Meghan Markle’s Nose Job: Before and After Plastic Surgery!

Meghan Markle has been speculated to have had a nose job. Many people have been comparing her before and after looks, which has led them to suspect that she has changed a lot after plastic surgery and that her recent change might be an unsuccessful attempt to look like Kate Middleton.

Meghan Markle, also known as the Duchess of Sussex, is an American member of the British royal family and former actress. She became a member of the British royal family after marrying Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the younger son of King Charles III. She has a bachelor’s degree with a double major in theater and international studies from Northwestern’s School of Communication.

Besides being involved in royal duties, she has also appeared in many movies, such as Get Him to the Greek and Remember Me. She made headlines every day for her dress for daily activities. Recently, she has been in the news after the rumors of Meghan and Prince’s breakup spread all over the internet.

After the news, people now want to know more about Meghan’s current life. Some of the people also commented, asking her the reason behind her change. In this article, we will be talking about the rumors of her plastic surgery and whether she has had a nose job or not. To learn more, read this article.

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People Have Been Suspecting Meghan Markle of Having a Nose Job to Look Like Kate Middleton!

Meghan Markle‘s recent look has led people to suspect that she had a nose job done to look like Kate Middleton. Some people have been calling her a pathetic creature, as she has changed a lot. It looks like her recent change has taken away her natural look.

Being the Duchess is not an easy job. Every little thing will be covered in the headlines of one’s personal life. Similar Meghan has been in the spotlight for a long time. Recently, she has been involved in gossip about her nose shape. Many people think that she has done a nose job to look like Kate Middleton, as she has been a big fan of the actress.

Meghan Markle has been involved in gossip about her changed nose shape. Meghan Markle has been involved in gossip about her changed nose shape.
Source: Instagram

Many people might be unaware of the fact that 2017 involved Markle’s nose shape. In 2017, many plastic surgeons claimed that Meghan’s nose was one of the most popular plastic surgery requests among clients. However, everyone’s dream nose shape seems to be currently in a different shape because of a nose job.

The rumors of Meghan’s having a nose hob started getting ears after she announced that she wouldn’t be attending King Charles’ coronation. Since then, people have started talking about her before and after looks, which led to the conclusion that she has changed the shape of her nose, but it has not yet been confirmed whether she has done a nose job or just contour makeup.

Meghan Markle’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Looks!

A lot of things have changed in Meghan Markle‘s life before and after plastic surgery or before gaining fame. She has always dreamt of working on the screen, and before coming to fame, she tried working in different movies, but as she was ethnically ambiguous, she ended up gaining only a small role.

When talking about Meghan’s face before plastic surgery, many claimed that she had gone under the knife numerous times. After the recent video of her went viral, many people have been calling her a pathetic creature, and it looks like all the natural beauty of Markle has disappeared.

Meghan Markle before and after a nose job. celebsindepth.comMeghan Markle before and after a nose job
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While many of them were concerned that Meghan is sick, some people claim that she has not only done a nose job; she has also done many procedures, including botox, filler, V-line surgery, and face uplift. Well, if we compare her before and after photos, we see a completely different person. Her tight facial skin, V-shaped jawline, and nose shape led us to conclude that she has done something.

What Are the Secrets Behind Meghan Markle’s Hair?

Before the rumors of Meghan Markle‘s doing a nose job, the internet used to accuse her of doing a hair extension. Naturally, she has straight hair with slight waves, but she sometimes changes her hairstyle for an event. As per her favorite product, she has admitted to using the product of Kerastase. During an interview with her hairdresser, George Northwood, who has styled Meghan for two years, denied the rumors of her using any hair extensions, as she stated;

People think that Meghan has had hair extensions, but I never put any extensions in her hair in the two years that I worked with her. It’s all her own hair.