Sky Bri’s Boyfriend: Is She Still With Jake Paul?

Sky Bri doesn’t have a boyfriend now. She was dating Jake Paul a year ago and had matching tattoos. However, they are no longer together, and they have even unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Sky Bri is an American model and social media influencer. She makes videos for OnlyFans and rose to prominence once they became well-known. She posts photos of herself and other models in bikinis on Instagram, where she has a large following. She is also well-known on TikTok and other social media platforms.

With her increasing popularity, fans have been more interested in learning about her relationship details. She is the crush of many boys, and even ladies consider her to have a beautiful personality. So who is she dating as of 2023? Let’s meet her boyfriend and explore her relationship on Instagram.

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Sky Bri Probably Doesn’t Have a Boyfriend as of 2023!

Sky Bri (@realskybri) is single and does not have a boyfriend as of this writing. Yes, you heard it correctly. The model is not in a relationship now, as far as we know. But it doesn’t mean she was always single; previously, she was dating boxer Jake Paul (@jakepaul).

We tried to find out if Sky Bri is dating anyone, but going through her Instagram, we found nothing suspicious. All her Instagram pictures are about her or paid promotions. She has not shared pictures with any guy who we could think of as a suspect in her boyfriend.

Sky Bri dated Jake Paul a year ago and had matching tattoos. celebsindepth.comSky Bri dated Jake Paul a year ago and had matching tattoos.
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Sky Bri is a model, influencer, and adult content maker who rose to notoriety after her OnlyFans videos went viral. She has a big Instagram following, where she publishes bikini-clad models. She’s also popular on other social media sites, such as TikTok. So fans undoubtedly notice her every activity, and the same happened recently after the picture of her with a boy went viral.

Sky Bri doesn't have a boyfriend. celebsindepth.comSky Bri doesn’t have a boyfriend.
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The boy with whom she was seen and had time was Jake Paul. Sky Bri dated Jake Paul for a short time; however, they are no longer together. After the separation, they had their tattoos of each other’s names removed. However, she is open about everything related to her life except her boyfriend and relationship status. Sky Bri is currently single and not in a relationship. She might be taking a break from her relationship, but we will surely update you soon if we find out about her new boyfriend.

Sky Bri Was Dating Her Boyfriend, Jake Paul, but They Are No Longer Together!

Although Sky Biri doesn’t have a boyfriend right now, she used to date her ex-boyfriend, Jake Paul. They even acquired tattoos of each other’s names, which they removed with a laser when they split up. So what was the reason behind their breakup? Let us first learn about their relationship and how it began.

When an Instagram photo of Jake Paul and Sky Bri kissing on the beach appeared, the allegations began to circulate. The photo soon gained popularity among fans and followers, fueling conjecture about their relationship status.

The revelation that Jake Paul and Sky Bri had tattoos of each other’s names on their bodies fueled the suspicions even more. However, following their rumored split, these tattoos were reportedly laser removed. The tattoo debate fueled relationship rumors and piqued the interest of their devoted fan communities.

Sky Bri and Jake Paul are no longer together. celebsindepth.comSky Bri and Jake Paul are no longer together.
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Sky Bri said in a No Jumper Clips video that when Jake initially met her, he took her to Puerto Rico and told her, “This is for clout.” She knew Jake, but nothing transpired between them until Jake contacted her following his breakup with Julia Rose. She claimed that she and Jake embarked on a “clout” pursuit to find Julia. Jake and Julia reconciled as a result.

Paul was said to have split up with Julia Rose at the time, and he went on vacation with Sky Bri. They sparked considerable debate on Instagram. Rose reacted to the two publicly displaying their connection as photos of the social media celebrity and the model went viral on social media. Jake Paul commented in an unnamed post:

God damn, you’re so f***ing hot it’s ridiculous.

In response, his ex-girlfriend and model, Julia Rose, stated:

@jakepaul @realskybri @emilysalch @emilysalch Would either of you like to come to claim him because you’re so ready to publish him? This a prime illustration of why I ended things with him. Please add more nonsense to make me feel better about my decision.

However, ending all this drama, Jake Paul has moved on from his new girlfriend’s troubles. In April, he began dating five-time world champion speed skater Jutta Leerdam, and the new pair appeared to be doing well.