Sufjan Stevens’ Boyfriend: Rumors With Evan Richardson, Wife!

Sufjan Stevens has never opened up about his boyfriend, and he doesn’t have one in 2023. Recently, he shared a post dedicating JAVELIN to his partner Evan Richardson that led fans to believe that they had a relationship. The singer doesn’t have a wife.

Sufjan Stevens is a talented singer who has been nominated for Grammy Awards. A Sun Came, Convocations, The Avalanche, No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross, Mystery of Love, and Blue Bucket of God are a few of his well-known musical compositions. Not to mention, his songs are primarily about love, religion, and space. You must be aware that the singer is a multi-instrumentalist. He is a master at the drums, piano, and guitar.

On October 6, the evocative musician Sufjan Stevens released his most current album, “Javelin.” As a tribute to his late lover, Evans Richardson, who passed away in April, the singer dedicated this album to him. This dedication says a lot coming from Stevens, who is usually quite private about his personal life, and this has led fans to wonder about his current boyfriend in 2023.

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Sufjan Stevens Has Yet to Reveal His Boyfriend!

Sufjan Stevens (@sufjan) is a well-known personality, but he doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend at the time of writing this article. He has worked with a few other musicians. He had to stop making music in the late 2000s because the unusual viral condition he had was so painful. He believes that his 2010 album “The Age of Adz” helped him communicate the suffering he felt at the time. Coming back to his love life, the singer is an extremely private individual. But are fans truly interested in what’s happening in his romantic life?

Sufjan Stevens seems to be single in 2023. celebsindepth.comSufjan Stevens seems to be single in 2023.
Source: Instagram

Sufjan Stevens hasn’t been seen out with anyone suspicious recently, whom we could call his boyfriend, so maybe he is single. When he has leisure time, he frequently spends it practicing his instruments. He undoubtedly finds comfort in that during the day. His only apparent partner when one looks at him is his music profession.

Also, he hasn’t shared any posts with whom fans could link him up. But in his recent post, where Stevens wrote and published a dedication to the album to his late beloved partner Evan Richardson, who passed away in April, the topic became much more evident regarding their relationship. So after his last relationship with Evan Richardson, he might not be dating anyone.

Does Sufjan Stevens Have a Wife?

As already mentioned, Sufjan Stevens doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend in 2023, and fans have been wondering about his wife. So is he married? Well, no, the singer was never married, so he doesn’t have a wife. The searches on the internet regarding his wife are just rumors and don’t have any truth. Also, as per US Weekly, in the footnotes of his latest album, Javelin, he publicly identified himself as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Sufjan Stevens’s Relationship Rumors With His Partner Evan Richardson!

Sufjan Stevens‘ late partner, Evans Richardson, passed away in April at the age of 43, and the musician has dedicated his most recent album, Javelin, to him. After the dedication of the post, which he shared on Instagram, writing a whole paragraph led people to believe that they were in a relationship.

Sufjan Stevens’ Friday post made romantic hints, but it is unknown when Stevens and Richardson started dating. He directly didn’t acknowledge their relationship, but his post made sure that there was something between them. Before Friday’s social media post, the Grammy-nominated musician had never discussed his sexual orientation or relationship status.

Sufjan Stevens and his partner Evan Richardson shared a close bond. celebsindepth.comSufjan Stevens and his partner Evan Richardson shared a close bond.
Source: US Weekly

Not everyone knew Evans Richardson as Sufjan Stevens’ lover. As the Chief of Staff of The Studio Museum in Harlem, he had his own identity. His affiliation with a highly esteemed organization speaks much about the breadth of his contributions to the art world. Their relationship was undoubtedly strong and significant as singer’s companion. Undoubtedly, Evans’ abrupt departure in April left Stevens with a significant gap in his life. He has attempted to capture this loss in his most recent work. In a post he wrote,

This album is dedicated to the light of my life, my beloved partner and best friend Evans Richardson, who passed away in April. He was an absolute gem of a person, full of life, love, laughter, curiosity, integrity, and joy. He was one of those rare and beautiful ones you find only once in a lifetime—precious, impeccable, and absolutely exceptional in every way.

Sufjan Stevens’ statement was uploaded beside a picture of Richardson. Evans Richardson spent almost 11 years as the chief of staff at the Studio Museum in Harlem, which exhibits the works of African-American artists. No specific cause of death has been disclosed. However, it should be noted that the singer directly didn’t disclose that they were lovers or that Evan was his boyfriend.