted to being pregnant while she appeared with her mother in the show, but her mother does not seem to be happy with her decision. Shay’s mother asked in confusion why she got pregnant by him again. In the reply, Shay tearfully revealed being uncomfortable in the situation to her mother and stated;

What the hell you so mad for? I didn’t tell you to get this reaction. Don’t get comfortable with this situation because it’s a situation that i do not want.

Meet Shay Johnson’s Baby Father; Did She Share Any Pregnant Pictures?

In the comment section, many people seem to believe the news, and some claim that the news is fake; Shay Johnson is not pregnant as of 2024. She was pregnant before, and due to some incidents, the baby was not alive, and the news is that she is already old. Well, this might be the news of late 2023, as she has not appeared in any show as of 2024.

Shay Johnson is not pregnant as of 2024. celebsindepth.comShay Johnson is not pregnant as of 2024.
Source: Instagram

Shay Johnson was first pregnant in 2022, and she informed the news through her Instagram. She posted her baby bump picture and announced that she was very happy because she was pregnant for the first time and she loves children. After welcoming her baby, she also posted about her daughter being swiftly delivered, and talked about her relationship with her mother during an interview as she said;

My mother is not perfect at all, but she’s the only mother I have, the only mother I want, and I will love her forever, unconditionally. If we have to work at this relationship for the rest of our lives, I’m willing to do that. But again, the show has helped us a lot.

Shay Johnson’s Pregnancy Phase; Who Is She Dating?

Shay Johnson has experienced many things during her pregnancy, but the journey of being pregnant was her favorite part. Not only does she love her mood swings and the feeling of being a mother, but she also became so close to Momma Dee. Johnson has said that even though they used to hang out more over the years, people have questioned their bond after she got pregnant.

Well, they did bond a little extra because Momma was taking care of her during her pregnancy, but they had been close to each other for a long time. Talking about her baby’s father, Fabo, who is still her boyfriend, according to her Instagram, has been gaining more and more hate. The hatred in people’s hearts started getting stronger after he insulted Shay’s mother.

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