Ajax From Wednesday: Meet Actor Georgie Farmer Who Plays the Character and Learn More About Him!

Ajax Petropolis is the character from Wednesday, played by actor Georgie Farmer. He is a well-known British actor who gained popularity playing Jake Crossley in the Disney Channel series The Evermoor Chronicles. In the show Wednesday, Ajax is revealed to be the main gorgon at Nevermore Academy, and he has a special power that can turn people to stone.

The Addams Family, as seen in a Tim Burton film, the teen Wednesday Addams in Wednesday on Netflix follows as she enrolls in Nevermore Academy, a school for kids with special talents and other social outcasts. While attempting to solve a long-standing mystery that started back when her parents were students at the academy, Wednesday must learn how to navigate the pitfalls of high school.

Nevermore society is ruled by monstrous ghouls and animals of the night, and otherworldly beings like Wednesday are commonplace at Nevermore Academy. The mythological beings are portrayed in the program as members of the Nevermore lineup and make up one of the important cliques at school. However, they don’t get as much medical attention as their werewolf and vampire counterparts. Given Wednesday’s aptitude for deciphering puzzles and mysteries, she decided to thoroughly investigate the incident and locate the assailant. After the show, Thing, another one of her close friends, is also stabbed in the back.

The murder, intrigue, and mayhem in this series upended the lives of the residents of Jericho. When Wednesday arrived at Nevermore Academy, the Hyde Monster was wreaking havoc throughout the entire city. The murders that were taking place confused a lot of people, and the local authorities, as usual, thought the outcasts were to blame.

The rest of the Addams family does make a few appearances this season, even though the show primarily focuses on Wednesday and her story. These actors portray the legendary family, other supernatural and normal characters, and the residents of Jericho and Nevermore. One such character is Ajax. He has grabbed the viewer’s attention, so let’s learn more about him and the actor who portrays the character.

Ajax From Wednesday: Learn More About the Character and Its Actor!

Enid‘s crush, Ajax Petropolis, is revealed to be the main gorgon at Nevermore Academy. Ajax must wear a beanie to hide the snakes since the gorgons have snake hair (modeled after Medusa from Greek mythology); otherwise, he turns people to stone, including himself. A meta joke in the series refers to them as stoners because they can turn people to stone, and these creatures also exhibit stereotypical traits.

Actor Georgie Farmer plays Ajax Petropolis. He is a well-known British actor who gained popularity playing Jake Crossley in the Disney Channel series The Evermoor Chronicles. In the brand-new Netflix series Wednesday, George plays the sweet, soft-spoken Ajax, a Gorgon who also happens to be a Gorgon.

He is best known for his roles as Gabriel Becker in Treadstone (the TV series) and Jake Crossley in Ready Player One (2018), Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018). His credited professional career began in 2012. Farmer starred in the show The Ministry of Curious Stuff before taking a five-year break and making a comeback as a gamer in 2017’s Ill Behaviour. He also appeared as a young actor in the Bootsuit advertisement.