The Uncanny Counter Netflix – Cast, Plot, Release Date, and Other Details

This year has been amazing for K-drama lovers, from Crash Landing on You to Itaewon Class, the streamer is giving out one amazing content after amazing content. But Netflix is not stopping with the year coming to an end. Their new show The Uncanny Counter is coming to the streaming platform with an amazing cast and an interesting plot.

Korean dramas are creative, wild, and extremely funny. We are recent converts and the plethora of choices on Netflix has been a true blessing. And considering the weird and funny synopsis of The Uncanny Counter, we are excited. But before you dive into the series, here is everything you need to know about the K-drama.

The Uncanny Counter Netflix Plot

the-uncanny-counter-netflix-plot-2020The Uncanny Counter features a star-studded cast and a fun plot.
Image Source: Netflix

The level of uniqueness in stories of Korean dramas have been eye-opening. People still like to give a general opinion about dramas from South-East Asia but there is no denying the creativity that goes into the making of the shows.

The Uncanny Counter is one of such stories that we are extremely excited to see. A drama show with a supernatural twist, The Uncanny Counter is based on the webtoon of the same name. Featuring a monster hunting story the show sounds pretty exciting.

According to the synopsis released by Netflix, “Based on a popular webtoon of the same title, The Uncanny Counter is a satisfying tale of superheroes who, when not hunting down obstinate evil spirits, toil in a noodle shop.”

So, the noodle shop employees are also Counters who are tasked with hunting down demons looking to hide in the world of the living and live forever. The friends/hunting family manage their time between the shop and slaying down monsters in their spare time.

The Uncanny Counter Netflix Cast – Who is in the New Series?

The cast of The Uncanny Counter is led by Jo Byung-gyu. He plays the main character So Moon in the series. So Moon is a high schooler who is brought into the Counters group. He is the youngest and the most gifted of all the members of the group.

Kim Se-jeong is co-leading the show as Do Ha-na. She has the natural ability to sense evil even when they are hundreds of miles away. Her power helps the group in finding demons and she also has the power to see someone’s memory just by touching them.

The three adults among the Counters is played by Yoo Jun-sang, Yum Hye-ran, and Ahn Suk-hwan. They play Ga Mo-tak, Choo Mae-ok, and Choi Jang-moo respectively. Ga Mo-tak is a former police officer who was lost his memory at the age of seven and became a righteous person since then.

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Choo Mae-ok is the chef of the noodle shop. She is also the anchor of the group with a healing ability to aid the monster-hunting endeavors. While Choi Jang-moo finances the group while also being the first Korean to become a Counter.

The rest of the cast is filled out by supporting characters. The five main characters will come up against big and small monsters as they try to protect the land of the living. The write of the webtoon series, Jang Yi, was also happy with the casting of the show.

In an interview with Soompi, the writer said of the casting, “These are actors that my family, my friends, and I all like. I’m interested in every single one of them. I’m excited to see how they transform into counters and bring their characters to life.”

The Uncanny Counter Release Date, Release Format, Total Episodes, and Trailer

Korean dramas may appear on Netflix from time to time but the shows do not follow Netflix’s release format. The Uncanny Counter is produced by OCN which is airing the show on its channel in Korea. Then after the release is done Netflix users get to see it later.

The Uncanny Counter will arrive on 28 November 2020 on OCN with the second episode airing a day later. The show will follow the pattern of most Korean dramas, with two episodes released per week. And the total episode count for the show is also similar to other K-dramas.

There are 16 total episodes in the first season of the series. There are also a few teasers and an action-packed trailer that shows off some cool fighting scenes and sleek moves.

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