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Stick around with a Netflix subscription for a while, and they will surprise you with shows and movies you would have never even known about ten years ago. Over the years, we have watched shows and movies in foreign languages, which rival the English content and sometimes leave them in the dirt. One such show, The Twelve or De Twaalf, is coming to Netflix after its time on the Belgium TV networks, to wow audiences the world over.

What is Netflix Series The Twelve About – Plot Details of the Belgian Show

The Twelve is a Belgian show coming to Netflix this summer.The Twelve is a Belgian show coming to Netflix this summer.
Source: IMDb

The Twelve, aka De Twaalf, is a courtroom drama less about what happens in the court and more about the jury deliberation room. The Netflix show follows the lives of 12 jurors summoned to judge the “case of the millennium” along with two alternate jurors tasked with finding the right decision involving a gruesome double murder. For movie buffs, imagine 12 Angry Men but with women also mixed in, set in Belgium, and a longer length.

The series follows the lives of the 12 jurors and the two alternate jurors and how their own experiences are prejudicing the case. Through the 10 episode series, the showrunners are trying to show how despite the oath of not letting prejudices dictate their action, people are driven by their own preconceived notions, whether they know it or not.

Netflix series The Twelve primarily focuses on alternate juror Delphine Spikers who is dealing with her own hell at home, only to be sequestered by the court for weeks and decide the fate of the accused. As the case unfolds in the court with viewers and jurors both grappling with the facts and trying to ascertain if the accused is a victim or a monster, the lives of the jurors come into play, and The Twelve examines the implications of their decisions.

The Twelve Netflix Cast – One of the Largest Ensemble Cast in Belgian TV History

The process of casting is vital when it comes to maximizing the potential of a show or movie. Most of the time, the success or failure of a production hinges on the cast's potential, and The Twelve got some of the best Flemish actors and actresses to anchor the brilliant scripts by Bert Van Dael and Sanne Nuyens.

The Twelve Netflix cast includes Maaike Neuville as Delphine Spijkers, Maaike Cafmeyer as the accused Frie Palmers, Charlotte De Bruyne as Holly Ceusters, Tom Vermeir as Joeri Cornille, Mieke De Groote as Voorzitter van de Rechtbank, Johan Heldenbergh as Stefaan De Munck, Zouzou Ben Chikha as Carl Destoop, Peter Gorissen as Arnold Briers, Piet De Praitere as Noel Marinus, Josse De Pauw ass Ari Spaak, Greet Verstraete as Margot, Koen De Sutter as Marc Vindevogel, Lynn Van Royen as Brechtje Vindevogel, and Luc De Ruelle as Bode.

Is There a Trailer for The Twelve Netflix Series? When is the Show Available on Netflix?

Though Netflix did not officially release the trailer for The Twelve, there is a English dubbed version of the trailer available on YouTube, uploaded about a week ago. However, you can find the original trailer for the Belgian show, which was released ten months ago. The Twelve on Netflix is coming about six months after the show finished airing on Belgian TV so you can find the original trailer for The Twelve.

According to the information released by Netflix and the placeholder card on their official site, The Twelve is arriving on the Netflix United States on 10 July 2020. The show was also released in Belgium, and some European countries and Friday will make its American debut.

The Twelve Filming Location – Filmed Over a Six Month Period

The development of the show started in 2015-2016, and two years ago, the two creators started to write the script. The filming process needed to be tight, so the people behind the camera started on a six-month schedule, where the court scenes were only filmed in the last two months. The creative team wanted authentic reactions from the cast, which is why they did not let the court case influence the cast of the jury. They were also not allowed to read the whole script so that the biases could be controlled.

Most of the filming was done in Ghent, Belgian city. The court scenes were filmed on stage, while location shots were primarily done in and around Belgium. They finished filming in the middle of 2019, and the show premiered in November of 2019, with Netflix coming in to bring the series to the international stage.

The Twelve Reviews and Rotten Tomatoes Score – What are the Critics Saying?

Since the series was released during the latter part of 2019, there are few reviews about the show out there. One is saying the show is a tight look into the world of jury trials and how 12 strangers come together to find a decision they can all agree with. Scoring the internet we did find few reviews, almost all are positive and glowing, but when it comes to the rotten tomatoes score for The Twelve, there is none.

The show is coming for the American audiences this summer, which may result in the Western critics trying their hand with the series. As of today, however, there are no critics or audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes about The Twelves. On IMDb, however, the average rating for the show is 7.7/10 after over 1,000 fan reviews.

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