Sung Kang’s Ethnicity: His Birth, Nationality, Parents, Step Father!

Sung Kang is of Asian ethnicity and has American nationality. He was born to South Korean immigrant parents, his Korean mother and African American stepfather raised him. He has Korean ancestry but he is not Japanese.

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Following the resurrection of Sung Kang‘s fan-favorite character in F9, the love of his fast and furious life has now done the same. Sung Kang’s portrayal as Han Lue has piqued fan interest, and they are now curious about his nationality and other family and parent facts. So let’s get into the detail.

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Sung Kang Has Asian Ethnicity and American Nationality; Details on His Parents, Step Father!

Sung Kang (@sungkangsta) is a well-known American actor. He was born on April 8, 1972, and is 48 years old. He was born to South Korean immigrant parents in Clarkston, Georgia, before migrating to Gainesville, Georgia. His Korean mother and African American stepfather raised him. While in high school, he moved to Barston, California.

Sung Kang is of Asian ethnicity. celebsindepth.comSung Kang is of Asian ethnicity.
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Sung Kang is the son of a South Korean immigrant who grew up in California. Both of his parents are of South Korean descent. Similarly, he is an American citizen and has American nationality with South Korean ancestry, an Asian ethnic group. Also, many of his fans wonder if he is Japanese as his facial features look a bit different, however, he is not Japanese. So he has Asian ethnicity. There is also no information about his family or siblings.

Sung Kung, he completed his entire education and high school in California. Furthermore, he enrolled in the University of California, Riverside, but no information about his graduation is available. His parents, on the other hand, constantly encouraged him to study law rather than acting because there were fewer work options at the time. Furthermore, because there were few Asians on American television shows at the time, his parents were particularly anxious about his career. Nonetheless, he accepted his parents’ choice to allow him to complete his schooling while pursuing his acting career.

The actor debuted in the 2002 film ” Better Luck Tomorrow ” as Han Lue, an aloof gang member. He also appeared as Sam Kim in the film ” The Motel “. He made his acting debut in 1999 with the film ‘Mystery Man.’ He co-starred in the picture with Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, and William H. Macy. His second film, ‘Better Luck Tomorrow,’ was released in 2002. Sunset Stories won the Special Jury Prize at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival’s VC Filmfest. He was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award for his performance in the film Pali Road.

Sung Kang was raised by mother and stepfather. celebsindepth.comSung Kang was raised by his Korean mother and African American stepfather.
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Sung Kang has also appeared in another action film in the United States. He co-starred with Jet Li and Jason Statham in the film War as an FBI agent. Doran, Genghis Khan‘s son, was played by him in the martial arts fantasy action film “Forbidden Warrior.” Similarly, he appeared in the action movie ‘Live Free or Die Hard.’ Again, he played Detective Taylor Kwon opposite Sylvester Stallone in the film Bullet to the Head.

When it comes to his marital status, Sung Kang is a married guy. He married his lovely longtime girlfriend-turned-wife, Miki Yim. Their wedding was scheduled for July 8, 2014. Miki Yim and Sung Kang first met in high school, in 1992. They quickly became acquainted and began dating for over seven years. After 22 years of dating, they married.