Does Wednesday End up With Xavier? Or Does She End up With Tyler?

Wednesday Addams, the lead character of Netflix’s Wednesday, doesn’t end up with Xavier. Similarly, she does not end up with Tyler either. However, viewers believe she and Xavier could be a couple in the upcoming season (if renewed).

Wednesday, a Netflix original series, follows the titular character Wednesday Addams as she attends a very special school in the town of Jericho. Wednesday’s parents decide to send her to Nevermore Academy, the boarding school where they themselves attended, after changing eight schools in five years. Wednesday is initially aloof and keeps a distance from the rest of the student body, but the more time she spends at Nevermore, the more she blends in. Meanwhile, a monster prowls the woods surrounding the school, and Wednesday discovers her fate.

Wednesday season 1 delivered everything we hoped for and more: It was dark, twisty, chaotic, murderous, and dramatic. However, Wednesday Addams’ romantic relationship is really where the action is. Wednesday meets Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) and Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) shortly after arriving at Nevermore. They both show an immediate interest in Wednesday, but she has doubts about one of them.

Wednesday’s relationships with the two of them take several twists and turn over the course of the eight episodes. But, when the credits roll, who does she end up with? Did Wednesday end up with Xavier? Here’s a look back at Wednesday’s connections with Tyler and Xavier, and who she really ends up with.

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No, Wednesday Addams Doesn’t End up With Xavier: She Does Not End up With Tyler Either!

Wednesday Addams does not actually end up with Xavier Thorpe or Tyler Galpin at the end of season 1 of Netflix’s Wednesday. However, Season 1 finale seems to set up the possibility of a romance between Wednesday and Xavier in Season 2. But we’ll have to wait and see how (or if) their relationship develops further.

Xavier becomes interested in Wednesday at the start of the season after learning that they first met when they were ten years old. They become familiar at Nevermore, but because her visions have driven her down a few wrong paths, she is constantly suspicious of him because she believes he is the monster.

Meanwhile, while working at the Weathervane cafe in Jericho, Wednesday meets Tyler. After Wednesday enlists Tyler’s assistance in escaping the Academy, the two become closer, and they attend the Rave’N dance together in episode 4.

Over the next few episodes, their relationship grows much further, with Tyler later surprising Wednesday with a romantic movie night in which they watch a comedy movie: Legally Blonde. (To be fair, Wednesday is horrified by Hoku‘s Perfect Day, which is blasting from the speakers.)

After Xavier’s arrest and their interrupted date, Wednesday and Tyler share a kiss at the cafe at the end of episode 7. But as soon as they do, Wednesday has another vision and discovers that Tyler is the monster. At the end of the episode, she runs out the door before saying, “Of course, the first boy I kiss would turn out to be a psychotic, serial-killing monster. I guess I have a type.”

Wednesday clearly takes several hundred steps back from Tyler in the final episode, now that she knows he’s the Hyde monster. Tyler is apprehended and taken away in the back of a van, effectively ending their relationship. She takes an arrow in the shoulder for the now-exonerated Xavier during the fight against the resurrected Joseph Crackstone after he tried to take out the resurrected villain to save her.

In the final moments of the show, Xavier expresses his gratitude to Wednesday by gifting her an iPhone with his phone number already added to her contacts, hoping she’ll text him while they’re away from school.

Despite Wednesday’s brief, apparently fated romance with Tyler and her blossoming relationship with Xavier, could something happen between Wednesday and Enid Sinclair played by Emma Myers? Some fans have already fallen in love with the idea of Wenclair as a couple, and recently Wednesday’s cast has spoken out about it.

Emma mentioned the meme in which people refer to LGBTQ+ couples as roommates in an interview with Elite Daily. She stated,

You know what I always say: And they were roommates! Jenna and I would say that all the time to each other. And that’s all that needs to be said — I think that gets the message across.

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