Stetson Bennett Girlfriend: Georgia Bulldogs QB is Dating Cameron Liss for Over 1 Year!

Stetson Bennett is dating his girlfriend Cameron Liss in 2022. They have been together for over 1 year. All the relationship details of the Georgia Bulldogs’ National Championship winning QB.

Well, it appears there is a new Rudy in town as Stetson Bennett showed what awaits if you are resilient, hardworking and forever hopeful. The Georgia Bulldogs QB saw so much up and down during his 5 year in college football, not even a Hollywood script writer could’ve made it believable. So, from a walk-on and Jake Fromm‘s backup to a fifth string to a National Championship winning QB, this is stuff of dreams.

Beating the ever present and almost always successful Alabama, Stetson not only became a Georgia hero but also put millions of minds (non-Bama fans) at ease. A Georgia fan from a young age, and born to Georgia alumnus parents, Stetson said it was just sinking in what he had achieved with the Bulldogs and with the MVP performance the athlete is quickly becoming a superstar.

Fame adds attention and not only from rival fans, from people who just want to know what you are all about. And beating Alabama has made sure Stetson is new hot topic of the news and gossip world. From his parents to his girlfriend, nothing is safe from the prying eyes of the masses. So, if relationship details are what you are after, here is everything you need to know about Stetson Bennett’s gf in 2022.

Stetson Bennett Girlfriend: Dating Cameron Liss for Over 1 Year

stetson-bennett-girlfriend-cfb-georgia-bulldogsStetson Bennett is currently dating his girlfriend Cameron Liss. They have been together for more than a year in 2022.
Image Source: Stetson Bennett Instagram

Handful of starting QBs in college football history managed to stay single by their final year in CFB. Ladies are bound to be around future NFL stars and Stetson Bennett is not an exception to this rule. There are multiple relationships of the player that we know of and he is currently dating his girlfriend Cameron Liss, who is also going to UGA.

The first mention of Stetson Bennett’s girlfriend came on 3 February 2021 via the Georgia QB’s Instagram page. The picture seemed a little older as the duo was clad in winter clothes and they even took a picture while sitting on Santa’s lap. It appears the pictures are from Christmas 2020 and the player only felt comfortable sharing those snaps few months later on the occasion of his girlfriend’s birthday.

Along with the collage of pictures, Stetson shared a loving message for his girlfriend. He wrote, “Happy birthday sweetheart! This past year has been a roller coaster for both of us and I thank God that we were by each other’s side through it all. Now let’s go grab some good food and celebrate.”

Cheating Allegation, Social Media Drama and Ex-Girlfriend Details

Well, as mentioned earlier, with fame come added scrutiny, full time haters and people who simple want to see the drama. That is what happened with Stetson Bennett as his on-field success led to people digging through his social media and in recently his girlfriend was trending because the player was speculated to have cheated on his girlfriend.

In the before mentioned picture, a girl commented, “Stetson Bennett you got some explaining to do.” This comment was taken as proof by people who speculated the 23-year-old QB cheated on his girlfriend. There was a podcast clip and tik tok video which piled on the speculation and thousands of people commenting their take on the whole drama.

It is not clear if the girl is really his former partner but rumors don’t care about those type of things. We however do know that Stetson Bennett dated Mary Courtney Puryear for a few years. They were in high school together and even went to prom as a couple. Going to college, it appears, the couple got separated and that is where their relationship came to an end.

There are still pictures of his ex-girlfriend from 2017 on his Instagram page. The duo was in love but it was not meant to be and Stetson looks happier with his new girlfriend, Cameron Liss.

After CFB National Championship, What’s Next for Stetson Bennett?

While the main goal of most CFB players is to make it to the NFL. Most never make it and those who do have a short lifespan if they cannot prove their metal. Still, with studies and other extra activities, player who do not make can turn around and make a career for themselves, some place else. But what happens when you win the National Championship? Are you going to declare for the Draft or go back to College ball and give it a one last hurrah?

Well, that is the question in front of Stetson Bennett. With the win against Alabama and a strong showing in 2021 as a whole, Stetson has given himself enough capital to be picked up in the first 3 rounds. There are still some hoops a college players needs to jump through before make the plunge into the NFL, but a payday is waiting for Stetson if he wants one.

And when asked about his future plans, Stetson did not even utter NFL, he was playing with options of either returning to the Bulldogs or playing somewhere else. He still wants to play football and maybe one day become a lawyer, professional ball however appears to be out of the questions.

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