South Park Creator Trey Parker Called It Quits With His Second Wife Boogie Tillmon? Learn About His Married Life

Not many can evade the consequences of making fun of the most powerful men and nations of the world. Not even South Park. It may have been banned in China and could lose like a billion fans (if there ever were), but it just makes for more content for creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Hong Kong fans are still protesting, and the pair seems to be like folk heroes to them.

Trey is the bigger brain inside the South Park Studios (Matt agrees), and like to millions of fans of South Park, he is the hero to his darling six-year-old daughter, Betty Parker. Her mother is Boogie Parker (née Tillmon) who was an exotic dancer before her marriage to Trey. They were one of the most beautiful couples out there since they support each other in every step of life. Boogie is also devoted to Trey’s work on the comedy show since meeting him.

Chest-level snap. Boogie (left) and Trey (right) resting on two bed very close to each other as he is their heads are leaning towards each other. Both have a faint smile on their faces.

The road doesn’t end here just yet.
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

After five years of marriage, they’ve decided to part ways. It is what the court documents say, at least. Despite this news going around in the tabloids and the media, they still spent time together — celebrating their daughter’s birthday and even vacationing as a family. We still cannot believe they’ve split up. We want to be wrong.

Trey Married Boogie in a Beautiful Wedding in 2014

Trey met Boogie over a decade ago, while she was still in the dancing business. They were quick to fall for each other and started dating in 2008. After six years, they were ready to walk down the aisle. On April 3, 2014, they celebrated their love with a beautiful spring wedding.

Wedding moment - Trey and Boogie with their lips almost about to kiss after saying their wedding vows.

Boogie knew it was true love.
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

Boogie constantly shared snaps from the wedding now and then (since Trey doesn’t seem to use social media too much). Shockingly, there even was the traditional horse carriage at the extremely Christian wedding. Boogie’s son, Kobe Ervin, from her past relationship, was the best man. Trey thus step-fathered Kobe, and they get along extremely well.

A horse carriage is taking Boogie and her son, Kobe, to her wedding with Trey (not in the picture).

They tried to make it as traditional as possible.
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

PewDiePie is apparently a fan of South Park too and sent out a message (a small clip) to Kobe on his birthday back in February 2016.

Betty was born before the wedding, and voices ‘Ike’ on ‘South Park’

Like every other year, the duo celebrated young Betty’s sixth birthday with a bang on August 26. Which means, she was born on that day in 2013, almost a year before Trey and Boogie got married. She wasn’t the reason for them to get married though, they loved each other, as Boogie often mentioned with her throwback photos. Plus, Trey was, kind of, mid-wifing her during her pregnancy. He didn’t stay in the States during the Book of Mormon London performances for anything else.

Pregnant Boogie holding her grown belly while sitting on a chair in front of a statue that depicts a man feeding something to and patting an eagle.

Boogie likes to get nostalgic all the time.
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

The character Ike Broflovski, Kyle‘s adopted Canadian brother, in South Park has been voiced by many children over the years. But none of them compare to the amazingly cute voice of Betty. Although some might dislike the idea of such a young kid saying those dirty words, just listening to her talk can make one absolutely fall in love with the girl.

Watch For Yourself

Meanwhile, Kobe also got a few chances to voice in the show, the parts with ‘screaming in agony’ once in a while.

Divorce Documents State ‘Irreconcilable Differences’ as the Cause and a Settlement Already Agreed

In March 2019,  reports came out in the media that certain documents were released that said Trey filed for a divorce with Boogie, listing the date of separation as February 28, 2019. It also mentioned Trey asked for the termination of all spousal support due to a prenup already in place and that he wanted joint custody of their daughter.

Upper photo is from 2009, Trey embracing Boogie with one arm. The lower photo is similar from 2017, except Trey is holding 3/4-year-old Betty in his right hand.

It seems difficult to separate Betty from either of them…
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

In another set of papers, Boogie also responded with ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the cause of the split, while demanding spousal support as well as the joint legal and physical custody of Betty. That meant Trey could’ve had to spill in some of his $500 million worth for the case.

The two did come to terms though, with new documents in June suggesting an Amicable Custody Agreement was agreed between them. Accordingly, the custody agreement stated that they would jointly decide on issues in regards to “schooling, mental and physical health, obtaining a passport (and someday a driver’s license) and permission for tattoos, piercings, and any and all other permanent alterations” of their daughter’s body. They may travel with Betty but have to notify the other parent first and if a parent with custody has to appoint childcare for 12 hours or more, the other parent is the first to get the right to look after her. Physical custody is split equally in a 2-2-3 fashion — two days each with a week with different parents and the remaining three days alternating among each parent every week.

