Tim Miller: Texas Equusearch Founder’s Wife, Daughter, Age, Bio & More!

Tim Miller’s EquuSearch, a volunteer-run organization, was established in 2000 to assist families in their efforts to locate missing relatives. After his daughter, Laura Miller was murdered, Tim started Texas EquuSearch, and he has never given up looking for her perpetrator. According to its website, the institution has found nearly 240 bodies and more than 400 missing people over more than 20 years. Tim Miller, the founder, was successful in bringing a wrongful death claim against Hedrick in 2014, and his case was concluded in July 2022. A $24 million culpability and damages award was given to him. Tim Miller divorced his wife in the 1980s, and as for his age, he’s currently in his mid-70s.

Another episode of the popular Crime Scene Investigation docuseries from Netflix has just been released, and this time around, viewers may explore some enigmatic killings that have never been solved. A three-part limited series called Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields tells the tale of the victims whose corpses were left in an oil field that spans a 50-mile stretch of property next to a highway from Houston, Texas, to the nearby city of Galveston. The highway earned the horrifying moniker The Killing Fields due to the large number of deaths discovered there.

Only a percentage of the roughly 30 bodies mostly women and girls that were discovered in the fields between 1971 and 1999 were discovered in the Calder Road oil fields. These victims include Heidi Villareal Fye, Laura Miller, Audrey Lee Cook, and Donna Prudhomme, some of whom were only recently recognized in 2019. Dental data allowed for the identification of Fye and Miller. After being referred to as Jane and Janet Doe for more than 20 years, the following two bodies were ultimately identified as Cook and Prudhomme in 2019.

Laura Miller’s father, Tim Miller founded Texas EquuSearch (TES) in 2000, a volunteer-run organization that assists families in their efforts to locate missing relatives. So let’s learn about this organization in detail.

Tim Miller Is the Founder of Texas Equusearch, a Volunteer-Run Organization!

After his daughter, Laura Miller was murdered, Tim Miller started Texas EquuSearch in 2000, and he has never given up looking for her perpetrator. Along with the bodies of Audrey Lee Cook, Heidi Fye, and Donna Prudhomme, Laura’s body was discovered off Calder Road in League City.

Tim Miller, who is originally from Wellington, Ohio, seems to be a Texan through and through, especially in light of the straightforward manner in which he approaches every challenge that life presents to him. But the fact of the matter is that his life has rarely ever been easy, let alone full of unmarred happy moments, and it dates back to around the 1940s when he was a mere child.

A series of abusive relatives reportedly raised him after his parents abandoned him, and then, as an adult, he lost his infant son to crib death, his father as well as his brother to suicide, and finally Laura Miller to homicide. Until his beloved Laura vanished on September 10, 1984, and her icy remains were discovered 17 months later, Tim had managed to live with the anguish and trauma for decades. In addition to the fact that he and his wife had already divorced legally at that point in early 1986, he had also effectively allowed his grief, wrath, and desire for both justice and retribution to overtake him.

Then, feeling that the authorities weren’t doing much or taking any of his recommendations or suspicions seriously, he started conducting his research, which helped him discover his calling as a volunteer search and rescuer. Tim acknowledges that there are some events, ideas, and deeds that he regrets, but every single one of them appears to have played a significant role in the direction of his nonprofit, Texas EquuSearch (TES).

In 2000, he founded an all-volunteer group in memory of his daughter, and over time, he began getting engaged in other cases as well, working either independently or in conjunction with local authorities. According to its website, the institution has found nearly 240 bodies and more than 400 missing people over more than 20 years through its unwavering dedication.

Tim Miller, now in his mid-seventies, is still the founder and director of Texas EquuSearch and is completely dedicated to his daughter’s unsolved cold case. He truly thinks he has the answer and that Clyde Hedrick, who lived next door to them in 1984 and was convicted of separate manslaughter, is responsible for Laura’s murder, even though he continues to claim his innocence.

Tim Miller is thus concentrating on assisting others through his organization, whether it be in the US, Aruba, Sri Lanka, or Mexico, among other countries, in addition to apparently locating admissible evidence. It’s also important to remember that Tim Miller, Equusearch’s founder, successfully sued Clyde for wrongful death in the summer of 2022, even though Clyde was never legally charged with Laura’s 1984 murder. After all, a judge allowed the adamant father’s petition on default after the convicted felon failed to appear in court despite numerous notices, leading to the eventual payment of more than $24 million to the father.

In reality, Tim has received $24,365,471.23 in liabilities and damages, in addition to further court expenses and annual interest, and he also feels as though he may be headed in the right direction and might soon witness real justice.

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