Sushmita Sen’s Plastic Surgery: What Happened to Her Face? Old and Recent Pictures!

Sushmita Sen has been open about her plastic surgery. She has overdone the fillers and botox, which have made her face puffier, and her face is unrecognizable. Looking at her old and recent pictures, many of you might be confused regarding her.

Following the success of Aarya, actress Sushmita Sen will now be seen as Shreegauri Sawant in the new series Taali, which will premiere on JioCinema on August 15th. The series’ trailer was unveiled on Saturday, providing a glimpse inside the life of Shreegauri Sawant. Taali, Sen’s next series based on the life of transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant, was teased in Sushmita Sen’s recent reel on Instagram.

The actress is seen in the teaser wearing a sari and adjusting her large reddish-maroon bindi while looking in the mirror. As the camera moves, a photo of the legendary vocalist Usha Uthup can be seen in her closet. Fans have commented on her appearance in response to the teaser, and they believe she has changed significantly, believing that all the transformation is due to plastic surgery. Let us check out her old and recent pictures.

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Sushmita Sen Is Candid About the Plastic Surgery That She Has Had!

Sushmita Sen (@sushmitasen47), a Bollywood actress, has always been candid about her plastic surgery. She made India proud by becoming Miss Universe for the first time. It was a watershed event for India and her, who was eighteen at the time. Soon after, she entered the world of cinema and began her career as an actor. She is a beautiful actress without a doubt, but she has changed her appearance due to plastic surgery.

Sushmita Sen has showcased her new look following surgery on November 16. The actress, who turned 46 on Friday, tweeted a video of herself wearing the outfit and expressed love to her followers. The Aarya actor thanked her followers in the video for sending her the “loveliest vibe” and “healing energy” that she requires.

Sushmita Sen has overdone her plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comSushmita Sen has overdone her plastic surgery.
Source: Instagram

Sushmita Sen recently opened up to Twinkle Khanna (@twinklerkhanna) for her YouTube channel, Tweak, in an honest discussion about her errors in life. She admitted to making numerous mistakes and always standing by them. She admitted to having undergone plastic surgery, had a few relationships, and so on, but she always accepted it. She stated: “

You are nothing if you lose yourself. That has always been my core conviction in life. Plastic surgery, males in my life, relationships, married men—whatever you consider to be a horrible thing, it exists.

Sushmita Sen is still beautiful, but fans believe she was better before having plastic surgery. To meet the beauty standard of Hollywood, she might have thought of wanting to undergo more transformation, undergoing Veeners, followed by all of the lip and cheek fillers, cheekbone surgery, and many more, which have taken away the warmth she previously had in her lovely smile. She is still amazing, but fans hope she doesn’t get too carried away with all of this.

Sushmita Sen Looks Unrecognizable Due to Plastic Surgery; Old and Recent Pictures!

Sushmita Sen piqued the excitement of her fans and filmgoers when she revealed the first look from her upcoming biopic Taali, which is based on transgender activist Shreegauri Sawant. The enthusiasm peaked today when the actress posted a trailer for the film on her Instagram page. Many of her followers did not recognize her owing to her altered appearance, which was primarily due to plastic surgery. Talking about her plastic surgery, on India Forum one of the fans commented,

I couldn’t even identify her; it kind of damaged her face. Having said that, Sushmita Sen is a woman of substance, and it feels ridiculous to criticize her for her appearance. She is much more than just a nice face.

Sushmita Sen's old and recent pictures show her unrecognizable face. celebsindepth.comSushmita Sen’s old and recent pictures show her unrecognizable face.
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Also, I personally believe she has overdone the fillers and botox, which have made her face puffier, and I was also unable to recognize her on the trailer for Taali unless her name was revealed. Well, of course she had a different appearance due to makeup, but mostly due to plastic surgery, her face looked different. Like many of her fans, I personally believe her face has changed. Looking at her old and recent pictures, many of you might be confused regarding her.

That’s unfortunate. She didn’t appear to be the kind to be self-conscious about her figure. But fans suppose she has to do these things to keep afloat in the industry. In the video, her face appears odd. It could possibly be a lighting/angle issue. Sushmita Sen was so stunning that she didn’t need any of this.

It’s unnerving to witness her treading the line of what society considers attractive. Sure, when she was just starting out as a heroine, but what is the point now? She is well-liked and successful in her career. Fans always thought of her as above such things, but her choice is hers.