Neither of them confirmed anything and still enjoy family time together

The news of divorce all seemed to be appearing like a dream for the two, and for the fans alike. There have been no social media activities that suggested the split. In fact, it is quite the opposite that Boogie is posting. Betty’s birthday celebration is quite normal, but they are still doing family stuff even with the reports buzzing around. Boogie shared amazing pictures of them having a fun-filled family vacation, and Trey even attended Kobe’s graduation ceremony.

Boogie dressed as Batman's nemesis 'Two-Face' (right), Betty as 'Poison Ivy' (center) and trey is just in normal home clothes laughing at something and looking down. The are pictured behind two cakes and balloons in the background.

Boogie was ‘Two-Face’, Betty was ‘Poison Ivy’ and Trey later dressed as Batman himself.
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

Boogie clicking selfie in a beach with Trey (left) smiling and facing 90 degrees away from camera, but face still facing it and Betty's head is popping in the right behind Boogie, smiling.

They’re still vacationing…
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

Trey (left), Kobe (center) in his white graduation gown, Boogie (right) and Betty (bottom left) attending Kobe's graduation ceremony. All smiling.

Congratulations Kobe!!
Source: Boogie Parker, Instagram

It certainly does not seem like they are separating at all. Of course, everything said about them may be false since tabloids have a habit of invading people’s privacy and just fabricating something up if they don’t get anything tasty. And fans agree. While many keep asking whether they’re divorced, many others simply are content at getting the chance to witness such a happy family, whatever might the situation be. And rightly so.

Apparently, Boogie Was The Reason Trey Divorced His First Wife

Emma Sugiyama, a Japanese Socialite, was the first woman Trey married, back in early 2006. They got married in Trey’s Hawaii home at the time, in a wedding officiated by, none other than, Norman Lear, the famous ’70s sitcom producer. He showed off his singing talent with a set of Neil Diamond songs in front of the wedding guests. That music thing was real, he had a band with Matt and two other named DVDA (full-form appropriately inappropriate) which made songs for South Park and their other movies.

Trey (left) holding Emma's hand while wearing a suit and Emma is in a light drey revealing dress.

The wedding didn’t hold-up for Trey and Emma.
Source: Evan Agostini, Getty Images Entertainment

That marriage, however, lasted only two years as they decided to go their separate ways in 2008. The divorce was finalized in 2010, but by then, Trey had already been living with Boogie. They started dating immediately following Trey’s divorce. But according to many reports, people speculated the relationship began as an affair, and that Emma couldn’t handle it.

Trey started living with Boogie since 2009 and took in Kobe. He was around 9 years old at the time and was very interested in watching South Park, a show not meant for the likes of his age. Despite Trey not approving of him watching the episodes in secret, he revealed the two did watch the show together sometimes.

Everyone Remembers Liane (Not Cartman!), Who Devastated Trey by Sleeping with Another Guy

True South Park fans know Trey and Matt based two of the main characters, Stan and Kyle based respectively on themselves and their respective families (Trey’s father actually is a Geologist like Randy, a beloved character). There was one character, in particular, whose origin is hilarious as hell — Liane Cartman, Eric‘s mother.

Trey based Liane on Liane Adamo, Trey’s high school sweetheart who he was engaged to for a year. She dumped him for “some dirty acapella singer” (as Trey puts it), but he actually caught her in bed with him before! She then became his ex-fiancee and turns out, Trey was the one that officially dumped her. Instead of just touching on the subject, he turned Liane into that (originally) indecent person on the show (Liane is not the same now, not as shown anyhow).

Watch: The one in the black hat is Liam Adamo

That incident devastated Trey, but after weeks of being a depressive funk, he decided he needed to resolve his feelings some other way — shooting the trailer for his hit ‘Cannibal: The Musical‘ in 1993.  Of course, he brought Liane into the scene as the lead character, Alfred Packer‘s (based on a real-life personality) beloved horse. To put the exact “cheating on him” scene, Trey (portraying Alfred) makes the horse leave Alfred for another trapper. She wasn’t lost, she left him. Trey said that Liane even attended the show when he invited her. “Treyworshipping” evolved during that very time.

As if the two characters weren’t enough, Trey also based Wendy Testaburger, such a huge crush of Stan (or Trey’s, if you will) that made him puke every time she talked to her (that stopped after a few first-season episodes).

There are many, many other references that Trey makes to his past on his hit show, and if you’ve got a beef with him, be ready to be destroyed. Seeing him still enjoying life with Boogie indicates this one might end positively for the other party, but it’s not even sure that they are separating. Until they release official statements, fans can continue assuming them as husband-wife, since no matter what those documents say, divorce is not finalized yet.