Shows Similar to Dash and Lily – Watch These 5 Shows After You’re Done!

With a memorable year winding down Netflix is gearing up for great two months. The holiday season is right around the corner and the streaming giant has a plethora of Christmas selections. But for us, Dash & Lily is the one to beat. And if you are done with the short series, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with shows similar to Dash and Lily.

Dash & Lily was based on a book by the same name and followed two opposite characters who come together in the days leading up to Christmas. Through dares and a single red diary, the teenagers become an important part of each other’s lives within a week and a half.

But for those who have already finished the show, we can understand your pain as to how fast it all went by. The eight sub-30-minute episodes went by in a breeze and we want more. Waiting for Dash & Lily season 2 is one way to cope or you can watch one of these five shows similar to Dash and Lily.

Looking for Alaska – Underseen and Underappreciated

When going for shows similar to Dash and Lily you will be hardpressed to find an equal match in terms of story and setting. But there is also no point in watching similar shows without a different twist and that is what Looking for Alaska offers.

Based on the beloved John Green book, Looking for Alaska is an underseen masterpiece. The show was released on Hulu; it was adapted as a miniseries but there was a substantial lack of viewership. Fans of John Green flocked to the show and now it is your turn.

The plot of the show revolves around a group of friends who accept Miles ‘Pudge’ Halter into their group. Miles is the new kid in town and he falls in love with a beguiling fellow student and friend.

We say anything more and the show will be spoiled. The people who watched the mini-series and read the books know what we are talking about. We can however assure you of one thing, Looking for Alaska will stay with you for a long time. And it is a fairly long binge, Looking for Alaska will keep you fairly busy for a week.

Love, Victor – An Instant Classic

Let’s be honest here, one of the best things about Dash & Lily was the romance between Langston and Benny. Lily‘s brother and his boyfriend stole every scene they were in and if that is something you wished was a long show in itself, well, we’ve got a close comparison for you.

While the central romance is not particularly in focus in Love, Victor, the show does highlight the difficulty of being a gay kid in high school. The idea of coming out, getting accepted by your parents and friends, finding a partner is all in focus in Love, Victor.

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The show is a follow-up/spinoff of a hit movie called Love, Simon and it is also available on Hulu. With an amazing cast, this short form show is not much of a hassle, easy on the eyes, and particularly heartwarming. If that is your idea of shows similar to Dash and Lily then stream away.

Emily in Paris – Just a Guilty Please, To be Totally Honest!

Okay, this was just one of our favorite shows of the year, comfort watch, pandemic timepass, whatever you want to call it, but Emily in Paris deserves to be on this list. While there are no teenagers or holidays in this series it shares some thematic points with Dash & Lily.

Emily in Paris is a story about a hardworking marketing executive who is sent to Paris to restructure a new acquisition. No French skills or even a clue about the people living there, Emily finds herself in a pickle in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Hope is one clear theme Dash & Lily shares with Emily in Paris. The hope of a new life, romance, friendship, and acceptance make Emily in Paris one of the most hearty shows of the year. It should definitely be your next binge.

High Fidelity – Gradually Going Adult

We are gradually increasing the age limit on this list. Another Hulu series that is based on a book as well as a movie, High Fidelity follows a local record store owner who details the romances and heartbreaks in her life through music records.

Zoe Kravitz plays Robyn ‘Rob’ Brooks a warm-hearted person who has had some difficult relationships in the past. She runs a record store in her hometown and uses music to remember her slew of past failed relationships.

If by shows similar to Dash and Lily you only were looking for teenage romance stories then this show is not for you. But High Fidelity is however a beautifully crafted romance drama show with some magnificent performances and memorable moments.

Normal People – Yup, We Just Did That!

normal-people-shows-similar-to-dash-and-lilyNormal People was one of the finest shows of 2020, we dare say the last decade.
Image Source: New Yorker

Cranking the mature content level all the way to eleven, Normal People was one of the breakout hits of 2020. Another Hulu series, Normal People received massive critical acclaim and also fan appreciation for its portrayal of teenage to adult life.

Normal People is a 12 part series that follows the lives of Connell and Marianne as they navigate being in and out of love through high school all the way to adulthood. The show perfectly captured love and heartbreak in modern times, holding up a mirror to relationships in the same way Blue Valentine did with marriage.

Normal People is what could happen at the end of Dash & Lily if all days were not as colorful as the rainbow. After watching this show you will probably not consider Normal People as one of the shows similar to Dash and Lily but the point is not staying in a bubble, it is about experimenting with new things.

Watching all of these shows in this particular order and you will have a lot to think about as the New Year rolls into town. Also, it will help you get off the sugary high of Dash & Lily so you do not fiend for season 2 just yet.

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