‘Stranger Things’ Director Rebecca Thomas Teaming Up With James Wan for New Horror Show on Netflix

Rebecca Thomas and James Wan are set to work alongside to bring a brand new horror show, Archive 81, to life.

James Wan might have ventured into mainstream cinema and experienced major success with Furious 7 (2015) and Aquaman (2018), making him the only man besides James Cameron to have directed two unrelated films that each generated more than a billion dollars at the box office, but the first passion of the director is and shall always be the horror genre.

After emerging into the mainstream as the co-creator of Saw (2004) alongside Leigh Whannell, the pair again worked on the Insidious franchise, with Wan overseeing the first two films.

He is also the visionary behind The Conjuring universe, extensively participating in the development process behind all the numerous sequels and spinoffs.

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That’s not all. Wan’s got an upcoming original horror Malignant (2021) soon hitting theatres while he’s currently working on a new iteration of Frankenstein.

Meanwhile, it was revealed some months ago the 43-year-old had been working on a Netflix show, and now the director of Netflix’s science-fiction horror Stranger Things, Rebecca Thomas, has agreed to direct half of the eight-episode Archive 81 series.

The show is centered on the podcast footage of the same name, which has an archivist recovering a set of lost recordings from decades ago until he finds himself dragged into the pursuit of a sinister conspiracy that initially led to the killing of the filmmaker of the documentary.

It feels perfect for Wan, and the inclusion of Thomas to the camera is an additional benefit, given her track record of working on horror shows for Netflix that are encumbered with high demands.

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Archive 81 does not yet have an official date of release, but we might get more word on it soon.

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