Does Wednesday Addams End up With Enid Sinclair? Who Plays Enid in the Netflix Show?

Wednesday Addams does not end up with Enid Sinclair. Played by actress Emma Myers, Enid and Wednesday do share a special bond, however, they do not engage romantically in the Netflix series. On the other hand, some fans believe the couple might be in a relationship in the upcoming season.

Wednesday, a Netflix original series, tells the story of the Addams family’s daughter, the eponymous Wednesday Addams. She is sent to Nevermore Academy in the town of Jericho after punishing her brother’s bullies at the start of the series. Nevermore is unlike any other school Wednesday has attended because it was designed specifically for outcasts like her. Some members of the ‘Addams Family’ have special abilities in this adaptation. They are referred to as outcasts, while the general public is referred to as normies.

Wednesday stands out even among the outcasts, irritating Larissa Weems (Gwendoline Christie), the principal of Nevermore, with her actions. Likewise, in between the show, her love interests reflect Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) and townie Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan).

However, Wednesday does not end up with either guy. Later, Wednesday was seen kissing her roommate Enid Sinclair (Emma Myers) and their hug was still the most romantic and heartwarming part of the entire show. So, does Wednesday really end up with her roommate, Enid? Let’s find it out.

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Wednesday Does Not End up With Enid Sinclair: The Season 1 Finale, However, Appears to Set up the Possibility of a Romance Between Wednesday and Enid in Season 2!

We can see at the end of the season, Wednesday Addams does not end up with either Tyler Galpin or Xavier Thorpe. Meanwhile, Wednesday was seen hugging and kissing her roommate Enid Sinclair. However, she does not end up with Enid either. It does seem Season 1 finale appears to set up the possibility of a romance between Wednesday and Enid in Season 2. Therefore, we’ll have to wait and see how (or if) their relationship develops further in the upcoming seasons (if renewed).

Undoubtedly, Wednesday forms a stronger bond in the Netflix series Wednesdays with her roommate. As Enid gradually breaks down Wednesday’s cold and distant nature, the two form a bond in typical opposites-attract fashion. While the show promoted itself as a drag show and the cast has made some very gay comments, the show is very heterosexual. There isn’t a single openly gay character among them.

While they may only be friends, for the time being, many are already calling for the pair to be romantically involved. Many viewers believe that Wednesday is better suited to a relationship with her roommate, Enid, and many fans have already begun shipping them.

Wednesday fans have wasted no time in taking to social media to discuss the various elements of the love triangle, as well as the possibility that Wednesday’s true romantic interest is Enid. One fan wrote,

Tyler is out of the way and Xavier probably won’t be a love interest and Enid and Wednesday’s hug was way more dramatic than any kiss we got from the boys, we still have a chance to make #wenclair cannon next season.

While another fan commented: “The way she was so unbothered with Tyler and Xavier but then proceeded to have a breakdown when Enid left her (I know what you are Wednesday Addams).”

Many fans have already fallen in love with the idea of Wenclair as a couple, and recently Wednesday cast Emma Myers who plays Enid has also spoken out about it. Emma mentioned the meme in which people refer to LGBTQ+ couples as “roommates” in an interview with Elite Daily, by saying,

You know what I always say: ‘And they were roommates!’ Jenna and I would say that all the time to each other. And that’s all that needs to be said — I think that gets the message across.

Is Tim Burton the Reason Behind the Success of Wednesday?

The series was created by Miles Millar and Alfred Gough, rather than Tim Burton (@timburton). Burton did, however, direct four episodes of Wednesday, lending his trademark playfully macabre style to the Netflix series.

Wednesday‘s costuming and set are breathtaking. The shots are deliberate and whimsical, but what would you expect from Burton? The show’s aesthetic has won over viewers, as evidenced by the number of fashion breakdowns that have appeared on my social media feed. How could it be otherwise? The pop-punk goth aesthetic has recently resurged (it’s that whole 20-year fashion cycle schtick), and the masses are confirming by adopting counterculture looks. These are jokes—sort of.

Anyway, the show has managed to break all the previous records of any English series. And it would be interesting to see what Tim has for us in the possible second season.

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