Who Does Wednesday Kiss? Reddit Users Wonder if It Is Xavier or Tyler!

No, Wednesday Addams doesn’t kiss Xavier but rather kisses her love interest, Tyler, in episode 7. Xavier showed interest in Wednesday at the beginning of the season after learning that they first met when they were ten years old, but she thought of him as the monster Hyde. As Reddit users wonder who she ends up with in season 1, she does not end up with anyone.

The protagonist of Wednesday, a Netflix original series, is the Addams family’s daughter, Wednesday Addam. At the start of the series, she attacks her brother’s bullies and is exiled to the town of Jericho. Nevermore was created specifically to teach outcasts like her, thus it differs from every school Wednesday has attended. Some characters in this adaptation of the Addams Family possess unique talents. They are referred to as outcasts, while the average person is referred to as a normie.

The premise of Wednesday, a Netflix series based on characters created by artist Charles Addams, follows the titular character (Jenna Ortega), who enrolls at Nevermore Academy. The normies and the misfits are the two races of humanity that exist in this adaptation of The Addams Family. The misfits are people with exceptional abilities, whereas the normies are regular people. The latter group attends Nevermore exclusively; it is a haven where children who are misfits can receive an education without fear of retribution.

Wednesday Addam attracts the attention of particular people throughout the semester, which frequently results in romantic circumstances. But everyone’s mouth is full of the query: who does she kiss? Is it Tyler or Xavier? Let’s explore Wednesday’s love life in more detail.

Wednesday Addam Doesn’t Kiss Xavier but Rather Kisses Her Love Interest, Tyler, in Episode 7!

Sorry to break your heart, but Wednesdays Addam (Jenna Ortega) (@jennaortega) doesn’t kiss Xavier. In the first season, two main competitors are vying for Wednesday’s attention. She is competing for her affection with townie Tyler Galpin (Hunter Doohan) (@hunterdoohan), the son of the sheriff, and Nevermore student Xavier Thorpe (Percy Hynes White) (@percy). Ironically, these two teenagers are rivals who have a history of animosity toward one another. Throughout the first season, Wednesday spends time with both of these love interests and gets to know them both better.

Xavier showed love interest in Wednesday at the beginning of the season after learning that they first met when they were ten years old. At Nevermore, they become friends. The most well-liked student at Nevermore, Bianca Barclay, was once in a relationship with Xavier. He loves painting so much that he spends most of his leisure time-making art.

It may be both a benefit and a burden because Xavier can make his paintings and sketches come to life. Xavier and Wednesday have a history dating back to their childhood, and he gains Wednesday’s gratitude by saving her life. They can both see into the future. But she quickly develops a distrust for the artist, thinking he either has connections to the monster or is the monster.

Initially hostile toward Xavier, Wednesday even refers to him as an aristocratic snob at one point. She overhears him having a private conversation with Bianca, and it is obvious he has feelings for her. His roommate Rowan later attacks the new girl, so he is trying to protect her from him. She rejects Xavier’s invitation to join his secret club.

Xavier turns against her when she finally accuses him of being the monster. Not only does she expose him as a monster, but the charge also destroys any potential future union they might have had. Instead, Xavier goes to the dance with Bianca although he also ruins their romance in the process.

Wednesday and Tyler met at the Weathervane restaurant in Jericho. After Wednesday asks Tyler to assist her in leaving the academy, the two become closer, and in episode four, they go to the Rave’N dance together. Over the subsequent episodes, Wednesday’s bond with Tyler intensifies. As Reddit users wonder who she kisses after Xavier’s arrest and their ruined date, Wednesday and Tyler kiss at the cafe at the end of episode 7. However, as soon as they do, Wednesday has a second vision and realizes Tyler is the monster. She rushes out as the episode comes to a close and says:

It stands to reason that the first boy I kiss would end up being a deranged monster. I guess I fit a type.

Given that she now understands Tyler is the Hyde monster, Wednesday backed away from him in the last episode. As Tyler is apprehended and carried away in the back of a van, that relationship is now all but lost.

At last, she doesn’t end with any of them neither Tyler nor Xavier. However, the season 1 ending does seem to pave the way for Wednesday and Xavier to perhaps fall in love in season 2, or maybe her love story with Tyler will continue. We’ll have to wait and see how (and if) their relationship develops before making any further assumptions.

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