Toby MacFarlane

Toby MacFarlane is best known as one of the parents involved in the college admissions scandal. He is a former real estate and title insurance executive from California. He graduated from the University of Southern California (USC).

Sentenced to six months prison in November 2019 for College Admissions Scandal

Toby MacFarlane was handed a six-month prison sentence for his involvement in the college admissions scandal.

Toby MacFarlane was handed a six-month prison sentence for his involvement in the college admissions scandal.
Source: New York Post

The longest prison term for any college scandal defendant – Toby MacFarlane was sentenced to six months in prison on 13th November 2019 for his role in the admissions scandal.

As per the Massachusetts Attorney, MacFarlane is ordered to pay a fine of $150,000 and perform 200 hours of community service. Meanwhile, prosecutors’ demands were much harsher as they asked for the punishment to be $95,000 fine, 15 months in jail, and a supervised release for a year.

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MacFarlane had earlier pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud. The prosecutors claimed he paid $450,000 to Rick Singer – the mastermind behind the scam – to get his children admitted to the University of South California as recruited athletes when neither of them was.

Toby’s daughter had never played soccer in her life when she received an entry into the University as a soccer recruit in 2013. She managed to graduate prior to anyone’s knowledge of her involvement with Rick Singer.

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Later on, Toby’s son was accepted as a basketball recruit in 2017 with his height falsely mentioned as 6’1″ in the application. In reality, he’s merely 5 feet 5 inches tall. Moreover, he claimed to have played on the varsity team for two years from 2014 to 2016, but he did so for only his senior year.

Besides MacFarlane, several other parents got sentenced for their participation in the scandal. The most noted name is the actress Felicity Huffman who was sentenced for two weeks in prison and later released after 11 days.

Who is Toby MacFarlane’s wife?

Toby MacFarlane with his wife Christy MacFarlane.

Toby MacFarlane with his wife Christy MacFarlane.
Source: San Diego Magazine

Toby MacFarlane is married to his wife, Christy MacFarlane. Although the precise details of their wedding are not available, they’re supposedly in a marital relationship for a couple of decades. Christy, meanwhile, serves as the vice president of sales and marketing at HNC Software in California.

Toby and Christy share two children, a son (younger sibling) and a daughter (elder child). Although the name of their son is not known to the public, her daughter is more vivid in the eyes of the media. She is named Rio MacFarlane. As per her LinkedIn profile, she graduated from USC in 2018 and currently serves as an Account Coordinator at Edit Media Group.

Toby MacFarlane is a former real estate executive – What is his Net Worth?

Toby MacFarlane holds an impressive net worth from his real estate career.

Toby MacFarlane holds an impressive net worth from his real estate career.
Source: Washington Post

Toby MacFarlane made most of his fortune serving as the senior executive at WFG National Title Insurance. The well-renowned insurance firm strives to take time and cost out of real estate transactions for their clients.

Since Toby worked in a respectable position at such a top company and didn’t even flinch from splashing out $450k for the admission of his kids, one can imagine the amount of wealth he possesses must be in seven figures.

As of 2019, Toby MacFarlane’s net worth is estimated at $8 million.

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