Summer Walker

Summer Walker is an American singer-songwriter who was born on 11th April 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents belong to different nationalities. Her father is British while her mother is American, both of whom ended up divorcing.

Walker is signed to the record label and management company, LoveRenaissance. In addition, she represents Interscope Records. Her debut commercial mixtape titled Last Day of Summer was released by both her record companies on 19th October 2018.

Meanwhile, Walker released her debut studio album Over It on 4th October 2019.

Summer Walker is Dating Record Producer Boyfriend London on da Track

Summer Walker is currently dating; she is in a relationship with her boyfriend London on da Track.

Summer Walker is in a relationship with her boyfriend London on da Track.
Source: Summer Walker Instagram

Back in August 2019, Summer and London on da Track had fans assuming the pair was in a relationship after they shared a series of pictures together in the studio.

It seemed apparent the duo was working on new music together following Summer’s single titled Playing Games which was produced by London. However, fans speculated there was more to them than just a professional relationship.

Summer then made it clear she was over dating broken men as she shared a post with the record producer captioning the post “But HOW did I get this fine ass man. lol God bless him”.

Watch: Summer Walker – Playing Games (with Bryson Tiller) [Official Music Video]

Meanwhile, her first studio album Over It is out now. Back when it was still in production, the singer did not hesitate to direct the impatience of the fans to her beau. She wrote, “Since London producing the whole album, y’all ask him when the album drop cuz he holding me up.”

The couple often displays PDA on their social media. Summer, in particular, loves showing off her man to her 1.2 million fans on Instagram.

Walker’s Music Inspiration Comes from Some High Profile Names

Summer Walker claims to have been inspired by three music legends.

Walker claims to have been inspired by three music legends.
Source: Ones To Watch

Summer Walker revealed her distinct style of R&B music is inspired by three legends. The names include Amy Winehouse, Erykah Badu, and Jimi Hendrix.

The multi-instrumentalist singer is anything but one-dimensional when it comes to her performance. Her debut album Last Day of Summer showcased her incredible talent as she expressed her thoughts and feelings touching on several issues, most notably, love, womanhood, doubt, and confidence.

Interesting Facts About Summer Walker

London on da Track's girlfriend Summer Walker used to work at a strip club.

Summer Walker used to work at a strip club.
Source: Summer Walker Instagram

  • Summer was raised in a big family environment until her parents got divorced and everything in her life changed. She said, “We got older…my parents got a divorce, so it’d be, like, just me again. As time went on I didn’t really hang out with people. It takes a lot of energy out of me to maintain multiple relationships.”
  • Walker prefers to speak through music. “Whenever something is completely bothering me, I like to hold it in ’cause I don’t talk to a lot of people.” This is one of the reasons she says her music tends to be emotional.
  • She previously worked at a strip club. Justice Baiden, the co-founder of LVRN said – “When I first started following her on Instagram, she was working at the strip club and the next video would be her playing the acoustic guitar. That’s literally two different people that aren’t supposed to exist in one. She’s just a constant push and pull of, like, her trying to find herself.”
  • Summer Walker is not fond of fame, stardom or spotlight. Although she loves performing, she would prefer to be as low-key as possible if she had a choice. The singer does not like being the center of attention as it makes her anxious. “If I could really just slide music under the door and people get to enjoy it, that’s great.”

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